What's your name?

Monday, February 08, 2010

This is a re-post of an old blog. I think names are so important. How would you feel if no one knew your name?

What's in a name?

Most people will agree that the best thing about Spark People is all the Spark Friends we find here! The experience would be very different if we had no friends. We get our ideas, support and encouragement, and the chance to give our support to others from our friends.

I could go on and on with a list of all the benefits of having Spark Friends. But you already know all of it.

Think of the friends you have in real life. You know the first name of every one of them, don't you? How could you be friends, have conversations, address email notes, etc. etc. if you didn't know their name.

Here, where we often don't even have a photo of our Spark Friend, it's more difficult to "see" friends in our minds.

NAMES help put some sort of identity to a friend we can't see.

We won't even go into USER names, handles, nicknames, etc. that we create when we sign up on any site. Many times we use very cryptic names because we don't feel safe putting our name out there in the ether of the internet, or because all the Marys and Anns, etc. are already taken.

However, once we've joined a team and begin to make friends, especially when that friend list gets really long and many user names are very similar except for added numbers to make them unique, it becomes really difficult to KNOW THE NAME of the friend you want to message, or write to, or call attention to in a post on the forums, or send a message that begins, "Hi _______".

I keep a list in my ADDRESS BOOK, where I add the address of everyone I know and put the name they want to be called right by it. But when you are posting many replies a day, it's hard to open another window (so you won't lose your place) and go to your address book to find the name of the person you have in mind.

It would be so good if everyone signed their name after each post, but often we are pressed for time and just don't do it. So, PLEASE, for the sake of all your Spark Friends, new and old and not yet found, try this little helpful trick so we will all know who you are and be more able to "see" you as an individual friend, just like a real person! LOL.

Go to your Spark Page and click on EDIT MY SPARK PAGE.

Scroll down, look on the right side, and stop where it says PERSONAL SIGNATURE:

No matter what you have there already, just leave it there, but add a line to the very top that says "My Name Is _ _ _ _ _ _"

THEN, you have to go to the very bottom of the page and click on SAVE YOUR CHANGES.

NOW, everyone will know what name YOU prefer to be called. I promise you will see you name in more posts and emails. People won't be just sending words out there to some unknown entity.

We'll all feel more noticed and appreciated for the unique person we are!

And I, personally, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


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