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hide and seek.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

after having a terrible night with little sleep(ayman is ill again)and the kids playing up all morning as they think they should have the attention not ayman.i had to laugh just as i thought my nerves were coming to an end.the two older ones seem to have been fighting all morning,over food,pencils,colouring booksetc,etc.they decided to play hide and seek,only because i said if they are going to carry on like this and can´t sort it out between them i will find something for them to do that they can´t argue about.i.e. house work to do.after about a second thinking about this the game of hide and seek started.now i will tell you how it normally works when they play hide and seek.ayyub(4)always hides in exactly the same place each time he is on to hide.also when he is on to look that is the place he always goes to look also.i try to persuade him to hide somewhere else but he seems to think that is the only place.zakariya (7)of goes straight to find ayyub with in seconds and when he hides it tends to be in a differant place each time.as ayyub only looks in the one place and keeps going back to look there after going away he either gives up or takes ages and ages to find him.today was differant because now ayman(14months)is walking.zakariya found ayyub then it was his turn to hide.he went to hide in the kitchen and closed the kitchen door.ayyub went to his usual place to find zakariya but ayman had seen zakariya go in the kitchen,followed him and started knocking on the kitchen door.i couldn´t stop myself laughing.ayyub went to open the door for ayman and when he did he saw his brother there .zakariya was peeved that his brother had found him and i couldn´t stop laughing at his face.zakariya then didn´t want to play anymore so they are back to getting into each others hair but because of the laugh i had i am a bit more relaxed about the whole thing than before.did i mention it is pouring with rain and ayman is ill so we are stuck in.i still have the ace of giving them some house work to do if it get too much.wonder what they will decide to do then.you never know it might be something worth blogging about.
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