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What did YOU do?

Thursday, February 04, 2010

This is a request to learn more from people who went off the wagon in self-destructive ways and found a way back to healthier, saner ways of eating, exercising, and being.

What was it like? What did you do? How did you shift?

Not looking for advice. I'm looking to hear more about the experience you had...
Thank you!
Be well.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I loved all of the answers you have gotten so far. Love the sayings, "saner way of eating", and saner way of living" Those really hit home with me.

    I love what Lisanancy is saying. I have been working for over two years to love myself, replace the negative messages with positive ones, and work on treating myself as I would a loved one. I so believe in "one day at a time", and "one habit at a time".

    But, I love the way you say it. Taking care of my own child is a great way to think of it! Thank you for that.

    And thanks to the rest of you. I found something in everyone's post.

    I had a difficult time beginning last May. I was getting ready to go an a terrific vacation out west, and my chronic back injury became very acute.

    I spent as much money going to the chiropractor, my massage therapist, and my doctor for steriod injections, as I did going on the vacation. That hurt almost as much as my back!

    I was in very good shape for the two weeks of vacation, was extremely active, swimming, walking, site seeing and just doing pleasurable activities that were also exercise! It was wonderful. I never gained a pound while on vacation.

    The problem was, that, I think because I had not been eating or exercising before I went, as was my usual, I ate the entire two weeks as though I SOOO was on VACATION!!

    When I came home, I was used to eating so many calories, I was having a very difficult time getting back to my normal lifestyle. Of course then my back was a problem once again, and when I am in trouble with my back, none of my drs, or my massage therapist want me to exercise!

    Let's face it, or actually let ME face it, I was enjoying the overeating again. That was always one of my biggest problems, I enjoy eating wayyyy tooo much! And because I was unable to exercise, I began to have really great pity parties. This went on until the holidays. I had actually lost weight for the last two winter holiday seasons, but that was not to be when I went into this one in the state of mind I was in.

    I had gained 15 pounds before the holidays, which became over twenty by January 1.

    When I came to my senses, I was so ready to begin eating healthy again. In one week I had lost most of the overage from the holidays, leaving me 20 pounds over my lowest weight.

    In January, I made a vow to exercise doing something every day for at least 30 minutes. I was doing that, actually loving it because I was finding inventive ways to get in exercise and losing again very well. So, I know I am back in the grove.

    However, on January 21 I became extremely ill with sinusitis and bronchitis. After two separate antibiotics, 2 different meds for thrush from the first antibiotic, etc, I am beginning to feel better. Oh, also had the stomach flu.

    Have actually lost 10 of the 20 pounds I had gained since last May, so I know as soon as I am able to exercise a bit more regularly I will get the 2nd 10 back off. Then I will be ready to lose maybe another 10 by September. That is my goal, and I am feeling very strong now.

    I know for me, part of it is getting my head out of the sand, or WHEREVER it may actually be, and be honest with myself, remember my lessons, one day at a time, and begin again to emotionally feed that inner child!

    My biggest thing to remember, because I become overwhelmed if I do not remember, is to live my life, "ONE DAY AT A TIME". I can do anything for one day, if I just make myself remember that!

    My bext to all of you!
    2799 days ago
  • EOSTAR_45
    I went way off the wagon a few years ago when I had too many things to deal with --my mom's illness, a stressful job. And when I am overwhelmed, I eat so I swiftly ballooned to my heaviest weight of 190. And at 5'1", 190 was pretty uncomfortable: my back hurt, my energy was low and I was not at ease around friends, family or at work which was leading to a vicious circle of more eating.

    I wish I could say that I had a epiphany of some sort and saw the error of my ways but it was my back. When I gain weight so does my bust. With my back hurting so, I had to lose weight so I had to find a way to get back to a healthier path. My way was picking one thing that I enjoyed doing and could do consistently which for me was a morning walk. I walked 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes, but even as much as I love walking, there were days that I had to persuade myself to go. As I made walking a part of my days, I begun to pay attention to what I was eating. I did have to eliminate my favorite snack (animal crackers) from the house which helped, and also had to find ways to keep my hands busy after dinner. I took up knitting scarves and journaling. Slowly but surely it worked.

    Incidentally, I happen to have gone off the deep end again over the past year so I am back to my mornings walks and journaling again.
    2809 days ago
    When I'm off the wagon...I find I'm eating my emotions. I'm using food as a drug. When I'm doing well, I'm focusing on the body I'm becoming, not the one I have.

    Sugar is the enemy, and its best if I just don't have that food in the house at ALL. I do allow myself small amounts of dark chocolate, which seems to be OK.

    Trying to stay emotionally and mentally balanced in my life is the only answer, because when I'm I said, I use food as a drug. And of course, finding time to get out and MOVE is so important, to a sense of well being, and getting your metabolism in gear!
    2809 days ago
    Hello Kathleen!
    The phrase that resonates in your blog for me is 'saner ways of being' -- ok, I paraphrased a little.

    What has really helped me is to ask myself the question, "What is working for you?" And I ask it regularly of myself. For example, if the weight ticker is not moving in the direction I'd like, then what I'm doing isn't working -- so I do a better job of tracking my nutition, staying at the low end of my calorie range, doing daily exercise.
    About exercise, I don't like the word. :-) What has worked for me is to "Allow myself to be drawn by what I truly love." For me, that is walking. What is it for you?

    From your page, it is clear you you have had success and are headed where you want to go on the weight loss journey. What has worked for you?

    For me, 'A saner way of being' also means having a regular practice that quietens the mind and aligns it with inner peace and serenity. Meditation is one way. Chanting sacred texts, journaling, prayer, reading spiritual books, satsang, thanksgiving are others. I'm speaking to myself here. These are things that have helped me manifest the quality of life I love, but I also love them for their own sake.

    What's working for you?
    xoxo Usha.
    2810 days ago
    Lost the weight about 4 years ago, slowly with the WW method. The downfalls of the program was the target range. I would have preferred the low end of the range but plateaued there for months. I decided to call it quits and be happy where I was, in the range. This also allowed me to stop paying! The WW method does not have the same support for maintenance as it does for the weight loss. I felt loss, dropped out and stayed within 10-15 pounds of my goal. I am slowly going down again with SP, but these last pounds are so tough, I keep hitting the plateau. It is very discouraging to plateau and noone wants to hear your weight struggle of 10 pounds or less when they are battling with more, or keep telling you "You look great what are you worried about?" I have to do this for me and learn to only vent on SP.

    OK, I am rambling on here, but you asked!! LOL

    I am turning things around on SP, I still slip up at times but I want to do this for me. I am learning more about nutrition and fitness, not counting points. emoticon
    2810 days ago
    I lost 80 lbs between 03-04. I think a number of things happened. I had an illness come on and my doctors took 6 months to give me the right meds. I used that as an excuse. I also had gotten bored with my gym, they didn't offer much and the machines were getting stale. I also had a new boyfriend at the time I was eating out with all the time. This time I have meds if I start hurting, so my exercise doesn't have to halt. I got a different gym membership that offers a lot more then just machines so that allows me to always try new things and not get bored. Lastly I married the guy so we don't have to eat out as much anymore lol
    2812 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/4/2010 10:13:49 AM
  • LV4TAY
    I dieted for a year and got down to 125 in May of last year. Then a variety of life changes -- and suddenly my health wasn't a priority. Of course, staying healthy would have probably helped with the other stuff, but anyway I was up to 178 when I realized I needed to wake up. The reason I finally got serious again -- none of my clothes fit. I had donated all of my "fat" clothes and reached the point where only one pair of pants would go around my middle. I had to either buy a bunch of bigger clothes and admit defeat or fight the weight battle all over again. I found this site, joined it, and now am back to exercising and eating healthy food. I still hate the way my pants feel so tight, and I wear tunic-style blouses to hide the muffin top. But at least I don't have to feel like it's going to be even worse tomorrow. It's going to be better tomorrow. Hope this helps.
    2812 days ago
    Hmmmm ... I lost 105 pounds in 2002, kept it off until 2004 and since have regained all plus 10. I was off the wagon for six years. this time, I started slow. Exercise first. I've been exercising since August. I didn't start watching my food intake until just a couple of weeks ago. I've lost 8 pounds.

    Long ways to go but I'm slowly pulling myself back on the wagon -- one trip to the gym at a time. If I can get myself to the gym and build muscle and stamina, I am confident that at some point I will really want to change my eating habits to lose the weight. I will work off my emotions at the gym instead of in the refrigerator. That's the plan ....

    2812 days ago
    Going off the wagon doesn't have a time limit. It can be for a day, week, month, year. In order to get back, you need to dig deep into yourself, find yourself, love yourself, not like yourself, but love yourself so much it would be like taking care of a little child. Step outside and make good decision for that new little child. There are lots of diets and lifestyle help out there but until you decide that the little child in you is worth fighting for, it will always be an uphill battle. The negative emotional baggage that you have for yourself has to go. Please look at some of my blogs and you will see that I fight everyday to stay on the wagon. If you fall off, get the h**l up and fight for yourself. emoticon
    2812 days ago
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