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Ski Lessons, Lesson 4

Monday, February 01, 2010

In a word: Great!

The snow was a little wet, but still pretty good. Better than in past weeks. We started off the session by reviewing the video made of us last week. My form was pretty good, I was standing up straight and tall. My instructor said I was making stem-christie turns, which we hadn't formally learned yet, but said is the natural next step. The most important thing I learned from the tape was to keep looking downhill while twisting my lower body.

Not bad, but I think I'll wait to submit my tape to the Olympic committee.

Armed with knowledge of what we look like skiing, we hit the slopes. I practiced facing downhill. It was a little awkward at first, but then I started to get a natural rhythm. It was MUCH easier getting down the steeper parts of the hill. I practiced keeping my skis parallel, rather than a wedge. I picked up more speed, and felt more confident doing it. The snow was very thick, though, and a few times my skis got stuck when trying to turn. At one point, my ski got stuck right as I was facing directly downhill - I went REALLY fast! Fortunately, I was able to recover, phew! The only time I fell was when I turned on the hill to face my instructor, and started sliding backwards! I don't recommend doing that, FYI.

I had no prior commitments, so I stayed 2 more hours after class to practice. It was fantastic. I even went on the blue runs a couple of times on my own, and felt great about it! I would have stayed forever, but my thighs were burning from the exertion. I didn't eat enough carbs during my breakfast, and I ran out of fuel. I ate an overpriced burger at lunch and rested, but it wasn't enough to recharge me for more than a couple of runs. So I headed home, exhausted, but in the best way. I slept soooo good that night.
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