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A NEW plan

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I read this article the other day from a website I frequent often (T-Muscle) titled: The Five Principles to Radical Fat Loss.

This article really has me excited to get back into training mode. I know I said that I wasn't going to cut carbs before the wedding but just thinking about doing it is making me extremely happy and excited!
(Yes, you read that right! I can't WAIT to start cutting carbs again!)

I am also going to start increasing my training frequency. So no more 1-a-day workouts... I'm going to start training smarter and break my workouts into 2 to 3 per day (My body responds VERY WELL to this! I even feel more alert during the day and get better sleep at night when I do this!) This paired with my carb reduced diet is going to have me looking & feeling SMOKIN' on my wedding day!

I finally got a hold of my photographer last night and he said that we could shoot our wedding shots BEFORE the wedding downtown... (and we will forgo the after wedding photoshoot, something that was really stressing me out!) Just knowing this has LIFTED a GIANT weight off my shoulders! I know now that everything else will just fall into place as it should and we only have to wear our wedding costumes and make-up one day, rather then try to recreate the feeling on another day!

I still need to find a hair stylist (I was considering doing my own hair but I want to look extra SPECIAL for my BIG day!) and my make-up artist is already confirmed! I need my seamstress to take a look at my dress to determine if it needs any alterations (if so, they will be minor) and I don't need to buy new shoes as I plan on wearing my clear competition heels! (something old!) But I have been thinking a lot about jewellry... and what about a veil? I think a veil would make me feel like I have long hair! Might be a nice idea!

I called my best friend last night and asked her if she wanted to walk down the aisle to take her place at the front of the 'altar'. She was so excited to get to walk down the aisle, I had no idea! (I'm not having a wedding party, so she "sorta" is my only bridesmaid/Maid of Honor but in reality, she's mainly acting as my witness!) When she asked "What color dress do you want me to buy?" I told her "Something nice and springy!" Since she will be the only colorful one at the front of the altar, it doesn't matter what color she picks! I know she'll look great! (I'm not really going with a theme color, well, not that I have decided on yet!)

My friend that is making my cake is helping me decide on a style. I have narrowed it down to 3 choices:

Cake 1: Simple design & love the orchids!

Cake 2: So original. (I would not do it in blue though.)

Cake 3: I would want the inside brown fondant to look more like chocolate but I really like the square offset tiers and the wainsconing!)

I think I'm leaning towards cake #2 in a different color & with a different topper... What do you think?
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    Cake #2 is nice. I like the classic look.
    2971 days ago
    Can't wait to hear about your dress!!!!!

    I like cake 2 as well, but Im a sucker for anything blue.

    You might want to talk to Elaine again about veils. You might drop from a sticker-shock induced coronary if you price them out at the salons!

    Who's doing your makeup? I need to find someone. My photographer had no advice other than NOT to go to the MAC counter because I would leave "looking like a $2 hooker!" emoticon

    I'm clueless about hair at the best of times, so finding a hairdresser will be a bit like a trip to the dentist for me!
    2971 days ago
    You my friend are a girl ON FIRE! Look at the plans you've made in the last two days! And look how your mood has gone right along with them. Good for you and GO GET EM!
    2971 days ago
    i'm so excited for you!!! you're making me want to split my workouts so that i do one before work and one after work.. i've never tried it. hmm..

    how've you been!? happy belated birthday, by the way! :)
    2972 days ago
    Love, love, love cake #1 but #2 is my runner up. I just think #1 is perfect for a Spring wedding and it is traditional and elegant but not over the top fancy. Have fun making the final decision!!!
    2972 days ago
  • MUSICLVR2675
    Lovin' cake #2 for sure!!! I think a veil is more traditional and adds an elegant flair to the whole ensemble.
    I'm excited that you're excited and definitely get your hair done for your big day...One less thing to worry about.
    2972 days ago
    #2 is my fave - love seeing you all excited about this!
    2972 days ago
    I'm happy your are so excited! You sound much better in this blog!! I love cake #2!

    emoticon Can't wait to catch up.
    2972 days ago
    I like cake 1, then number 2 but I am a classic kinda person when it comes to cakes. But I could be more attracted bc its GREEN and I love GREEN.

    The second one is very nice, like a gift sorta and that its off center with the ribbon is very nicely done.

    Number 3 just looks so unfinished I cant really decide like you said bc there is no icing effect.

    Im so happy for you and that you get the pics bf the wedding thats wonderful news emoticon I can't wait to see and hear more about this. will RAWK for you as always!
    2973 days ago
    Awesome article!!!

    Thank you!!
    2973 days ago
    i love the 3rd one-but i love tira misu---not that i eat it ever any more!
    2973 days ago
    Oh yes, #2 really stands out! What color would you pick behind the white if not that blue? PURPLE? *lol* I LOVE PURPLE!!!
    2973 days ago
    Sounds like you have nailed some details down for sure. Cake #1 and #2 are equally unique and fun-like you!!!
    2973 days ago
    I like 1 and 2 for the cake. I like one because it looks so fresh and springy. I do like 2 for it's originality. How many layers are you going to get?

    I'm glad the photographer got back to you and things are going your way. It's just what you needed.

    I'm curious to what color Rae will pick for her dress!
    2973 days ago
    All three of the cakes are gorgeous. Have fun trying on headpieces and jewelery. Whatever you decide, it will be right for you.


    2973 days ago
    Wow Jess, sounds like everything is really coming together! I vote for Cake 1.... it's beautiful!
    2973 days ago
    Cake 1 with the orchids is my fav and cake 2 is a close second .You're right you would need a different topper and a different contrast color.A color that let's the pattern stand out but not pop as much.
    If you get the veil there's always a chance that the hem will be unfinished ,so,you would want to choose one soon enough so that if you have to choose a fabric to have a rolled or flat hem made for the veil, and have it attached ,you'll have allowed enough time.
    2973 days ago
    I'm so happy that you've found a plan that suits you and will put you in top shape for your big day. You already look amazing, but you are going to knock Colin off his feet when you walk down the aisle.

    I love cakes #1 and #2. I wonder what the second one would look like with the green from the first or pink maybe? When can we see pictures of the dress??
    2973 days ago
    I'd do # 3 as a red velvet, deep chocolate... you know a memorable cake! and, I'd a a topper and maybe fancy it up on the "white part" with silver or a "pearl" like look- candy pearls... traditional wedding cakes are boring IMHO....

    Good luck with your plan! Sounds like you're going for super-sexy! Honestly, not that my "wedding" is going to be all that, but I am thinking about really "trying" to do something about my food intake... I mean, trying for realz... just the thought is kind of scary-LOL.

    Especially not being able to run is part of my motivation...

    Anyways, the "journey" continues!!!
    2973 days ago
    Those cakes look awesome, I like #1 , but then again , I like GREEN,
    I also like # 2 but I agree, the blue is not great with the black....
    So glad it is all coming together!
    2973 days ago
    Like #1 and #2! Since you liked the orchids in the first one, put orchids on #2. That would be pretty! YAY on the pics....I know that is a weight lifted! I am going to go read that article because I have to do something FAST! AHHHHH! Can't stand it anymore, girl! BLAHHHH! lol

    2973 days ago
  • REESE1004
    I am certainly like #2 is it red velvet?
    2973 days ago
    I love cakes 1 & 2 - beautiful (you know how I feel about pale blue! lol). Number 3 looks interesting, weird to me though. I think you'll love having your pictures taken before hand - we waited until afterwards and it was such a rush to get back to the reception. I'm glad everything is coming into place for you - it's exciting!
    2974 days ago
    Cake 2 I love, love, love! And happy about cutting carbs? Wow Jess, you have come a long way.
    2974 days ago
    The first cake looks soooo yummy and the green pops out and screams spring. Im kinda in the same boat with you with the wedding stuff. My cousin is getting married in July and Im a bridesmaid and Im trying to drop a lot of pounds so the dress we decided on will look good on me. Good luck with everything and have fun with both the exercising/diet and the wedding planning !!!
    2974 days ago
    Hey Jess!

    A friend of mine that got married this past summer had something very similar to cake #2 and it was beautiful. Their's was done in all white with (funny enough) a "B" on the top - for their last name. It was simple, understated elegance.

    Have you thought about extensions for your wedding day...kinda silly, I know but... they make them now so they can be clipped in and stay for a few days. They are also made out of real hair and can be dyed and/or highlighted to match your hair (can you tell that I've looked into this? -- I am having some put in for my next show and I'm SO excited!).

    That's great news about the pictures - it would have been tough to have to recreate everything - then if something was a little "off" you would have seen it in the pictures forever -- better this way.

    Keep us posted.
    2974 days ago
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