Time continues to fly...

Monday, January 25, 2010

It has been three years since I have come onto this website, I guess I just was not ready mentally yet. I was a student at the time when I firsted joined as well as full time employee and mom/wife. Now school is officially over for me unless I plan to go back someday to get a phD. I have gone through alot the last couple of years and all the stress has not helped my weight I come back weighing 16lbs more than when I first started SP. I have officially reached my highest weight ever in my life when 2010 rolled around. I have begun to change for the better and I am looking for some inspiration here as well. My book is on the way to my house -- I just ordered it today. The biggest change that I have done for my family is to cook at home and not eat out but for special occasions. It had become a common task to order out at the Jimenez family. My children are adjusting but will thank my in the long run. It has felt great to start working about again. I am sore but as I have always said to my husband-- "It is a good sore." Well wish me luck on this lifestyle change because it is only down in weight from here on out. :)

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