Just tired and hungry all day

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tired and hungry all day long. So I am listening this time and eating more today and cutting back on my exercise. Just my bootcamp video, 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical at just barely over 80% max HR, and then a 20 minute cooldown on the bike. No weight training today....tomorrow maybe. Or maybe just nothing tomorrow.

BOSU is just not for me. So you will not be seeing me gently balancing on one. LOL

I truly gave it my all for two weeks... but my ouchy knee was having NONE of it. Sore sore sore. My knee has been really sore fot the past two weeks. I am not sure if it was from the BOSU but it probably is not doing it any good either. Made an appointment with the Dr to see what he has to say. Probably also time to sign up for PT on my sore left shoulder since that is not getting any better either. Not worse but not better and it is hindering my upper body workouts. SHEESH... I am just falling apart here. emoticon

Reading another interesting book "eating the moment" by Pavell Somov. I am enjoying it and finding it very readable. The discussion I am reading now is about "awakening the overeating zombie" we all have in us. "Awaken it" means to STOP eating like a zombie and be mindful about eating in general.

Later, going off to bed now and plan on sleeping LATE tomorrow. emoticon Hope you are planning a wonderful weekend devoted to your food and exercise program.

emoticon and emoticon
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    I have been having major shoulder pain lately, too, so I feel for you. Keeps me from sleeping all night most nights. Good for you for listening to your body today and letting it rest. Enjoy that lazyboy day!
    2974 days ago
    Great description of anti-mindful eating. I've been guilty of zombie mode myself from time to time. Of course, now that we list everything in the nutrition tracker, our eyes are wide open.

    Sorry to hear your knee and shoulder are troubling you. Good idea to lay off the BOSU for awhile and seek some PT.

    Hope you got to sleep good and late this morning. I really enjoy your new profile pic too!

    2974 days ago
    Sorry about the aches and pains and i hope the doctor can help. Get some rest and enjoy your weekend.
    2974 days ago
    you know try a little planning on that eating if you are hungry you aren't eating the right foods i am coming at you aas a diabetic who has three meals a day and three snacks a day in fact i am always walking around trying to eat it all so what am i doing well i have 45-60 carbs every meal that takes care of the energy your body needs to function (i weigh and measure everything i wouldn't want to eyeball it and lose a few bites here and therelol) serving sizes are listed if it's fresh look it up most of us eat the same thimgs over and over and keep a list of serving size and carbs handy anyhow and the three snacks 15-25 carbs each and throw a little protein in there to make the carbs last longer you will be eating all day long i am telling you this i do this daily and i am maintaining my 273 opound weight loss like doesn't move my friend and my a1c is a diabetic i love it being there and proving to myself that it works plan it and make it work for you breakfast and between that and lunch a snack and then after lunch another snack and dinner and before bed another snack all planned and all weighed and measured and you will just eat all day and the weight will slip off and people will wonder why you can constantly stuff your face eating and they can't it happens to me daily the endo and i laugh about it because it's SO EASY TO DO once you start hte thing takes automatically love and hugs the lady mary emoticon
    2974 days ago
    Get your rest that it sounds like you need. Some days I'm a Zombie with everything. Have a great weekend. emoticon
    2975 days ago
  • JLITT62
    My husband & I were arguing about zombie eating yesterday -- he's all for it (loves to eat with the tv on) and I am emphatically against it. I don't know why he has to discard so much of what I say, when he can clearly see that it works. I guess because he just doesn't want to change!
    2975 days ago
  • FITKAT2010
    What's "eating" you right now kiddo?
    2975 days ago
    I hope your knee and shoulder are OK...That zombie cat definitely got my attention..Is that what I look like when I am zombie eating? WOW!!!!! Something to think about. emoticon
    2975 days ago
    In these days of multitasking, I am so often doing something elsewhile I eat. Eating is so much more enjoyable when I take time out to experience it.
    2975 days ago
    Sounds interesting awakening the overeating zombie. I don't think cats are likely to be good at this. I was at a function today that served treats and before I knew it I'd eaten 2 cookies. LOL. Zombie eating.
    2975 days ago
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