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My Best Intentions Were A Bust

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I tried, really I did. I wanted more than anything to make this week my "power up" week, getting everything back on track. After my injury, I got cleared to do everything but weights. Last week I made it 3 days to the gym. This week the goal was all 5 days, 6 classes, and just have a blast doing what I love. When I couldn't work out, I got really bad headaches. I checked B.P. etc. and it was all fine. Apparently my body got so used to working out, it became physically painful by the third week to not do it. I really wanted this week.

I made it to the gym Monday and Tuesday with no problems. I had a blast at spin, pushing myself and sweating a small bucket. By yesterday the storm had hit hard. My intention was to hit my back to back classes of spin and Spice It Up, my dance class. But my roof leaked into my spare bedroom, my door knob broke (momentarily locking me in my house) and the bathroom door actually fell off it's hinges. Oh, the joys of home ownership! So long gym.

Interestingly and quite proudly I can say I did not turn to food. I turned to cleaning. Yea me! I even rearranged my big room (giant conjoined living room, dining, kitchen area). I have not lost any weight, but my 8s are loose on me. Not sure what is going on there, but I am not complaining...yet. ;) So last night the plan was to go early, since all the buckets are in place and diversions to funnel water correctly, etc.

I awoke to snow. Okay, go now, I thought, before it gets anyworse. I figured I could hit the grocery store, etc. before getting snowed in. Yeah, no such luck. The car was frozen. :( All dressed up and no where to go. But I'm still smiling. God is keeping me safe at home for a reason.

So what did I learn? Sometimes even when you make time and plan it all out, it just doesn't work out. You just have to do your best and continue your eating plan. It's not the end of the world; there is always tomorrow and always next week. Just because mother nature is stopping me this time, I am not going to give up on my goal or on myself. There's no throwing in the towel and tossing back the chocolate and soda for me! I am still in the race with myself to be the best me I can be. My status is just postponed due to weather. ;) But when the sun comes out, you can bet I'll be off and spinning... or dancing!


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