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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I just want to make notes so I remember my protocol & how I feel.

Appt w/doc was 12th. Instructions were, in regards to supplement changes:

1) Lower iron dosage from two to one pill (44mg elem. iron each - Members Mark).

Phase 1: Weeks 1-2
2) Take new supp (travacor) in eve before bed, make sure before 10p. Can cause nausea, insomnia(!), headaches. Had headache yesterday, during sleep, and awakened with one. If not tolerated (can't go to sleep), take 1/2 cap. Take w/cold food or liquid. This helps serotonin.

3) Take another new neuro support supp (theanac) w/ea meal. (I'VE FORGOTTEN THIS, glad I just remembered - she'd given me three, then taken one back and I thought this was the one she'd taken back). This is for high glutamate. (Stop taking current supp, NAC).

Phase 2: Week 3 onward:
Continue above
4) Add Adrecor - 2-3caps before bfast (smells/tastes awful - can't wait) :P This is the one she said to wait on.


1. Low HDL - Stop taking Members Mark NO flush niacin (400mg, 100mg inositol), take a FLUSH version, 500mg (Paragon from health food store, local brand). If too much flush, take low dose (81mg) aspirin 30 mins prior to taking niacin. First time I took no aspirin. Could feel it flush from my face to my toes, and it took an hour. WILD HOT PRICKLY RIDE! Next day, and for three days after, I took with the aspirin, and it was much better tolerated. Did not take yesterday and today and tolerated well (still makes me a bit flushed/hot, esp notice my facial spider veins). She suggested to take in eve before bed so it's not noticed as much. I took before walking outside in cold weather, which was, I thought, a good idea, too.

2. Elevated cholesterol, dense LDL, LDL, TGs, Elev. hsCRP
a) fish oil 3000mg/day (rec. Metagenics EPA/DHA 720 - 2caps/twice daily, but taking Nordic Natural Omega 3s, 2tsp/10mL)
b) Lose weight (they have weight loss protocol - she's my neighbor, other neighbor went to her: eat lots of broccoli and chicken!, I haven't had chicken since Sam's Club changed packaging to NOT say gf ...what's up w/THEM?)
c) Take coQ10 100mg daily (Metagenics CoQ10ST 1cap/day, but taking 200mg Member's Mark already)

...hmm, no dietary recommendations. I wasn't feeling up to par and didn't document my SP food journal consistently, and wish I had. I'd like to compile my diet stats to compare results w/cholesterol. I'm not a red meat eater 1) because I don't like it and 2) I can't cook it. I hate the feeling of fat in my mouth. Low-carbers eat a lot of fat and supposedly have fluffy, big LDL, higher HDL. I try to make up for it with full-fat dairy, not sure that's good enough. I'm likely way over on carbs because I'm weak, I like fruit (hence the TGs being 111 and not exercising much the past, well, too long). I met a gal whose HDL is like 112 and she barely has LDL. What? I'd think you'd want a balance, and so says her doc. She eats a lot of venison, and her diet's healthy, but she also pigs out on junk once in a while. EveryBODY's different, just trying to figure out mine.

3. Factor V Lieden
a) heterozygote - 4-8 fold increase in thrombotic event
b) fish oil
c) consider low dose aspirin til weight is gone.

CAUTIOUSLY EXCITED AND OPTIMISTIC but scared to write it down for fear of jinxing it: my leg pain has VERY MUCH LESSENED. THIS I AM THRILLED ABOUT and want to know which of the above contributed ... I wish you could see me (not) at night. Pre-celiac dx nights you could find various accoutrements upon my ailing bod:

I started years ago with Vaseline and socks on my hardened, cracked heels. After the birth of Dd, the eczema flared on my hands, so I then started wearing Vaseline and cotton gloves. The eczema waxed and waned, so the gloves waxed and waned, but insomnia never left since 1988 when I got PG. My hip bones hurt from pregnancy, too, so I've slept with a pillow between my knees ever since. When we moved to AK around 2000, those summer days were like I was an energizer battery. The sun was my plug into activity (still a zombie though). To turn off the energy and before I could buy/decide on blackout shades for the bedroom, I bought eye shades for a dark sleep. Because of the insomnia, still, I then used DH's ear plugs (he hunts) to silence night sounds. Ahhh, this helped so much, it has become a habit! (Don't you like a cool room when you sleep? When I don't have my eye "candy" on, my eyelids get cold cause of my fan.) I ditched the socks and gloves. Now picture me in my "MooMoo" - you know, the "nightie" that won't die. I had a "depression" dress and a shirt that wouldn't die, too. Anyway, what a picture. :P

Sorry, I digressed there. So there I am in bed doing a little ballet adagio with my chubby short legs wearing eyeshades and ear plugs awhile hitting my legs to see if they hurt. They felt "normal." This is weird. I want to RUN when I get up, but I was cautioned to not over-exert esp when serotonin's low, so I walk. I haven't walked far in months. The weather's been so nice for walking, and I walk 3 miles. Afterwards, my legs don't hurt and aren't stiff. I hit them some more. Now my legs hurt - lol, jk. Next day, when I wake up I feel more stiff in my 'hips' - which is awesome - NOT my legs! I hope this continues.

Another note: I'm not as hungry.

Doc said I really really have to lose weight. I know I know! When you're serotonin's low you don't feel like doing much and have a bad 'tude.

I've been going over the booklet accompanying my BIG cholesterol test. I got the insurance statement today and they aren't covering it: $300+ surprise.

Dd needs to have HER neuros tested. She ran out of gas on the turnpike, couldn't start the car in the shopping center parking lot so I had to run up to see why: she'd left the car in DRIVE, and then she backed into a service truck parked in our driveway the other day.
I think I'm gonna put my eye mask on emoticon

(I get my mask from Bed, Bath & Beyond w/my 20% off coupon & tax, it's about $7.)

More cholesterol info in tomorrow's blog. I want to remember this stuff. I'm gonna make myself blog more often.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So glad you are having less leg pain. Something's gotta work, right? It's not easy losing weight, for sure. We're going to do this together till we get it right. Keep us posted.
    2952 days ago
    It sounds like things are looking up for you. I love when I'm not hungry and feel like exercising . To me that's a sign of success and that things are in equilibrium. Smile and enjoy!!!
    2957 days ago
    emoticon I'm picturing the gloved hands and feet, a moo-moo, earplugs and eye mask. Know who I see? Mrs. Roper! Bahahaha
    2957 days ago
    Just read your update, wow. I hope you begin to feel a lot better soon. Picture you in a moomoo. HUM I can do that! LOL Makes you look too old.
    2957 days ago
    Hey Lady, Blogging is great! Helps me remember what I ought to do, too! Walking is good, too! I need to get more regular. Life has been getting in the way it seems, but I've got to get back in control and do what must be done!

    Keep working on it!

    2958 days ago
    If it's like that ... I would have a great checklist making sure I did anything ... emoticon TG I only have to take 3 meds plus some subs a day which I can take together emoticon I would be lost If I needed all that. SOOOOOOO take good care of yourself and know that we all munch on carbs when feeling emoticon
    2958 days ago
    Hi Dots,

    It really helps to keep good records to track things down. So glad to hear that you are having less leg pain. Sorry about your daughter's car and the accident. What specialty is your doctor? It's not easy to find someone who is up on nutrition. I had blood work done today and it came out OK. Cholesterol numbers were all in the normal range. Sugar is still too high, but it has come down. With a treadmill (from an estate) and a Wii fit plus set up I should make more progress. Keep on keeping on. You are an inspiration!

    Peace and blessings, Elaine
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2958 days ago
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