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StevieCat, Forever in my heart.....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just in case anyone is wondering, my name is not Stephanie. That's not what my SparkPeople moniker is short for. Stevie was my precious cat for 23 years. I had her for so long that when I first got her, Stevie Nicks was very popular (she still is, but you know what I mean) and I absolutely LOVED her. She was young and beautiful and so was my kitten, so I called her Stevie after Stevie Nicks.

Everyone thought "she" was a "he" because of the name Stevie. One day I was at the vet and the receiptionist told me how cute "She" was. I said "Wow, I can't believe you didn't call her a "He". I named her after Stevie Nicks, I just LOVE her." And the receptionst said "No kidding?" and pointed to the tee shirt I was wearing. It was a huge picture of Stevie Nicks in concert with that gorgeous blonde hair blowing. And I said "oh". :0) LOL

Anyhow, Stevie was epileptic and I'd give her phenobarbitol twice a day. I'd get the prescription filled at CVS Pharmacy, and they'd put her name on the bottle as "StevieCat Smith." So once my beloved Stevie died, my email names have been StevieCat in her honor. She was a very loving cat. I can remember many years ago when I was home singing and packing & happy because we were leaving for Arkansas the next day to adopt an infant daughter, and I got a phone call telling me they changed their minds and we couldn't have the baby. I was home alone, my husband was at work, and I sat down on the couch, stunned, with the phone still in my hand and off the hook. Stevie had been sleeping in an upstairs bedroom but she somehow sensed my dispair and came down the stairs gently, hopped in my lap and nestled her head in the crook of my neck and gave me someone to hold as I sat there in shock and eventually cried.

She also gently stepped into the background when 7 years later we successfully adopted our son and she waited until he was about 2 years old before she brought herself to the forefront again for the attention she had been used to for so many years. She let him walk all over the house holding her from under her armpits and swinging her back and sideways with that drunken toddler walk of his and she'd just go limp and let him love her.

Sick as she was, God gave her a long life and she died 5 years ago at age 23. My husband, son and I grieved for her for months and decided to get a kitten to try and ease the hurt of losing Stevie.

Well, this morning, my cat Petey sprained his leg and was limping like crazy, only walking on 3 legs instead of 4. I called the vet and made an appt. She asked which cat (we now have 3) and I said Stevie Smith. It was a full hour after I hung up that I realized I said Stevie instead of Petey.

StevieCat, my love, you will always be in my heart.
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    What a wonderful story!!! Pets aren't just animals - they're family members, and I think that just like humans they give love in the degree it's extended to them. StevieCat clearly deserves to be honored. She was obviously a very loving and empathetic little kitty. I'm sure Petey is adorable too, but just like children. they're all special and they all have their own personalities.

    I'm glad you had a StevieCat in your life/in your heart and that you were blessed with her presence for 23 years - what a long life for a cat!!!
    2775 days ago
    (Sniff, sniff) Oh your story touched me so...(wiping tears)...I can relate on so many levels. My special, special kitty was a Maine Coon named Kabuki. She was my baby, she would ride on my shoulders and follow me like a dog. She was always there when I needed her (and even if I didn't, lol!). I had to have her put to sleep when she was 17, her health was so bad and she had developed dementia. I was pregnant with my youngest son and I knew that the time had come to let her go, but a very hard thing it was to do. I have three kitties now, I love them all, but no one will ever replace Buki, my special furbaby. (But Mr. Whiskers come close! LOL!)



    2879 days ago
    We have four cats at present and have ALWAYS had at least three at any given point. They are such special pets and work their way so deeply into our's always a terrible loss when one passes on. Thanking our lucky stars that ours are currently all in good health! Cats from the past continue to come up in our thoughts and conversations...

    2906 days ago
    Where are the pictures?! LOL

    Wanna see Stevie and Petey.
    2906 days ago
    Our pets do take a special place in our hearts. They become part of our families.

    I admire that you were able to care for her so lovingly over the years. Cat people are very special people.

    And how wonderful that you now have Petey to fill that void. Bless you.
    2914 days ago
  • DARA52
    What a special bond you had. I've always had a cat. They are all different and all special. So different than dogs. I know Stevie was a very lucky cat. Look how long she lived! That's incredible. Wonderful memories to hold on to.

    2915 days ago
    Ok, so now I'M the one in tears. You are truly a beautiful person TiggerShakira!
    2926 days ago
    Well you have brought me to tears because I know exactly how you name is TiggerShakira because those are my two kitties still living....Muffin my obese, blind, diabetic kitty cat succombed to pancreatic cancer about 5 months ago...I took her from 25 pounds to 12 and have her shots twice a day for what seems like forever...but I would give anything to have her back....she followed me everywhere I went and slept beside me every night and now since she's gone Tigger and Shakira have taken up shop doing the same things she did lol...I used to be a vet tech so the vet I used to work for keeps asking me when I'm going to get me another "fat cat" to rehabilitate but just can't do it yet:( every animal I have taken in over the years were the ones nobody wanted and couldn't get adopted....most actually already came with their own ailments and now he just has to wait til I find another hard luck case on my porch lol
    2926 days ago
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