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VIDEO BLOG: How do you stay motivated?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I've had a few slip ups this week with the beginning of my new job and celebrating getting a new, new job (the one I was really pulling for). I haven't gained, but I've stayed steady. What do you working people do to stay motivated to work out and eat right? It's so difficult, I'd like some tips - things I can read, think, say, do, etc. Thanks Sparkies! -Kelly
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    hey emoticon i TOTALLY feel u on seeing a salad next to a burger (or in my case a veggy burger/pizza/burrito) and losing will power. i always think "aww maaan i dont get to eat out very often (due to being broke) i deserve this *insert fatty food here*.. i could have a salad at home.. i dont want one now!" lol.. it happens all the time. im so excited that on friday my husband and i went to Baja Fresh ("healthy" mexican food) and instead of my normal veggy burrito, i got it "bare style" which is minus tortilla/add bed of romain lecttuce.. i also took off the cheese and sourcream! emoticon it was freakin tasty too!! lots of salsa on top! anyways, where i was going with this,, maybe you could start there.. ask for a burger patty on top of a normal salad. that way you take away the calories and carbs from the bun, and all the nasty stuff on a burger (fried onion strips/mayo/etc whatever else is on burgers at resturants now).. i know a burger patty on a salad isnt 100% healthy but its a hell of alot better than the whole burger emoticon , so maybe its not all or nothing right? idk.. just an idea! also, i stay motivated by getting excited to go grocery shopping.. getting things im excited to eat like baby carrots and flavored hummus, veggy burgers/chik'n nuggets, apple cinnimon rice cakes with a tiny bit of almond butter on top, oatmeal (i looooove oatmeal!) etc.. sorry im rambling.. i get so excited watching your video blogs they are so upbeat!! go kelly! emoticon
    2924 days ago
    Hi i also had a bad day today lol. i had some birthday cake and cheese curls. i been on my diet for about 2 weeks and lost 4 pounds. i have stop pop and chips and try work out 3 times a week. even if u cant get 30 mins workout in a day that okay. maybe when u get some try like 10 mins. im telling u them 10 mins workout will pay off.what keeps me going is my sister who past away. i learn i have 1 life to live and make the best of it. i think i wanna live longer and be healthy . so when i think of my sister it make me love life alot and wanna work hard at what i do in life. we all have are bad days with the food. but hey that okay. but just make the next day better. girl take it one day at time. u know what else try the wii fit... go and buy or maybe a tredmill. if u allready have a tredmill put it infront of one of your show and walk whole time its on. and there u go u did your workout for the day. well anyways have a great weekend hang in there .. you will make this is the year 2010 baby were going make this happen emoticon
    2926 days ago
  • A-NU-ME-N-2011
    my motivation is when I look in the mirrow and see my stomach getting flatter and face slimming. My shoulders and arms are dropping too. that's a good sign. So, I also say to myself when I wanna eat something that's not good for me -is Hey, I already know how this taste. I don't want it. And of course having Spark friend and family is great support and motivation. I don't want to give up on myself.
    2926 days ago
    Hi! Congratulations on your new job! Motivation.. I didnt have it until I joined Spark. I reccomend a Spark Buddy. If you dont already have one. I report to her everytime I work out and what I eat. I feel like she keeps me in check and I feel like she holds me accountable for the things that I do. I also use the nutrition and fitness tracker to see how I'm doing. Best of luck to you!
    2927 days ago
  • NAISHA40
    My new motto is I want to find the thin in me.. she's in there help her get out..Congrats on the new job.. emoticon
    2927 days ago
    Work and you time can be hard. I struggle with it EVERYDAY. I find it's better to snack at work. Pick up a couple things you can keep at your desk. My favorite lunch time activity is to read, take a short walk, or hang out with a couple people I like at work. Make sure you eat breakfast. I prefer to work out in the evening too. It's nice to work the day through and then take it out with some cardio! Motivation is the whole reason I joined spark. I tell as many people as I can about my change and want to loose weight. Then when they seem me the ask and comment on how great I look, that's real motivation right there. Who wants to say, "oh, I'm not doing that any more" Not me! Best of luck!
    2927 days ago
  • JOSIE=^_^=
    I dont eat out much for lunch (I would bring mine to help with willpower & SAVE $) but I would say that if you know you are going to go out, find a place before hand and go to their website (if they have one) & check out their nutrition info. And if you lay off off hamburgers and fast food it actually starts to look pretty nasty after a while! Who wants to eat a hamburger that will equal 5 days of working out? lol.. Anywho..thats my take on it!! : )
    2927 days ago
    First as I start this email, I just want to say congratulations on your new job. If you've been celebrating, it's okay...we all deserve something every once in a while. The best advice that I can give you is to work hard and stay dedicated.

    2927 days ago
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