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Team please put this to a VOTE!!!???

Thursday, January 14, 2010

And there is a question in here for ANYBODY who this has happened to. Please leave me a comment if you have experienced it, and why it happened? THANKS!
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  • VICKY63
    Are you Pregnant !!! haha :) Gr8 haircut Think you can do mine now? You know your body better then anyone I always vote Yes with you :) Ummm it's so nice to come here and watch you talk makes me less seeing you sick! Hey I have an idea BennyHinn is going to be in Nashville Feb 4,5,6 If you come We can go then I can follow you home and be there with you for GrandOpening Anniversary YAYYYY Gr8 Idea isn't it ? :) I Love You Little Sis. hugsssssssssssss
    2864 days ago
    your hair looks nice, :) i hope you are feeling better today.
    2865 days ago
    I vote YES...Do what you love. Excercise works!
    2866 days ago
  • MTA62005
    That works for me...sorry I keep forgetting to check my sparkmail and when I did I found the challenge questions. What ever works and keeps you movtivated! Louise
    2866 days ago
    I vote yes! And your hair looks great! Now will you cut mine??? LOL It is way too long. It is half way down my back and I am seriously considering getting it cut up to my shoulders! Have a great night!
    2866 days ago
    I had voted yes in the email - I said that whatever gives you the best workout is what we want for you. As far as getting nauseated - You know they always get sick on the BL show when they first start working out so you know it's working (no I really don't know why but I do get sick sometimes when I do workout really hard and get overheated). Just monitor it and see if it continues you may need to see what you are eating and when and make adjustments.
    Love your hair.
    2866 days ago
    Yes, I say go ahead and do the one you like. I think the point was to get the consistency back together - Yes, I used to get nauseous when/after I worked out. I remember it being around the time I started smoking (again, but like 1 or 2 a day) and I remember one of the triggers was the pilates mat - I think it had an odor that made my stomach turn for hours on end... or perhaps I overreacted and noticed the smell because something else made me nauseous. Sometimes multivitamins make me sick, too... hmm... Probably just a one time thing. Vertigo? Who knows... could be so many things.. Love the hair, your skills are mad!
    2866 days ago
  • JISTY06
    I vote yes, thats fine. =)
    As for getting nauseous. It happens to me A LOT after a workout. I'm used to it so it doesnt bother met too much anymore, and honestly I havent figured out what causes it either
    2866 days ago
    I say yes to the vote :D
    2866 days ago
    You cut looks great Teresa. Wish I could do it as well as you do. I certainly could use a good cut right about now. LOL.

    I voted yes that I thought if it gave you a better workout then I am for that, and changing it up would give you a bit of variety as well.

    I have gotten nauseous BECAUSE I ate before my workout, not afterwards. If I workout then eat I'm fine. If I eat before I workout I have to wait a couple of hours - not 45 minute or an hour. I sometimes don't have that kind of time. Lately I've been trying to eat very little, like a yogurt or something light before I workout and so far that's working.

    2866 days ago
    It' fine with me if you want to switch it with another workout. Long as you exercise it doesn't matter to me which one you do! I hope the new challenge your giving us "gainers" isn't too hard. haha!

    See Ya,
    2866 days ago
    Sorry I didn't write back sooner. I have only heard from Beth, and June. We all voted yes you could switch it up!!! I was just waiting on more answers.

    I see your neighbors kitty still hasn't left LOL!

    As for your other question, I have did that one time. It was because I over worked myself so much during a hike I actually started throwing up. (TMI I know!) My body just couldn't take it, but I did feel great later that day LOL!
    2866 days ago
    I feel that way sometimes also. Here is a link.. It was too much information to try and write out myself but I figured that you would find this useful.
    2866 days ago
    Did you breathe properly? No it isn't too bad cutting it yourself! This is new for me to be on this site. Your the first contact! Jeannebk1
    2866 days ago
    I love you video blogs; you always make me grin.

    Love the new 'do, too.

    Don't know about the nausea, though...
    2866 days ago
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