Thursday, January 14, 2010

I was doing good waking up early to work out. Somehow I ended up with later nights so I was too tired in the morning to get up. I decided to try working out after work then. That isn't working either now, since my kids won't leave me alone for 30 minutes. It's weird. They can be in their room playing nicely and as soon as I get my heart beating they start fighting, or want a snack, or something. Arg.. It's frusterating. I've started waking up early again, but now I'm being told I am to loud. They are just going to have to work with me, or something. Ok, I feel better now. Needed a vent.
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    This seems to be a knack for kids hehe...It's the same when one is on the phone. I agree with Rachel. Pick a time you want to exercise, and stick to it. Inform them they need to respect your wishes, just as they want their wishes to be respected. It might take a bit of time for the flow to work, but you will get here!
    2983 days ago
    Thanks for the comments.
    My 11 year old understands, however my 3 year old is the trouble. I can do my yoga, and strenth, but when I try and do cardio I can't go as long as I would like. I get about 10 minutes on my elliptical and he starts throwing a fit, or decides he has to potty, or something. I have tried putting a movie on in my room for him to watch, but it doesn't last. I think I'm going to have to get firmer with him - both of them actually because when the little one starts acting up my older boy either ignores him, and won't help or he picks on him making it worse. I think the problem is that I work all day, and he thinks that evenings are 'mommy time' which they usually are, and now it's hard getting him to understand mommy wants 30 minutes to run. I think eventually they will get the point - hopefully before I lose my motivation. LOL.
    2983 days ago
  • FRECKS96
    Ugh, my workout was rough today too, it took me nearly twice as long as it should have because I kept getting interrupted. Early morning is definitely best for our house. Good Luck finding something that works for everyone.
    2984 days ago
    Haha! Have you see that commercial where the mom exercises by dragging her kids around the house? They hang onto her ankles and she does laps around the house, pulling them. You could do that!! At least if they're toddler age. Any older than that and you'll give yourself a hernia.

    If they are older, I agree... they can understand that you need some exercise time. Or maybe they could watch a movie or something... give them a small snack, turn on a movie and away you go. And then, I would keep that time sacred. If no one is bleeding, you go back to the movie or up to your room. No, we're not having snacks, no I can't read you a story right now, no I can't pick you up... THis is Mommy time.

    My hubby and I used to have "couch time" when our kids were young. It was a time for us to sit down for half an hour or so and just talk about our days, etc... with no kiddos. We'd do that same thing. Nope, nope, nope, nope, it's couch time. Eventually, the kids got the point.

    Good luck!
    2984 days ago
    How old are they? Are they old enough to know that you need your time. Maybe you could incorporate your kids in your exercize, they could do it as well. Hope you figure it out, everyone even those of us without kids have to figure out how to make me time to work out! Have a great day!
    2984 days ago
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