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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This is a little different than my last blog - but it has some similar principles...

1) Breakfast is still there (make it count!)
2) Some short term fasting is involved.

Years ago, I met a women who just about never ate lunch. She was in a seminar class I was teaching at the time, and I noticed she did not join us for lunch. Her husband said she had not eaten lunch for years. She is older than I am - but she was slimmer - that is for sure. I was amazed skip a meal - always?
It turns out my own aunt (slimmer than my Mom - her sister) also rarely eats lunch - or only has an apple. She has never had a weight problem - but my mom's weight has crept up for years...

This discussion led my Mom to tell me of a few other retired, slim women who also rarely eat lunch. Hmmmm.

Having tried to do the breakfast/lunch then fast thing - I can see how often I cave in and have something in the evening...Sometimes more than "something." When I stick to my guns - the breakfast/lunch plan REALLY works - but then I get tired of it for long term.

I also remember reading a blog last year about a woman whose doctor told her to wait at least 7 hours between meals - She had done it for years. She had even gone on a cruise - followed this plan and only gained 1 pound. Most people gain 7-8 pounds on a cruise.

So - this seems to work for many women - but you rarely see it written up. The few times I've tried it - it does seem helpful. And if I've had a good breakfast, I can drink water and green tea and make it to the reward of dinner, and then be satisfied until the next breakfast. I can do this and keep within a calorie limit, if I plan ahead. Drinking water with some raw apple cider vinegar is also helpful.

So - I just did a search on "skip lunch - lose weight" and there is not much out there except people saying "DON"T DO IT! OMG!!!!"

But what about my aunt in her late 70's and these other women who have done it for years?

So - I was happy to read this interesting blog from my search:

How to Lose Weight Effortlessly with Easy Tricks
Skip Lunch!
I know what you're thinking..."Oh no, we're supposed to eat several small meals, six times a day, not skip meals." If you have that kind of time, and that kind of willpower to really eat six, small, healthy meals...then do it. I don't. I find that I can skip a meal if I know I can have a decent size meal with what I want to eat later on. So I'll eat breakfast around 10 am, skip lunch, and then eat a decent (not stuff myself, but eat until I am full) dinner around 6pm. Eat less calories...lose weight. It's not as complicated as it's made out to be.
So - I think I'll incorporate this idea into my life at least on some days. It allows me to save time at work - and have some dinner at home in the evening...sounds nice...

I'm posting this mostly for myself and whoever else is interested. I'd LOVE to hear your comments.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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    Here I am reading and commenting on this blog six years later. lol Oh well, as long as it's still open:

    Personally, I wish I could just learn to differentiate between real hunger and the cravings that come from boredom or just having food cues thrown in my face from TV and people around me. That way I could eat when my body actually needs food and eat just enough to satisfy that hunger whether I were to eat at lunchtime or not. Sometimes, when I'm busy in the middle of the day, I really don't think about food as much or feel I have to purposely stop what I'm doing to eat.

    There is a group of healthy, vital, slim senior citizens in my community all in their 80's. Now this group doesn't like to cook for themselves because they all live alone now. What they do is eat "brunch"between 10 and 11 AM at home most days and then go out for dinner around 4 PM to take advantage of early bird specials, socialize together, limit cooking and shopping, and enjoy a variety of different entrées each day along with a glass of red wine of decaf coffee.

    When I asked what they eat for brunch, some said they enjoy things like a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich with coffee while others will have some oatmeal or eggs with toast.

    Most of these seniors generally go to bed early---by 9 or 10PM, or they get up late between 9 and 10 AM.

    Most said that when they need a snack, they grab a handful of almonds or a couple squares of dark chocolate, or a small chunk of hard cheese, or a couple pieces of fresh fruit.

    I guess it all boils down to our age and individual needs, exercise and lifestyle habits, family history, and unique biochemical makeup.
    516 days ago

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    I agree with skipping a meal. I think this 3-5 small meals a days sets me personally up for failure. Being that planned all the time is very tough with working & kids. Not to mention, you spend a lot of time thinking about what you are going to eat & eating at every break, so you are thinking about food way to much. I have also noticed skipping meals gives my stomach time to recover and shrink a bit, so when I do eat again, it doesn't take as much to feel full.

    I used to skip lunch everyday back in school & I had no weight issues whatsoever. I also had 3 dance classes a day in High school & still was able to have the energy to do that without lunch. I recently began to remember this. So I started looking into it and now I am practicing Intermitant fasting or IF. I fast 14-16 hours from Dinner to lunch either at 11am or 1pm depending on my workout schedule. Then I have an 8 hour period to eat. It's working quite well so far. Plus there is all sorts of research and science behind it. For instance the starvation mode that has been preached to us for years, does not begin until like day three of not getting enough calories.
    1921 days ago
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  • ANB327
    this sounds like a good idea. i'm used to eating 3 small meals a day. usually carnation instant bfast or eggs in the morning. lunch i have a salad or a wrap. and dinner: it varies from pizza (homemade), chicken, deer steak, spaghetti, etc. living in a house with 3 kids makes dieting touch because they want cookies and sweets!
    2603 days ago
    When I was working I rarely ate lunch perhaps an apple and small yoghurt and I seemed to keep my weight down, since following the advice of eat 6 times a day I just seem to eat more and more..and keep weight on.....think I will go back to my old ways after reading this blog...late breakfast now I am retired and dinner about 6 pm suits me...lets see if it helps??? emoticon
    2736 days ago

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    That's why they invented Brunch!
    2787 days ago
    Thanks Gals...
    I think for me an important factor would be the good and satisfying breakfast...(on an up day) but on a DD this is a really good tool...
    2807 days ago
    Think about it, I believe it's good for you. I never ever packed lunch or bought lunch when I worked. I took advantage of being out of the house and if anything I'd have an apple or an orange. Smaller and less often meals are a benefit to our bodies. Think about when you eat until you're stuffed, your body has to work very hard to process that big meal. If your meal is small your body easily processes it and goes on to it's job of repairing damaged cells. Research has shown that eating less will extend your life with less diseases. My friend has had several kinds of cancer and they have changed her diet in addition to treatments and all the previous cancers are gone.
    2808 days ago
    Good blog and good information. I find that it is easier to stick to my plan at work and then give into temptation or just lose willpower to stick to my plan once I get home. Skipping lunch seems a lot easier than fasting all day and definitely a lot easier than fitting in 6 small meals a day. I definitely don't have the patience for that and have had multiple failed attempts.

    Sounds fairly easy to incorporate a few days throughout the week to see what effect is has on my weightloss. Doesn't hurt to try.
    2808 days ago
    I hear y'all!

    I've actually experienced both ends of the spectrum.
    Without breakfast, I have sometimes had runaway hunger later on...but not so much with skipping lunch - especially if breakfast has protein such as eggs or a whey protein smoothie.

    Darlene's comment interested me - that she did the skip lunch thing and lost weight...

    PS - today went pretty well - I brought some whey and berries to work to make a mini-meal (just in case) - but I haven't eaten it - and it is time to go home now.

    At one point I was hungry - but I had ACV and water and it took the hunger away, so that was good!

    2808 days ago

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    I thinkyou need to do whatever is best for you and your body. I am trying to eat 3 meals a day (breakfast is like a 140 cal bar bec. I hate breakfast). I tend to snack all day if I eat between meals. Can't stop after I start. So I am trying this to see how it works. Good luck!!
    2808 days ago

    I have to agree with you...and your family members. Everyone
    finds their own way as to what works for them.

    I used to eat 2 meals a day, and lost weight doing it. I just
    am not in to eating breakfast. So I think it would work.

    2808 days ago
    Blood sugar roller coasters aren't going to help with appetite.

    What matters more than how often you eat is what and how much you eat.

    There's probably nothing wrong with regularly eating two meals a day so long as they are healthy, well-balanced meals and you control how much you eat.

    For those who are already overweight, and thus likely have at least some problems controlling the food they eat, skipping lunch is a very bad idea. That "decent (not stuff myself, but eat until I am full)" dinner turns into a couple hours of stuffing oneself with the things you've been craving all day.

    It would probably work with proper discipline. But let's face it - for most of us, if we had discipline when it comes to food, we wouldn't be here.
    2809 days ago
    Thanks for your comments!

    Yes, you are right about diabetics who are insulin dependent. They should stick to their plan. However there is a lot of research out there on short-term fasting and weight loss. It shows it to be very healthy and helpful for weight loss, anti-aging and for healing of many diseases.

    Search "Eat-Stop-Eat" by Brad Pilon - it has lots of interesting research on fasting. He also has many free youtube videos.

    The problem is NO ONE MAKES MONEY WHEN WE FAST - so the research is never widely publicized.

    2809 days ago
    I'm not sure that you should ever skip meals. I think it would work out better to spread your calories out. I think you don't see research out there to support this is that it's not good for you.

    Most research is pointing towards eating MORE smaller meals, not less. Research has shown that better digestion, better absorption of nutrients and especially more smaller meals is better for diabetic and other health concerns.
    2809 days ago
    not true for everyone
    2809 days ago
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