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Monday, January 11, 2010

W – WATER: Water can aid in weight loss, improve complexion, reduce stress, suppress appetite and so much more. Drink 8 glasses of water and earn (5-points)

E – EXERCISE: Exercise will make not only makes you feel better and gives you more energy, but it also can improve your mood. Do 15 minutes of exercise and earn (5-points)

S – SLEEP: Getting adequate sleep helps make you mentally sharp and recharged to take on the challenges of a new day, it also aids in weight loss. Get 8 hours of Sleep and earn (5-points)

T – TRACK YOUR FOOD: It has been shown that those who track there food lose more weight than those who do not. Track your food for this challenge and earn (5-points)

I- INSIDER – The Spark Insider has information to share to help guide you on your Spark journey, read the Insider and earn (5 points)

E – ENCOURAGE: Take the time to tell someone you care each day, encourage a teammate or someone who is struggling. Speak from your heart. (5-points)

30 points possible each day (120 total for 4-days)

Tues 12 -----W(x ) E(x ) S( ) T(x ) I( x) E( x) = 25 points
Wed 13------W(x ) E(x ) S( ) T(x ) I( x) E(x ) = 25
Thur 14------W(x ) E(x ) S( ) T(x ) I(x ) E(x ) = 25
Fri 15------W(x ) E(x ) S( ) T( x) I(x ) E( x) = 25

Total for challenge= 100 points

(( Minus the 20 points for 8 hours sleep))

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