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I could run to Mars and Back!!

Friday, January 08, 2010

#########WARNING THIS IS A VENT SESSION################

Wow, last night was a doozy, followed by more fun this morning!! If it were a run day I'd probably run the Half today!! I'm so frustrated!!

I don't normally use my blog for this kind of stuff.....but if I don't get this out of my system, i'll probably eat everything in the house. soooo:

my frustration is my child, not really him but his situation, our situation.

1. he's dyslexic (recently diagnosed)
2. he spent all of second grade with a broken (right) arm.
3. his second grade teacher primarily focused on getting pregnant with her new husband.....and that's about the nicest thing I have to say about her.

here we are at the second half of third grade. my kiddo is practically failing. he's in a langauge program that helps him with reading, but its not really a dyslexic program so much as it is a reading comprehension program. they say he's improving....i dont' see that manifestation at home, but then again i'm not timing him when he reads to me.

he's barely able to do math, they are learning multiplication and he's still trying to learn to add/subtract. because he's dyslexic and he basically had NO teacher all of last year, the bulk of the teaching falls onto me. on days like yesterday when he has no assigned homework, but we have to do math drills anyway, its world war three.

i'm thinking we'll sit down and get this done, it doesn't take long. but he was making the same mistakes on the same questions. what started out as "review of adding 3s" 3+1, 3+2, 3+3..... ended up with him going to bed for the night.

somedays its a breeze to get the extra work done, but alot of times its like yesterday. he's frustrated, i'm frustrated. he feels stupid and i feel like he's being lazy.

usually we go over his math facts on the way to school, especially on test day. today on the way to school i start quizzing him. he says he already knows these math facts so he doesn't have to tell me.

which basically ended in me telling him he's grounded for life! when he gets home we'll do math for however long it takes! all weekend, every day.

who's stupid now?? ME!! he's certainly not grounded for life....but he's grounded for disobedience and stonewalling. but if he never learns to read or do math, i guess he'll live with us forever, so I could ground him for life, at least all of mine anyway!

at this point i'm not sure what to do, or how to help him. reviewing basic math facts at home is the teachers solution. this year his teacher is nice and at least she cares about his education but she has problems with keeping him motivated as well. he's not movitated because he has a minimal second grade level of reading and i'd say about a 1st grade level of math knowledge. but he's having to learn at a 3rd grade level and he's failing at it.

he's frustrated, i'm frustrated. right now i don't see a solution......surely there is one, but i don't know what it is and i'm running out of time, he has to take the assessment test in March, he'll have to do word problems! have i mentioned he can't read (well) or do math?
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    KIds with learning differences (he's smart - he just learns differently than most kids in his class) face a lifetime of feeling "wrong".

    Since his diagnosis is recent, I'd definitely suggest finding a group of parents with similar kiddos where you can learn strategies to parent and support your exceptional child.

    My youngest is Gifted and has a learning difference. Talk about self loathing setting in for him! WOW! The challenge is to make sure your child knows he's bright and capable and it's just up to the team of the three of you (parents, educators and child) to figure out how best to bring him to success.

    You can do this! You will definitely fare better with support and it sounds as if your school hasn't yet stepped up. There should be parent advocates who can step you through the process of IEPs and advocating for your child. If your child needs a tutor, the school can generally provide it.

    Welcome to my world.
    2990 days ago
    Definately check out some sites as mentioned above.

    as for the 3+1 and 3+2 being issues, when he hits those, can you try w/ crayons or his favorite items instead?

    maybe taking the number from a paper and changing the actual number into a tangible item in front of him could change the thought process that is getting flipped around in his head? Could give him more confidence, etc.

    2990 days ago
    You can do this... I googled dyslexia and found a ton of sites. There are forums also so you can talk with other moms dealing with the same situation. Here's a link to one site you can look into. I'm praying for you.

    Good luck. Parenting is by far the hardest job on the planet!
    2990 days ago
    I'm glad you put waring venting session at the top, my heart goes out to you & your kid. Some teachers really stink!! Tell me is he in ese (exceptional student education) cause I think he does qualify. My son is in that & it helped with the frustration level alot. Let me tell you I know what your saying about going to mars & back - I've taken a few trips there myself.
    If you have a little money you could see about getting a tutor from high school - I did & did'nt have to pay alot maybe $ 10.00 for an hour & they were so happy just for that. That way you can sit back ( a little) that would take the stress/frustration from you & your child - by the way how did you get this nice background. My sparkpage looks so boring, no wonder people don't comment on it.
    good luck & take care of yourself emoticon
    2990 days ago
    Shelly I can completely understand the issues. Although my son is not dyslexic he has ADHD. Math is by far our hardest subject. How does he feel about it? He could give two craps! Some nights I just walk away with my hands thrown in the air. I am seriously thinking about getting him a tutor, because I just can't help him like he needs me to.

    Great big emoticon for you my friend!
    2990 days ago
    Man! I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this! Your son's learning disability should have been addressed and special attention given by his second grade teacher. Had she been concerned, he may have been diagnosed sooner!

    You are a great mom, Shelly! You are doing a great job helping him. He's a kid, so you KNOW he is going to try to see how far he can push and how much he can get away with... just stick to your guns and get him to work on those drills whether he feels like it or not.

    I'll be thinking about you and praying for you! Don't run to Mars. I'd miss you too much! ;)
    2990 days ago
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