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A very hard day for me. Sharing what is on my heart...

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I feel somewhat torn writing this as it is a HUGE departure to my usual positive upbeat blogs. My personality is one in which I find the joy and happiness in all situations. I guess in some respects I did just that yesterday despite how I felt but posting how broken I feel seems as if I am admitting defeat, not something I do normally. It is not a big deal but it hit me hard for some reason.

Yesterday morning I was walking around the mall and the cramps started. Twice. Not bad just strong. I have been having these on and off now for a couple of weeks and from other Moms learned that it is normal and no big deal. I talked with my aunt a few weeks ago who is a doctor and she said it may be a sign I just need to slow down my miles. Regardless, it is nothing serious.

Well after the cramps stopped I went to the store and while shopping I started having a sharp pain in my back. It continued to get worse and I had to leave my cart with all my food in it and leave the store. I went to my car and called my doctor. The nurse told me it was nothing just a mini contraction and the pain in my back could be the baby changing postion. Either way, I was hurting and started to get scared. I am a new Mom to be and I have NO idea what is normal or need for concern. The nurse said to watch for consistency and if they continue to take it easy and slow it down.

So I went and got a prenatal massage thinking it would help, and it did, for a short time. After feeling better I attempted to go back to the store and finish my shopping but I was not there more than 5 minutes and it started again in my back then about 15 mins later, I got a sharp, deep pain in my lower abdomen again, this one only lasted about 30 seconds. Then nothing, I was fine.

I headed home, drank my gallon of water and went to bed. I started feeling so defeated. I could not even finish a day of simple errands. I was not able to get my miles in only a little yoga and my morning walk. For me, this was hard. I had started off the day in high spirits, posting all the grand goals I was going to reach and now I was laying in bed. Again, it is not that big of a deal but when you are a SUBBORN person like myself, it is hard. I live each day like it is the last. I start my mornings with list of to do's and I like to feel accomplished at the end of the day.

I found myself starting to cry and feeling as if I was a failure. Maybe it was the hormones or the fact that I put a ton of pressure on myself. Every day when I blog from my heart I am posting it for the world to see. That is one reason why I stay so motivated because I know I am accountable to so many people, most who I do not even know. I receive emails and comments every day from people telling me how I inspire them. How can this be? I am just a girl with a dream, to live the best life that I can, nothing more. I am human, I break down, I make mistakes, I have troubles, doubts, worries and failures. How then can I be an inspiration to another?

Some times I get hesitant to post blogs because the whole internet world will see them. But then that part of me that wants to motivate others comes in and I always think if ONE person could see my struggles and victories, just maybe they would be inspired to start living life a new way and their life could change! That is motivating, the fact that someone could loose weight, start a walking program, change their diet all because of something I wrote or seeing my story. And so I continue to put every aspect of my life out there for the world to see. But then there are the days when it becomes hard, when I feel I have not done my best or did not finsih what I wanted to do. I fell short of my goals and did not accomplish what I wanted and now everyone will know. I weighs on my heart sometimes.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it has been meeting all of you here on spark. This site has changed my life. Each day when I see that I have new friends added to my page, I get excited, who will I meet? How will they motivate me or how I can help them on their journey! Total strangers helping one another, it is a beautiful thing.

I guess the purpose of this blog is to let me get off my chest what I am feeling. I feel as if I started off wanting to stay strong during this pregnancy and now I really do feel I need to watch more what my body is telling me and SLOW IT DOWN on days that I need to. My goals will not be met and I need to be ok with that. I need to be ok with the fact that I am NOT perfect and I have days where I am just to tired to do anything. People will understand. It is not the end of the world and the only true person I am accountable to is me and my precious little girl. I have to do this for her, she is my priority right now, nothing more.

If by slowing down I get off target and gain 3 or 5 pounds more at the end of my pregnancy and she is healthy, than that is ALL THAT MATTERS. The scale is pointless when it comes to what matter most, the safety and health of my angel.

I can still watch what I am eating, drink my water and do what I can each day, but if I need to rest, than rest is what I will do. What is my ultimate goal? To be the best Mom I can be.

You know my friend always refers to me as Pollyanna. LOL! That is how I want to live. To be a positive influence to everyone I meet. It is how I want to be remembered. That no matter what, I always looked for the positive in every aspect of my life. And so even though yesterday was hard on me, I am picking myself up and starting over today fresh.

Thank you for letting me share my heart and most of all thank you for your constant support. It lifts me up each morning! I have met so many wonderful new friends recently and I look forward to an amazing 2010 working on our goals together!

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  • EAZYE2302
    Aww! you are truly sweet.
    Listen to your body.
    Your little girl is your priority.
    We are all here for you and nobody expects you to be perfect.

    Love always

    Lisax emoticon
    2899 days ago
    Great blog. I hope you are listening to your body and taking care of yourself better since you wrote this. You're going to be a great Mama.
    2932 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/10/2010 10:59:26 PM
    Jen, I wanted to thank you for sharing this blog. You have been an inspiration to me in so many ways and I am so proud of you for all that you have accomplished! It takes courage to put all these feelings out into the internet world, but you have touched my life and I am so grateful! You will be such a wonderful mother! Enjoy this experience because it is precious!
    2945 days ago
    I am not going to repeat everything everyone else said, but I want to tell you that you made me get all choked up. We put so much pressure on ourselves when we know others are relying on us or are inspired by us that we don't want to let them down and show that we have bad days too and we aren't perfect. We don't expect it from anyone else, so why do we feel WE need to be perfect? I know I have been told to take my own good advice and just take care of me first. You need to do the same especially when you have that little one depending on you to stay healthy. Relax and just be patient with yourself and your body's limitations right now. The world won't come to an end if you still have some things on your to do list at the end of the day and there is nothing wrong with asking others to help with it either.

    Take care of you both and slow down.
    2950 days ago
  • MOM23JS
    Everyone already told you to listen to your body- but also remember that your life is no longer yours in any way shape or form and all the schedules and to do lists are completely a mute point once we become pregnant because now everything will be at the schedule of the baby inside of you- and it is the same once they are born too- and you will realize that you have no control anymore... but the reward of hearing "Mommy you are the best and I love you" is worth losing all the control!

    2956 days ago
    Wow! You are going to be a wonderful mother, because you are learning how important it is to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of your baby. Slow down a little, and be kind to yourself. You are right that the most important thing is that your baby is healthy - if you gain a few pounds, you will lose it.

    Take good care of yourself.
    2963 days ago
    Wow! I'm so sorry this was a hard day for you, but good for you for listening to your body. In this case the health of your baby *and her mama* is the most important thing!
    2963 days ago
    It's okay to slow down a bit--you are not weaker because of it emoticon
    2964 days ago
    You are so right that the health and safety of your little one is the most important thing right now. If your body is giving you signals that you need to slow down listen to it, once baby has arrived safely you can ramp up the exercise a bit.

    You are an inspiration even if you don't meet all of your daily goals.
    2965 days ago
  • AMANDA737H
    sorry to hear about your troubles, I had a baby last year and because I work as a custodian I was walking constantly for nearly 7 hours a day. I started have bad contractions at 6 months preg and I started to get worried that this job was going to make me work so hard that my baby was going to be premature. I was overweight already and my doc wanted me to exercise and loose weight while pregnant, I tried for the first few months and I still only gained weight and it made me feel defeated and even more depressed on top of the hormonal issues I had. I ended up working till the day I had him and he came two and a half weeks early, my work would not let me have light duty so It was really hard bending over to pick up trash every few min, or cleaning tones of toilets. My work even had me stripping floors with chemicals harsh enough to eat the souls of my shoes, I did slip in it a few weeks along. My son ended up with a deformed ankle bone and foot, he had it amputated a few weeks ago. I have learned my lesson that the next time I get pregnant I will listen to my body and do what I think is right even if it costs me my job. I hope you will listen to your body, and if it tells you to slow it down and stay in bed all day, than do it, remember its not just your health anymore but your baby's as well, If you gain 30 to 40lbs o well your baby will be worth, and you can always get rid of it later. I gained an extra 35lbs after my son was born and that is why I am here, I want another baby within the next year, but I want to be at a healthy weight before we try. Hope this helps, and congrats on the new baby.
    2965 days ago
    I have 6 children, was fit and healthy with them all,I have one suggestion, make your goal to listen to your body and the baby, and you will be fine and so will your baby, eat right, don't over exercise, your body needs more rest the farther along you are in your pregnancy, remember a lot of those pounds are the baby growing in side of you, its extra weight that will be gone when the baby is born,and more will go in the next few weeks after birth.
    wishing you a happy and healthy self and baby.
    2965 days ago
    There is no need to feel badly because all of your goals were not met. As my mother used to say, " The only perfect person who ever lived was born over 2000 years ago. And He does not expect us to be perfect."
    2966 days ago
    I think it's great that you've made some progress and are committed to a new lifestyle. You have to listen to your body and not push it. Your number one priority is the baby. So if you have an off day every so often, so what. emoticon
    2966 days ago
  • ANDREA963
    As you get further along in your pregnancy your body changes so much. What you could do the first few months you may have to go at a lighter intensity. Make sure have good shoes for support as your baby is growing. How exciting and what a great start to being a mom. Take it easy after you give birth and learn your new role. I learned that something aren't as inherent as you might think. There's so much to learn for you and for your baby. Listen to your body and really enjoy your pregnancy. You should be so proud of yourself for being so in touch with being fit. What a great example you will set for your child. Congratulations. I'm glad I found your blog. Thanks for sharing. :)
    2966 days ago
    This is from one mommy to another: It's okay! You are not letting anyone down just because you are slowing down a little. One tiny little suggestion is that you check out Baby Fit (also put on by Spark People at When I had my second little guy last year, I actually was encouraged to stop Spark People for a while and track on there instead. They can help you track based on what your body needs as a pregnant lady and still stay as fit as you can be within the parameters of what is best for pregnancy. They also tailor all the exercises for pregnancy so you don't have to worry about overdoing it. Now that I'm done breastfeeding and by little guy is 1, I am back on here ready to roll! I also did not gain too much and I stayed fit the whole time! Good luck to you and best wishes for a healthy you and a healthy baby!

    2966 days ago
    You are an inspiration to me! Slow down, take it easy and take care of yourself and the baby. You have already proven to yourself (and you are the only one you have to prove anything to!) that you can lose weight. No matter what you gain, you can take it off! I believe in you, don't be afraid. :):):)
    2966 days ago
    Jen, you are truly an inspiration and I know it takes a lot to share so much with so many people. Slowing down is not being weak, neither is taking a rest day. Listening to your body is hard, and listening to the little bun is even harder because you've never had to interpret for the bun before.

    I think you're doing wonderful!

    2966 days ago
    Slowing it down *is* a sign of strength. Continuing to listen to yourself & your little as always your number ONE goal. Accomplish that and you've accomplished everything. :)
    2967 days ago
    Congrats on the little bun in the oven. You were right in your blog, your health and the health of you little girl is the most important thing. If your body tells you rest, that's what it wants you to do. Even if you gain a few extra pounds during pregnancy, you will have your baby to chase after before you know it (I became an aunt 6 months ago, and she's already a handful) and you have your spark people support group. I'm adding you as a friend, and know that we will be here for you; now and in the future.
    2967 days ago
    You are right... the health of you and the baby comer before a few pounds. Don't push yourself to meet "goals", just take one day at a time, listen to your body, and most of all... TAKE CARE OF THE TWO OF YOU. My prayers are for a safe pregnancy and an easy delivery like the ones I had. ;)

    God bless, Kathy
    2967 days ago
    You're amazing! Yes, you are human and you are going to have your hiccups, but you're doing what is best for that precious life growing inside of you! Remember, it's okay to take it slow. You're doing a wonderful job taking care of you and your baby. There are so many of us that look up to you, but we understand that it's okay to need that break! Listen to your body and do what's best for you on that day.
    2967 days ago
    You are so incredible! One of my new years goals were to be more positive and reading your blogs totally help me to do that! When you are prego there is no normal pregnancy and a normal weight to gain. Every pregnancy is different! You definitely need to listen to your body and set aside your goals. Wait for when it is only you to focus on...once your princess arives it will be a tough thing to balance (making time for yourself). But it is a must! Just remember you have no say or control over God's can do the best with what he brings to you. And hope always for the Best!!! I think you are doing great! No more focussing on goals, enjoy this time, soak it WILL miss it!

    Hugs & God Bless you!
    I am praying for you all.
    2967 days ago
    Listen to your body. Sometimes I think it knows better than the doctors! Sounds like you are getting life into focus. What's a few pounds when compared to the smile of a precious baby? You will make it through this one way or another.
    2967 days ago
  • NAENAE1213
    Even in your "down" days, you are still positive. Just look how you turned all of those negative thoughts around and focused just on what you needed to...your sweet, precious lil' girl. You're so right, in the end, she is all that matters. She is the reason you are working and trying so hard. And if she seems to think that means taking it easy and not getting in all of those miles, then so be it. You listened to her and your body and that makes you a GREAT mom already!!

    Pregnancy is hard! I've seen even the most healthy people struggle. You're doing an amazing thing in're growing a perfect lil' person. That's no small feat!!
    2967 days ago
    You did it!! You've inspired me:) I say that b/c I created a page on Spark in 07 and never did anything with it. In 09, I was crazy working out and eating well and got to 128 pounds. By the end of 09 I was back up to 145 (which is where I am now.) I've been thinking about blogging again and trying to be accountable for what I'm doing. Also, I know that I need goals to keep me motivated. It's funny though b/c although I "started" on Monday, I have yet to do anything. I'm afraid to blog anything today b/c I haven't done anything and people will see that!! My LIGHTBULB moment and you said it!!! THAT'S my accountability and motivation!! If I blog, and I know that I'm going to, I'll feel more inclined to workout so I don't look ridiculously LAME!!! I'm excited to get started and Thank You for your insight:) I'm a mom of four little ones and I have to say, don't be hard on yourself. You and your little one's health is the most important!! Also, you'll learn that as a parent, flexibility is critical. It's great to be organized and scheduled but children aren't always on the same routine:) One day at a time! Thanks!!!!
    2967 days ago
    I am sorry I missed this until now!! Big hugs. Please take care of you and the little one!!! I am not sure if it is the same for you but I stress out when I don't reach the perfection in my head. But you are a blessing and perfection in the eyes of the ones that matter regardless of the any flaw or humanity that becomes visible. When you hold that precious one in your arms all the didn't achieve or whatever else in the world that didn't happen will melt away. It is almost like the grinch is before the baby and after your heart goes 10 times more. Hugs hugs hugs... yuppers one day at a time is all we can live... and the great thing is it happens every morning we wake up!!
    2967 days ago
  • MYTURN11
    Jen, I stepped back here to this blog since I missed it. I just wanted to say that when I was expecting my beautiful baby girl in 1980 (back then no ultrasound - thought a boy) I was very active, fit and healthy and all baby profile wise. She was born on my Mom’s birthday 10/14. At the beginning of August I was experiencing similar back pains and cramps. I even dropped in August and everyone though my DR had my due date wrong. What it turned out to be was that Melissa was very healthy and a great kicker (she went on to be a great soccer player). Also, I am rather small boned, small framed whereas Melissa took after her Dad ~ German and big boned so that was part of what was going on with me. I gave birth to the most beautiful 9lb baby girl ;-) Just wanted to share ~ hugs to you ~ Debbie
    2967 days ago
    Hi, Jen. I love your blog -- it's not negative at all. You've pointed out a fundamental truth -- that what truly matters is that you stay well and that your beautiful baby girl is born healthy. It doesn't matter if we gain "too much" weight during our pregnancies, that we don't maintain the same fitness levels as we did before our pregnancies, or that we don't even have the strength to finish running our errands for the day. You and you baby girl are fine and that's something to rejoice. Thanks for the lovely blog.
    2968 days ago
    I don't know you, but I can tell from this blog alone that you are very passionate about your health, and you wouldn't do anything to jeapordize your baby.

    So take care of her.

    Put your feet up - it's good for her that you rest.

    You're in my prayers,
    2968 days ago
  • L_A_C_E_
    Hey Jen, WOW. I like this blog and so glad you posted how you feel. This really hit home especially today. I'm the type of person that like you it's get it all done or I feel like a failure. Unlike you though, I just don't do. I don't handle change well, it's all or nothing. So, I typically do nothing. This was very inspiring. I am struggling myself today. I typically struggle everyday, however I'm really wanting to change a lot of stuff, and of course true to nature typically all at once. I think you said it best. That we need to SLOW DOWN. For you it's slowing down on the amount of activities you do (which is a good thing for a pregnant woman if she's extremely active), or for me, slowing down on the amount that I expect myself to get done. Guess I need to have a serious talk with myself eh?? lol Your doing great :D Remember, it's ok to gain weight during pregnancy, you're supposed to. hugs.
    2968 days ago
  • OPAL50
    Your feelings of defeat and failure are normal, even for a Pollyanna. emoticon Everyone has bad days and this happened to be yours. emoticon emoticon
    You are allowed to have those feelings.

    Tomorrow is a new day. You were listening to your body that is the vessel for your beautiful little angel girl. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Take care. (OB nurse for 25+ years)
    2968 days ago
    You "are" perfect just by being you! You don't have to "be" perfect! You will have succeeded in this latest endeavor of having and raising a beautiful little girl just by doing your best each day. Sometimes your best is and should be a day of rest in bed, especially if you are having pain. I am inspired no matter what!!
    2968 days ago
  • BERGIE8771
    I am wondering if you can go to swimming only? While I had a miscarriage first, my second pregnancy ended with a beautiful boy. I was able to swim up until the day I went into the hospital. That was me, but it was less stressful than trying to walk or jog.

    Whatever you decide to do with exercise, please continue to listen to your body.
    2968 days ago
    Pregnancy is hard! I know, I've done it twice. Listen to your body and the rest can be taken care of after you deliver. Take care!
    2968 days ago
  • ATHENA130
    Hi Jen,

    I'm so glad you posted this blog too and that everything is ok with both you and your daughter-to-be. We all have days like you are describing but you are anything but a failure! Some days we just need to rest more and there's nothing wrong with that.

    I love that you blog about everything that is happening with you because it is inspiring. You have accomplished so much in the past few years that you are entitled to some rest days now and then and you deserve to take it easy. You should be very proud of yourself as you are truly a terrific person both inside and out. And your daughter is going to be so proud of you too when you finally meet her.

    Nancy :)

    emoticon emoticon
    2968 days ago
    Honey, you go on ahead and have a "sad" day. You're entitled to it!! You will FOREVER be an inspiration to soooo many people. Try to understand that your body is now a vessel that supports two people. If you have to slow down, then go ahead, but try not to feel like a failure. You're a wonderful, beautiful, LOVELY person! You'll never let ANY of us down. You're too amazing for us not to see that what radiates from you is positivity and love. Concentrate on yourself, your baby, and your family, because we still want to share your wonders along with you. *hugs*
    2968 days ago
    Hey Jen! A big hug, honey! All the emotions you're experiencing are normal. Expecting a child, especially your first, is an exciting but also uncertain, earth-shaking time... Life is about to change in a big way and it's okay to let your vulnerabilities show and to slow down and listen to your body. I'm so happy to read your big news and I wish you the very best. You are going to be a terrific, loving mom! What a lucky little girl...

    2968 days ago
    first, you are not a failure. Pamper yourself during this period of your life - you so deserve it. Give yourself a break believe it or not, your body is constantly adjusting to the pressures of supporting this new life inside of it.

    Take Care you are doing awesome.
    2968 days ago

    Although I am beyond my childbearing years, I understand your pain with having to delay your goals. I had to put mine on hold this past summer. I have 2 bulging and 1 herniated discs in my lumbar spine. The pain and numbness radiating down my leg stopped me in my tracks. I am in rehabilitation mode and that does not include running, biking, kayaking, aerobics, etc etc. I'm on month 5 in this mode. It has been difficult to realize my body needs me to walk other paths right now, but I am learning to do so. I am learning so much. When we do what we are used to doing every day our mind is on "cruise." Rehabilitation necessitated a transformation of thinking on my part. I had to reassess and rethink everything. Nothing was automatic. I was forced to look at where I was and learned new ways to get where I wanted to be. I sense that is where you were when you wrote your brilliant blog. I wish you moments of illumination and flashes of insight as you struggle through this time of reassessment. I, for one, will be eager to hear what you learn.


    S I am a maternity nurse and I know how important the health the mother is to the health of the newborn. I'm on your side. emoticon
    2968 days ago
    You do inspire-and you are amazing. But whether you make that goal, gain couple pounds, or walk 12 miles-you are right in saying your little girl is what you have to have as your goal right now. Take it slow, listen to your body (your little girl)....this might be her way of getting more mommy and baby time here at the end before she makes her grand entrance. Enjoy this time....."Make it Count"

    2968 days ago
    My way to look at things that happen like this is that there is a reason that is far beyond us and a plan that God has set forth. Instead of focusing on the negative of what you didn't get done for the day, try focusing on what you did get done. Try telling yourself that there is a good reason that you may not understand as to why you did not get to finish your shopping or workout as much as you had planned for the day. My heart pours out to you because I know exactly how you feel-I've been there way too much myself.

    Hang in there---tomorrow is always another day; a fresh start; and a new beginning.
    emoticon April
    2968 days ago

    I think that it was sooo important that you posted this blog- not just for you and the release that it gave YOU, but for those of us who got to read it. The fact is- you ARE very inspirational and your story IS very motivating to many, many people... but you are still *just human*. You will have your *moments*- just like any of us do, though- possibly- less than some. And that is totally okay. And you should feel okay saying as much- it reminds the rest of us that you are still *human*. ;) I have been asked by some that read my blogs (not here), why I am so open and honest with my life, my trials, and failures and I have to tell them that though that is not always to do or let people see, I feel God has gifted me to be able to do so and it touches people. If that is so, that is what I feel is my God-given responsibility to do. That's what writers do- reach and touch people with their writing, no matter what that may be.

    This has been a very hard pregnancy for me and I have had to learn to just curb what I wanted to do and listen to my body (for the most part) on what I SHOULD do. It has not been easy for me either, but having lost a baby 7 years ago just made me all the more determined to try and do everything within my power to make sure this baby would be okay. I have tried to err on the side of caution and not take any unnecessary risks. My oldest asked me if I was afraid of gaining my weight back with this pregnancy and initially I said no, I was not. As time has progressed, it HAS become harder for me and sometimes depressing, but I just keep reminding myself that at the end of all of this is a precious, perfect little person that I am responsible for and that IS the main priority. I can always work on me later. I've done it before, I can do it again. :)

    Please do just listen to your body. It knows and it will tell you what it needs and if you're doing too much. You have done a TREMENDOUS job of taking care of that little angel you're carrying and I know you will continue to do so- whatever that means for you. I pray blessings, health & wellness for you and your precious little one! :)

    be blessed...
    Melanie emoticon
    2968 days ago
    So glad to hear everything is ok. I can feel your struggle: you want to hold true to your goals, yet realize that THE most important thing you can do right now is take care of YOU and your precious daughter!
    When I was pregnant with my second, my Dr gave me some very wise advice. He said, "You know Mary Ann, sometimes there is nothing wrong with doing NOTHING - slow down!"
    As for the crying and feeling down, my husband used to call my little "episodes" *HORMONAL UPROARS*
    Hang in there sweetie. Remember; you don't inspire all of us because you're perfect; you inspire all of us because you are so caring and human!
    Hugs to you,
    Mary Ann
    2968 days ago
    Reading your post reminded me of myself- minus the healthy pregnancies! :) One of the reasons I have failed so many times on my healthy journey in the past is high expectations- beating myself up when I just CAN'T do what I wanted to do.

    I had my 5th baby 2 years ago. I am still thankful to be able to walk up the stairs without feeling like I am going to pass out! Pregancy takes its toll on your body. Your body is working hard, hormones go crazy. For most people, you just are not the same when you are pregnant. Every pregnancy, right from the beginning, I could not even stand for very long periods of time. Even the simple task of brushing my hair was exhausting!

    Just go with it, don't be discouraged because of it. The discouragement is what creates problems that are not there. Listen to your body, don't fight against it, and you will be much happier!

    The goal is a healthy pregnancy, not how many miles you can walk. Healthy means listening to your body and eating healthy foods. If you gain weight while eating healthy foods and doing the activity you are ABLE to do, then it is all baby and it will be easy to work off.

    My last pregnancy, I was over weight, as usual, but this time ate healthy. I only gained 19 pounds, but lost 25 pounds in 3 months. The only reason I had a tough time losing weight before was because I ate Taco Bell, cookies, fudge, chocolate galore!

    Most of our weight issues are what we are putting in our mouths anyway. Don't push yourself physically too much right now. I've had 5 children- it seems like the pregnancy will last forever, but soon enough, it becomes a distant memory!

    Don't be down! You are doing great making healthy choices. Can't wait to hear about the day baby comes home! :)
    2968 days ago
    Jen, thank God you and your little one are okay. Like others I thought something had happened and I'm thankful nothing didn't. It is okay to feel exactly how you are feeling. Been there. But don't feel defeated because you are doing such a wonderful job and yes you do need to rest you are living for two! You are an inspiration no matter what. I love your positive posts that just radiate and linger even after you read them. I have mentioned you several times in mine just because you inspire me to be the best and to always look at the positive. Please don't be hard on yourself! Just take an extra rest day or know if you don't get in all you wanted it is okay because you aren't a failure or quitter!!!! emoticon
    2968 days ago
    Being pregnant has so many ups and downs.
    In part you feel like you can do anything – after all you created a life and that is such an empowering feeling.
    But there are days when it’s scary and your body doesn’t feel like you own. Plus you worry so much about hurting the baby…
    It’s a roller coaster – but the end is worth it all. Just keep breathing and you will get through it all!
    Listen to your body as you did and you will be fine. It’s OK to not get it all done and sometimes just enjoy the ride.
    Take care!!

    2968 days ago
    Jen, you are a very special person even if you are 'a little stubborn'! Believe me...I KNOW stubborn! There are victories in 'so called failures'. The only way you fail is if you quit! God knows better than we do what we need and when! His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, His ways higher than our ways! He not only is taking care of your precious gift from Him, He is also taking care of you! He also knows your goals and He is so proud of you, but sometimes we only see our goal and not how it can effect us and/or someone else! Believe me pregnacy is a learning experience and a wonderful one at that!

    You'll never know how many lives you have influenced and inspired by this blog alone! People need to see the accomplishments made to reach a goal, but more importantly they need to see how that goal was reached inspite of detours. How things always don't go according to our plans, but with the help of God and by listening to the Holy Spirit NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and goals will be reached!

    I am so proud of you and really believe that God is preparing the way for you to help other new mommies! Very interesting! God bless you three!

    Love and Blessings,
    Judy emoticon
    2968 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/5/2010 2:54:36 PM
  • -H0LY-Y0GA-
    What a beautiful and honest blog. Thank you for being brave enough to share your fears. Great job listening to your body and knowing when to ease up. Becoming a mom has LOTS of scary parts and I am so thankful that you are taking good care of yourself and finding the support that you need - it is amazing that some of that support can come from a computer, isn't it?

    Thoughts and prayers for you today,
    2968 days ago
    It is so nice of you to share the good and the bad. I too like to find the positive in things but sometimes you just have "those days". I wish you the best of luck and health with the rest of your pregnancy and a healthy, happy baby girl emoticon
    2968 days ago
    Oh Jen!

    It's so out of your control, if you body is telling you to slow it down! So, you listened, that's success in my book!
    There was another plan for you than you thought....

    Honestly, I find just as much motivation from someone admitting their struggles as someone living out their every goal-- for me, that's much more realistic! I mean, you got a great life- you got a husband that loves you, a nice house, have seen awesome places and the time to invest in taking care of yourself... yet, I don't except perfection! I mean, yes, I do enjoy your positive blogs and while they are very motivating, knowing you are doing what's right for you and the baby is truly much more inspiring, because in some ways, it's harder to rest! So, good for you!
    Plus, if you were too perfect, why would you want to have anything to do with me, with all my relapses, episodes, injuries.... it's all about NEVER giving up, right?!

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog and being able to relate on some level-- hearing that from you, whom I admire for sticking to your goals was extra special!

    Take care honey! I'm here for you!
    2968 days ago
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