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The Verdict...

Monday, January 04, 2010

It started last Thursday evening. The sore throat. Slight fever. Stuffy nose. By Friday morning I thought "Great, here comes a cold to start the new years off with"!
But this didn't seem like an ordinary cold. My throat really hurt and I had the "I think I've been run over by a Mac truck" feeling.
By Saturday I would have welcomed the Mac truck to put me out of my misery. Certainly it couldn't be the flu - H1N1 - or otherwise. As a nurse, I've been vaccinated against the whole trifecta - seasonal, H1N1, and pneumonia.
I asked my husband if he would look in my throat with a flashlight. Sure he said.
I sat down and dutifully opened wide.
He peered in with the shining flashlight and looked for what seemed like an eternity.
Hmm... Oh... He murmured.
"Ott"? I questioned as I could feel the saliva running down my throat.
"What am I looking for"? he queried.
Snatching the flashlight out of his hands, I closed my mouth in resignation, sighed, and went back to bed.
To his credit, other than not knowing a red throat from a hole in the wall, he is wonderful when I'm sick. He came home from the store armed with cough drops, mentholated rub (ever hopeful, I did have to tell him no thanks to his offer to rub my chest and, lest you all condemn me, gave him a raincheck!), AND he made chicken soup.
As a reward for all his efforts, I got laryngitis and lost my voice...

Funny thing about people in the medical profession. We all love to self diagnose. I have asthma even and should know better, but I had stubbornly refused to join the masses of people I see daily who run to the doctor wanting antibiotics for a sniffle. Rest, fluids, more rest, more fluids. Good advice, if I hadn't been using my rescue inhaler 3 times a day so I could take a deep breath.
So this morning I called in to work and when the boss had to ask who I was, thought maybe I should actually go and see my family doctor. I'm so used to hitting up one of the docs I work for in the hallway for a "drive-by" consult on minor stuff, I had to dig up the family drs. phone number.
Anyhow, final verdict: Strep pharyngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis.
I did get to weigh in on a Monday -- a la my goal. The post holiday number wasn't so pretty but was consistent with my estimate of needing to lose 7 lbs.

Speaking of goals, I really appreciate the comments and feed back on my goal list. Oddly enough many people worried about the exercise agenda. I already have the steady habit of working out 6 days a week so really assigning cardio vs. strength training is more of a formality.
The sleep and more water and less diet soda and coffee will be a greater challenge.
While I've been bedridden, I've been reading through "The Spark". It's a great book and I've been learning so much. I realize now that although it's good to have lots of goals, including long range goals, to succeed you need to focus on accomplishing some smaller goals to build up to the bigger ones. So with that in mind and the input from many of the Spark community, I have decided I'd rather start small and create habits that last and build rather than tackle so many that I end up doing "mostly". Which was how I made it to my present weight, but probably why I still struggle to stay there.
So my focus is on the sleep and the water, and the food tracking.

Before I sign off -- Thank you to all my fabulous friends who "hit my page" with a toast to me being fabulous as well. Sorry I had to break the chain by being too sick to participate. You really are all fabulous!
Funny, but the punishment for not forwarding the message on was to be ugly for a while. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning before going to the dr. and there I was hair frizzed everywhere, pale unmade up face, shadows under the eyes, a nose that rivaled Rudolph and I scared myself! My first thought -- OMG it's true!

Not to worry, though, I'll be back and sparking fabulous in no time --

I clean up real good ! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Lady, even when you are sick, your sense of humor is awesome!

    Feel better, soon.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2996 days ago
    Ugh. Laryngitis is so yucky. Got a bad case of it for the first time last winter. And developed a smaller case of it this past December! Feel better soon!
    2997 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Hope you feel better soon!

    2998 days ago
    I hope you are feeling better! I have had the "crud" for about a week and a half now, no fun. I don't think I have tonsilitis or anything, but maybe on the verge. We'll see...
    2998 days ago
    I hope your recovery is quicker than mine--my 4 year old great nephew planted a big smooch on my lips, backed up and sneezed--one of those that raise the roof--and I wound up 3 days later with a cold so bad I was in bed for the New Years. Missed all the celebrations.
    I am finally feeling halfway human--just can't seem to lose the cough & sneeze.
    Thanks once again for your blogs. I love your sense of humor!!

    2999 days ago
    Sending you healing vibes, glad you went to bed!

    2999 days ago
    Wishing you a speedy recovery. Big hug.
    2999 days ago
    That last part of your blog gave me a good laugh. I'm glad to see that your illness did not destroy your sense of humor. I bet you'll be better in no time at all now that you have the proper medication! Your husband sounds like a gem.

    Good luck on your goal!
    2999 days ago
    That last part of your blog gave me a good laugh. I'm glad to see that your illness did not destroy your sense of humor. I bet you'll be better in no time at all now that you have the proper medication! Your husband sounds like a gem.

    Good luck on your goal!
    2999 days ago
    2999 days ago
    Aw, hope you finally start feeling better!
    3000 days ago
    Take care of yourself, and feel better soon.
    3000 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    Joanne, as a former family practice nurse who worked in a big, busy family practice clinic, I know exactly what you refer to with the drive by consults and self diagnosis. Our daughter had strep so often that I had the swabs at home and as soon as I just knew she had strep, I would swab her throat before going to work. Yep, every single time it as and I would grab the appointed antibiotics and head home. Bad, I know.

    You did well for yourself by going in to see the old doc and getting the proper care. Before long, you will be back with the living!!!
    3000 days ago
    See, I love that even when you are practically at death's door you still have a great sense of humor! I'm glad you are at least feeling well enough to blog and entertain the rest of us...so selfless of you!! emoticon

    It is funny, but I came to the same conclusion yesterday in my reading of emoticon
    I need to work on those small streaks that add up to momentum for the bigger things. I maintained for several years then all of a sudden it got to be a big chore the last maybe 3 years. I don't wanna do this losing thing again so I am pretty much starting over with the basics until they sink into my fat cranium. Sounds like I'll be in good company emoticon

    Sparky Cindy who has survived two whole days of Boot Camp emoticon
    3000 days ago
    So sorry to hear about the sickness, that can take it's toll on you. I suppose you didn't get a picture of" Rudolph " to add to your photo gallery? emoticon
    3000 days ago
    Ugh! So sorry to hear of your strep!

    Sounds like you are SPARKING your best nonetheless...hoping it doesn't take TOO long to bounce back...I get frustrated when my body lets me down...fortunately it doesn't happen often...!

    3000 days ago
  • KITTYF54
    Hope you're feeling better already, if not, tomorrow for sure. LOL get well before you start exercising again. I should know I know how hard those itis' hit you in the stamina.

    I've been up to using the rescue inhaler six times in a day when I was sick, boy was that scary.

    Good going on the goals.

    I'm scared to make goals. teehee, kitty
    3000 days ago
  • VXWALL1942
    If its got " -itis" on the end its got my name on it. I have been fighting all of the expected maladies of the season too, felt the dr had better things to do than tell me what I already knew. Oops - really had 5 of "itis" family at once. Antibiotics are great.

    I know you clean up good. And you're funny before that even. Sure my husband also offered to rub the junk on my chest. LOL

    Be well - stay well.

    vicki emoticon
    3000 days ago
  • TRINITY4001
    Glad that you are back on Sparkin'! Welcome to the sinus world...I have it and so does my son-in-law...thank goodness for medications!

    Feel better soon! emoticon

    PS. I, too, began working on water intake yesterday. Got my full 64 oz. in and am about 1 0z. away from meeting it for today!!!
    3000 days ago
  • RUSTY61
    I sure hope you feel better soon!
    3000 days ago
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