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Sunday, December 27, 2009

I am beyond frustrated with being on a weird diet and being at home. I mean, aside from the part where my mom goes on to tell everybody she knows that her daughter is on some "weird, freaky diet," my dad apparently thinks that my dietary decisions are a subconscious result of switching my birth control. Where on earth did he come up with that one?

Eating has been nothing short of a challenge. I don't even remember all that I've eaten, only that it has involved a lot of junk food and the near impossibility of avoiding grains. Rice the first day (my dad told me it was hunter-gatherer food), pasta the next day (ate only the meatballs), sloppy joes (wrapped in lettuce), and then Lithuanian Christmas foods, which involved a potato pudding-type dish that is a specialty, and a treat. Then hubby and I went to visit his aunts for Christmas on Saturday, and there were potatoes and green beans, and I just gave up on fighting it, at least this year.

I did it all under the guise of needing to gain weight for the military band audition at the end of January. I certainly succeeded, but not through muscle density like I had hoped. I don't need a tape measure to know I did it through water weight and fat weight. My pants are telling me that plenty fine enough.

Not to mention the interesting "discussions" I end up in. In spite of my mom's rather snarky comment about my "weird, freaky diet," she's the one on my side. If only my dad would listen. She says she watches me eat and listens to what I say, and realizes that it's really not weird or freaky at all. In fact, she says she could do it, except that my dad is the better cook, cooks everything, and loves pasta. She says they eat pasta probably three or four times a week, and my dad really likes pasta for the noodles, not the sauce. Ugh.

I think the truest sign that my mom is on my side was when my brother asked me this evening why I don't eat grains. It turned out to be an interesting discussion, but then I made some comment about the current population being unsustainable, and my dad made an argument that without agriculture we couldn't have advanced as a society. And my mom, of all people, popped off with, "Yeah, but now you're talking society instead of just evolution." Three cheers for mom!

Well, having to gain weight was a nice excuse, but I feel like crap and I'm a little down about the way my clothes fit. I do think I look better with a little extra meat on me (I do think I was pretty darn close to being "too skinny," if not already there), but I really wish more of the weight was muscle. So now it's back to leaning down. I learned a few things, like next time I will make the pumpkin souffle and some paleo goodies so my mom and I can eat those instead of the other bad stuff laying around. Trying to avoid it didn't work, and eating it under the guise of "gaining weight" wasn't a good choice either. So next choice: healthy options to eat instead of the other stuff.

But right now, it's all about eating clean and healthy, and getting back to low-carb. Seriously.
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