Holidays and the importance of preparation.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I can't stress enough the importance of being prepared for every curveball so that you can remain in control of what you eat. That took a major back seat this week when I was at my sister's and brother in law's house for the holidays.

1. They have NO nutritional food in the house at all. And they have a baby, which makes this only more sad.

2. They don't cook at home. They don't even have any food to cook in the house. They've been living on cookies and candy and crackers the entire time i've been here. Literally they have no food in the fridge. They have doritos in the cabinets and about 3 dozen holiday cookies.

3. My subtle mentions that we should go food shopping fall on deaf ears. We've eaten out every meal, which is only one meal a day here!

4. They give my nephew cookies for breakfast! he's only 15 months old. I find this absolutely disgusting and makes me want to slap them both. They are both very sensitive, so I just need to keep my mouth shut about it, but it breaks my heart and makes me furious.

It's literally been hell on my diet being here. As much as I love seeing them, I think it may be a while before i get back here. It's too difficult to maintain my daily routine here, and that makes it very stressful for me.

I am so excited and cannot wait for Monday when I leave here to go to MA to meet up with my boifriend and his family. I will be able to get back into my routine there, and I've already expressed to him how much I need to get to the grocery store to get some vegetables and other healthy foods.

So, I won't be weighing in until the second week of January. I am pissed about this, and mad at myself for getting in this situation. It is what it is and I just need to make the best of it this weekend, but I won't find myself in this predicament again.
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  • MANDAO97
    It breaks my heart to picture a 15 month old eating cookies for breakfast :( Sorry you had virtually no healthy food options available to you. Hopefully the rest of your holiday break included some real food!
    2845 days ago
    ack, that's gotta be so hard to be around.

    i hosted xmas eve dinner at my house and REALLY tried to consider the likes and dislikes of my in laws, but basically they won't even TRY any of the vegetable dishes. only meat and potatoes and mac 'n' cheese. it was awkward, sad, and frustrating. and of course the kids pay close attention to how their parents react to new/healthy foods so they are learning not to want to eat veggies either!
    2850 days ago
  • JWENZEL723
    i know what you mean! my husband's family has only junk in their house. it's so hard!!!
    2851 days ago
    Ugh, it is hard to see other people making poor health choices--especially when you love them, and want them to take care of themselves!! I struggle a lot with this with my girlfriend, trying not to be a nag, but at the same time trying to subtly move her to make healthier decisions.

    I definitely had much the same experience over the holidays with my family and gf's family. But I'm glad that it's all over now, and I can go back to eating/exercising on a regular basis. :-)

    The holidays are only two weeks out of the entire year, even if you eat everything in sight and don't exercise, you can't ruin the months of amazing progress that you've made!
    2852 days ago
    Oh my gosh, what a way to live! I can't imagine spending the money to go out every day when I can make such delicious food at home!! I hope somebody got them cook books and grocery store gift cards for Christmas, hahaha.

    The nice thing is, it's going to feel GREAT for you to get back on track, so at least it won't be hard to go back to normal.
    2854 days ago
    Good grief!! What a diet!!
    2854 days ago
    Wow, that's a lot to cope with. I'd have flown off the handle at them - cookies for breakfast?!? For a BABY? They shouldn't be eating any processed food at all, at that age! I hope you feel much better to be back on track. Maybe the deprivation of healthiness will make you enjoy being healthy even more!
    2854 days ago
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