Oh, my monsterous side!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I haven't officially started my Spark People fitness/weight loss plan. But I am paying attention to my behaviors and I don't like what I am noticing. I have a bit of a monsterous side of me that needs taming. I'm not saying I can't or won't do it. I hear so much of the same giant hurdles in the lives of the real people who's blogs I have been reading and watching right here on Spark People. Your candidness and honesty about your weakness with food and exercise habits is so refreshing to me. Thank you for the inspiration shared in your daily struggles and victories!

In preparing for next Sunday...the Big Day that I will say goodbye to the undisciplined me...and oreo cookies, I have tried to think of some healthy replacements for my favorite "evil" foods. Those foods that tempt me into a state of uncontrollable consumption.

Take this Dr. Pepper I am drinking while I puruse SP's website. There is this sparkeling water called "Talking Rain Water" It comes in many flavors and I love it! No calories and no sugar or sweetners. Just water, air and natural fruit extract. That would be a better drink option.

And my 2% milk; I love whole milk but I know how bad that is to drink if you want to shed pounds. I'm thinking I could go down a percent and start buying 1%, (fat free milk is kind of a "why bother" option. I might as well just pour water on my cereal and not spend the money.) I can also use soy milk when cooking or in my oatmeal, I have a case in the cupboard already. I probably eat too much dairy so this would help me balance.

I've already shared that I can trade my regular bowl of ice cream for a bowl of chopped fruit and lowfat yougurt. I may even add a few mini marshmallows to make it seem like dessert...still much less sugar and fat. Sugar is my main vice...trying to curb my huge sugar consumption is what has always brought me to my knees in surrender in times past. What do you guys do to stave off the sugar tooth?

I believe there is one idea given me that will be a valuable tool to my success. And that is to plan and prepare my meals for the whole week on Sundays. I will get little tupperwares and portion out the meals and snacks. And just like "fast food", I can grab and go. A big part of my choice to snack through meals instead of cooking something balanced, healhty and fulfilling is just the time and effort involved in cooking. Lets be honest, I'm carrying a 110 pounds of body fat around with me everywhere I go. (so says the BMI machine) I'm pretty amazed I have energy to do anything, let alone cook and prepare healthy meals three times a day.

Thinking about those 110 pounds melting off my body with a little (or a lot) of effort and dedication now, but the rewards being worth any payment manageable, has really lit a fire beneath me. I am 31 years old. My 57 and 60 year old clogging friends dance circles around me. That is not acceptable; It high time I start acting my age! (Boy am I proud of those friends, though...and happy for them that they can still whoop a person half their age!)

I pray for all my SparkBuddies beyond cyberspace and into your vivid, in living color lives across the country and the globe! Stay the course through Christmas dinner and remember that you have the power to make the change you so desire. Only you can conquer your monsterous side...one day, one triumph, at a time. All your Sparkpeeps are routing for you as we journey on our own quest for health and positive change!

Merry Christmas! I'll be joining you with fervor in less than one week and we can share the New Years hurdle together!


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    I went from 2% milk to light soy milk or the low carb milk. One great brand is Hood’s Calorie Countdown products. This line of product of Hoods is certified to give you quality milk but now without the carbs that you always worry about. For one, this type of milk tastes the same as normal milk, but this is definitely healthier.
    1% milk is just to watery for me.
    2981 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/20/2009 8:51:07 PM
    Can't wait til you join us! this site is great! Sounds like you have a good plan. Stop by my page and let me know how you're doing. Jeannie
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2981 days ago
    :) Good post!

    For my ice cream sweet-tooth, I eat Skinny Cow frozen treats. They're the BOMB! I find a lot of really fast, terrific recipes on hungrygirl.com (The monkey bread recipe is to DIE for!!!)

    And for the first week I tracked what I normally ate. Maybe you could do that this week, just to see what your calorie intake is like? I was shocked and dismayed. I was eating enough for 3 people, and was NOT pregnant. LOL.

    And while the sparkling water you mentioned IS a better option, have you considered Diet Dr. Pepper? It is less syrupy, but tastes the same as regular. :) I've tried and TRIED to give up soda entirely, but have been unsuccessful. Actually, there's a woman at work who lost 40 lbs JUST giving up her regular Mt Dew and walking 10-20 minutes a day. Heh.

    Anyhow. Hope your holidays are FABULOUS and joy-filled!

    2981 days ago
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