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Allyn's 30 by 30 Challenge - Week 15

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Much better weigh-in this week. ;)

Holy cow - one month exactly until I turn 30! I'm making the last month of my 20s COUNT!

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    Your video blogs are amazing and such a good idea! i would love to start posting video blogs but dont know how? can you help you help, little instruction? lol thanks so much!!
    2983 days ago
    You are doing so well, its very motivating for me to see your great efforts!! Im turning 30 next month too and have a goal to get down to as well, putting in some hard yards to reach it by my 30th! Keep up the great work! emoticon
    2986 days ago
  • BANAN2
    Hi! I was reading your blog when all of a sudden...what in the world? were talking to me!!!
    Being 54 and not so modern (almost amish-leaning!) this was my first encounter with a ...what's it even called, a video blog? Well, I LOVED it!! You are adorable and delightful. I bet you looked beautiful in your dress. Good for you for trying the running thing again. I don't think I'm made for running, either. I actually sprained my ankle in the 600 yard run in 8th grade! But my daughter (age 26) keeps telling me that if the people on The Biggest Loser can do it, so could I. (I reminded her they have doctors standing by with ambulances!) I have to say, I think my thirties were my favorite decade, as a whole , so far. So enjoy yours! And way to go on taking off those thanksgiving pounds so quick!
    2992 days ago
    As always, great blog Allyn. I will be back on the thread for the last week starting this afternoon. Can't wait to follow and see how you progress. Great job girl, keep up the good work!
    2992 days ago
  • CAROLYN1213
    Thanks for the blog! By the way, I just turned 44 and I feel like I'm in my twenties! I actually feel better than I ever have. And as far as 'growing up' goes, I think I will always be young at heart! Always looking for a new challenge!

    I hear you on the weight issue. I just said to my husband this morning that I was feeling chubby, like I hadn't lost any weight. Most days I feel that I have lost 57 lbs., but this morning I felt like everyone of those pounds was on me and I wondered it that feeling ever leaves. When will I own the feeling of being smaller?

    You have done an awesome job missy! Keep up the good work! Keep setting and reaching those goals!
    2992 days ago
    Great blog. I love keeping up and seeing how things are going for you! Know that many of us at spark and here cheering you on and wish you everything good.
    Keep up the great work!!
    2994 days ago
    Great blog, as usual. Your transformation continues to astound and inspire me!

    P.S. 30s are awesome. Just wait and see!
    2995 days ago
    You make me smile! emoticon
    I was thinking: with the curtains behind your chair you look like you are on Big Brother! LOL.

    You ARE designed to be a runner. I'm short too and I think I'm BUILT for it. (except the short legs and big boobs, whatev)
    I'm hip to your groove on saying goodbye to our 20's. But Allyn, you are going to be kick-ass at 30. Seriously.

    2996 days ago
    Great video blog! You look great...
    2996 days ago
  • LOGNSMOM0114
    i love that show too! watch it while on the treadmill it's great except for the tears mixed with the sweat. Great job on the program where do you get the information on the couch to 5 k thing? i would love to do this..but i am where you were with the pain thing though...but that seems like an action goal not a looks thing...know what I mean? Keep up the good work and i love the video blog!
    2997 days ago
    I LOVE the video blogs!! They really add a personal note! Congrats on getting through the Christmas party!
    2997 days ago
    I completely understand the age thing. I just turned 32 and feel like I am still 20. So weird! Congratulations on losing that weight, I knew you would! 30days and counting...make some AWESOME results girl!!!
    2997 days ago
    Way to go getting the Thanksgiving week weight back off and for making good choices at the Christmas party. 30 was decent for me but turning 35 sucked and I almost went Rambo on people telling me how they wished they were my age. It's especially weird when you feel like you're still in high school. I so relate. Thankfully growing up is optional! :)
    2997 days ago
    Hey - I'll be 70 on Friday. Wanna trade? emoticon
    2997 days ago
    Hey sweetie...
    Totally hear you on the age thing. I feel that since I have started on this journey I am just starting to live life... so you can imagine that I do not feel like I am 33 years old... nor do I think I look it! :P
    Whether you like it or not... YOU ARE TINY!!!! Sometimes this fat girl syndrome that we carry dogs us for life, because even if we get to the weight we want to... we cannot ever stop or else there is a fear of us going back to where we were previously. Also tiny or not... you are beautiful and your confidence is really coming to fruition... it is probably coming to the point where people just notice your sweet personality and confidence instead of just dwelling on the weight!
    ON a side note... did you see Tracy? Didn't she look like a guy ... I swear it looked like she was juicing on steroids or something :P
    2997 days ago
    Totally know the feeling of people telling you how 'tiny' you look, at first I really enjoyed it, but the more I hear it the more uncomfortable I am with it.
    I went to my hair guy this weekend for my quarterly appt and he just kept talking about it, as I was leaving he was telling one of his assistants 'this guy use to be BIG and look at her!' lol thanks...big? hah. I know he meant well, but it's rough.

    Congrats on your loss and making up for last week.
    Dang turkey day!
    You're doing great and look fantastic!

    2998 days ago
    Wow, you look amazing. Thanks for sharing your journey!
    2998 days ago
  • JKSTEIN123
    Sounds like you are right on track. Good job.
    2998 days ago
    Congrats on the weight loss this week and getting back on track! I completely agree with your comments on taking compliments and struggling because you don't feel that different. I had a hard time with that myself over Thanksgiving! But you're doing great and looking awesome, keep up the good work! And keep going on the C25K, it took me til week 3 before I really started to enjoy it :)
    2998 days ago
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