Thursday, December 03, 2009

For the last 3 days, since the Seattle Half Marathon, I have been taking it easy, resting, and generally being good, and bored out of my mind! So today, cold as it was, I got on my running gear and went for a run! Just a short one, DH kept cautioning me not to try too much. (still have bruises and scrapes from my fall during the Half)

I had been feeling kind of bummed out because of what I saw as my crumby finish time, and because I hadn't run since the half. I felt like what I needed was a good hard run!

So I ran for 2 miles, and it felt GREAT! Not the it felt great when you are all stretched, and showered and dressed again great, but GREAT! while I was running! I could have pushed the speed a bit more, but I still did a sub 12 min. pace, which is about my 10K pace. It felt just wonderful! It was cold, and there was no one else out there, just me and my tunes! I didn't want to quit! Nothing hurt! Not my knees, or my calves or my hamstrings or even the bottoms of my feet! And I discovered how much I had missed running, just those few days. I would never have thought I would miss it that much.

So I am BACK, feeling GREAT, and ready to kick some booty!

Keep on Sparkin!

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