Again, the plague of soda

Sunday, November 29, 2009

So with Thanksgiving I, like many others, got a four day weekend. This has been problematic because although I am trying to be good about limiting soda, I haven't been succeeding much.
During the work week it's easier because I start with a 12 oz bottle and then primarily drink water the rest of the day. I'm not constantly walking past the refrigerator knowing soda is in there. I might buy a 20 oz bottle during the day OR a 16 oz fountain drink of Pepsi (almost always one or the other, rarely both) and then that is the last of the Pepsi that I might drink in a given day. The weekends are usually full of chores and errands so I don't have time to think about or go past the refrigerator during these times either.
However with the four day weekend, my chores and errands were finished earlier and have left me with too much time to spend drinking soda. I know that a good part of it is just that I am bored and drink the sugary stuff so that I feel like I am doing something. Water doesn't provide the same "activity" as soda for some reason.
Overall I think I am still doing better regarding my soda addiction but this weekend has been tough. I did well at Thanksgiving by not stuffing myself and being sensible with my food choices, but I feel bad about the Pepsi I've been drinking. I'm still too addicted to not keep it in the apartment at all just because I will get headaches without at least some, but ugh! What a pain. I will be happy when I don't need to keep it in the apartment at the very least.
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    If the caffeine is part of the problem... The plus side to caffeine withdrawal is that it only lasts for 3ish days. The downside is that it lasts for 3ish days, lol!
    I used tea once to break a coke habit (diet coke, not the other kind) and while its not a perfect fix, it helped me find other things to drink without having to give up all the good parts at once. There's sparkling water if the "fizz" is your thing, and if you like the sugar buzz you could opt for some Koolaid or juice sometimes.
    Diet Pepsi is a lesser evil (unless you don't tolerate aspartame), but nothing's going to be quite the same as what you're used to.
    Recognizing that its an issue and that your problem this weekend was boredom though gets you that many steps closer to either breaking the habit or making peace with it, and either is a good option!
    I think we all have a few (few hundred maybe!) shortcomings, so don't feel bad!
    3002 days ago
    This post really clicked with me, as I can identify with your soda addiction. I am addicted to Diet Coke, and I understand the struggle you are going through.

    I am new to SP, and since I started, I have been trying to stay away from DC. I used to drink a 12 pack of cans a day, minimum, which is not good considering that is waaay too much aspartame! I did have one glass yesterday, and to be honest did not really enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I am not sure if it was my guilt that kept me from savouring it, or the fact that it's been so long since I have had any, I simply lost the taste for it.

    The thing for me is, that I really like the taste of DC, so I know I might never give it up totally, but will slowly introduce it back into my life, and then drink it in moderation...or should I just never have it again??? But thank you for your post, you really made me think about this! Lesley
    3004 days ago
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