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Monday, November 23, 2009

Back to dieting again today...SORT OF!

This is for my girls out there who have a hard time getting back on the wagon when they fall off:

After 9 days of cruising the carribean and pigging out I have put on about 6-8 lbs, I'm assuming a few of these are water/bloat related, but the other I have to work off, just as I did before. I find that a lot of my friends on here, at this realization, would be having a fit or ready to give up in my shoes. After all, I am back probably about 3-5 weeks or so of progress.

Especially after tasting all that delicious food that I've not had the priveledge of eating as much of lately and the convenience of eating whatever whenever I want, I realize how much more tempting it is to just throw in the towel. Its just soooooo EASY and carefree!!! I can see how much easier it would be to pass up the oppurtunity to move forward if I were someone who has not recieved the joy of being near goal and has a harder time visualizing myself ever being happy or loving my body

HOWEVER, this is where a successful person differs.

And I am not by any means boasting, cause I too have had huge months of downfall after a short fixable lapse. I know how hard it is to get back up on the horse. Even right now I am craving every food packed with refined carbs and saturated fats! Things I know are not the best choices for my progress, body, mind or health!

But instead of sulking in front of my mirror or squeezing my newly regained belly bloat haha I start making steps! Here is my method for getting back on track:

STEP 1: Assess the situation: OK in my case I am up 6-8 lbs and although it is disconcerting, it also means that I get a clean slate. My metabolic rate has increased from the adjustment to eating SOMETIMES 2000+ calories this passed week and it is ready to burn those calories! Also my maintance calories have increased! How did I figure this out. Writing down on a peice of paper for the last day everything I've devoured without any thought, then plugging it in to spark people to see what my body is used to taking in! Also calculating my maintainence calories for my new weight on a calculator like that @

Surprisingly my estimates of what I was eating were much guiltier and higher than what is actually the case. Today I have eaten approx 1200 calories, if I curbed my dinner I could be at a reasonable 1800 calories with most of my proper nutrient levels in tact and without feeling starved.I would have guessed myself to be over 1800 calories already and not remotely close to reaching any more complex nutritent goals. Therfore before inputing all my food I was ready to just shrug and say "tomorrow is a new day" and start then!


IE. If I hadnt assessed the damage now @ 2:00 pm, I wouldve probably said "Heck, theres no hope for me today to eat healthy..might as well start tomorrow and give up for today" I wouldve been wrong and I wouldve completely thrown away an oppurtunity to make today a step in the right direction by eating crap for the remainder of the afternoon and evening! Probably worse than I wouldve normally eaten because I know "tomorrow is the first day of my 'diet'"

STEP 2: Start today..Even if your calories are higher than expected after this assesment, you can easily work them into a calorie cycle to make your week look more fortunate! Just throw in a few low calorie days and let yourself two days I will have to eat a bit less to make up for this. It will be ok. I am working towards a goal again. I will do this! If you need help figuring out how this calorie cycling works..please ask!


STEP 3: Be EASY on yourself. Your body wants those things you have re-tasted and enjoyed...if the first day you're supposed to be "back on the diet" (ugh..hate that manner of thinking) you're eating all crap...(I dont want to say thats ok)...but IT IS OK! lol Once again..its one day and if you know in your heart of hearts you plan to put some gradual steps in place to get back to healthier eating patters- well then you wont allow yourself to feel guilty or affect your entire week with this one day. So for instance day # 1 you know "I have to eat about 1800 calories to get back to a reasonable calorie intake" if its 1800 calories not coming from the healthiest foods, at least you're working towards lowering your portion sizes and calorie intake...Start with calories and set a goal that by the end of the week you will have every aspect of that day back to perfectly healthy nutrition habits!

STEP 4: Proceed towards this goal GRADUALLY. Today I ate 1800 calories, fats were high, refined sugars were through the roof!!, protein wasnt too bad and fiber was a bit short. Tomorrow I will work on replacing some of those unhealthy carbs with more complex carbohydrates and whole grains. This will bring my fiber up! I will gradually increase this til day 7 when I am back to normal. I will start gradually reducing my sat fats (set numeric goals) today it is at 16..tomorrow I will be below 15, by thursdayI will be below 14 by saturday I will below 12 and by sun I will be below 10! Back to normal. Water. I havent drank a sip!! Yikes. By the end of today I will drink 2 wed 4 by sun 8...etc etc....By Friday I will be on a weekly caloric cycle of 1600 two weeks 1500..two weeks from then 1400 again! blah get it...


you will hate nutrition if sunday you get back from a 9 day cruise eating cake, cookies, hamburgers and ice cream...and you make yourself eat tuna and carrots all day monday to "START YOUR DIET" :/...but a tuna sandwich instead of a hamburger monday with a cookie or two for dessert will not make you feel this way...slowly you will get your healthy habits back! Just know that you are working towards that.

This is not a diet! It is your are working daily and consistently towards being a healthier person and in turn a thinner more attractive one too! wohoo! Think of each little slip up as what it is...a bleep on the is not going to kill you to eat a hamburger and fries one day...but if you eat just that every night for dinner for a year...well you are obviously damaging your health! If you eat it one night and the next sub it for a tuna fish sandwich or grilled chicken over salad...well really...where is the harm!

*****I like to think of it this way...if I ate McDonalds for breakfast lunch and dinner everyday and one day I had a salad with balsamic and grilled chicken would I lose 10 lbs? Would I be fit? Would I be healthier??? why do we automatically think that one day of McDonalds will make us unhealthy, fat and unfit!? Although its not the greatest choice...its not the end of the world.

Keep pushing forward and keep just pushing the slip ups behind you as if they are nothing..cause as long as they arent your daily norm...they ARE nothing!

Second metaphor that I love and someone on sparkpeople acutally told me.

Consider your slip up as a flat tire. You could either get out and fix it, get out and cry about it and do nothing, or get out and pop the other 3 tires and then really cry about make the choice!

Hope this helps! Wish me luck on getting back to my nutrition goals by sun and in progressing now with this clean slate!

Lori Anne

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