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Blessings Amid the Grumblings

Friday, November 20, 2009

(The video is poor b/c it's a dark room, but the audio is the point, anyway)

Blessings Amid the Grumblings
Friday, November 20, 2009

Exodus 15:24: "SO THE PEOPLE GRUMBLED against Moses, saying, 'What are we to drink?' "

Let the grumbling begin, I laughed as I underlined "So the people grumbled" this morning, knowing that for the next week, at least, I will be reading yet again about the stiff-necked, grumbling Israelites as they wandered thru the dessert on their way to the "Land of Milk & Honey." (The irony of that name for Canaan is not lost on this dieter - I so wish it was the "Land of 8 Glasses of Water & Splenda" - but that's an entirely nother blog!) I was shaking my head in disbelief that 3 days earlier, God had parted the Red Sea (via Moses), & a few days before that, Moses led these folks out of slavery from Egypt, w/ God leading the way as a cloud by day & a pillar of fire by night.

"Hey, what about that Red Sea thing?" I wrote in my journal this morning. "Don't you think that the God who did THAT will be able to supply your every need??" Oh, how HTT (Holier than thou) I can be during my morning devos.

Now I haven't ever heard the audible voice of God, & while I yearn to, I am learning to listen to Him in other ways. I didn't need to hear His voice this morning as I felt my mocking finger point away the Israelites & turn to point directly at myself, like I do when I play "Where's Hana / Where's Granny?" with Hana.


"How often," my journaling continued, "do I have a Red Sea experience, usually inspired by a Sunday morning sermon (or a conviction-filled devo, I add as I write this blog), & then think God isn't working in my life? How often am I totally inspired & then forget everything I just heard & felt & go on w/ my undevoted life & do nothing about it?"

How often, indeed? Not three days later... how about three HOURS later??

It was a bit of a rough morning w/ Hana. Things were a little hard, apparently, at her house, getting out the door in time to take Daniel to school, & I'm sure Hana got caught up in the emotions & stress of the morning. Turns out she didn't have any b'fast, either. She just wasn't a happy little girl, & I wasn't a happy Granny. Hana didn't eat the b'fast that I scrambled to prepared for her, & kept rubbing her eyes, so I decided to try to put her down for a while.

And in the midst of my grumblings about everything that was happening this morning; after enduring an unhappy Hana (& when Hana isn't happy, NOBODY's happy!); after trying unsuccessfully to get her to eat; after hearing her say "No" to everything (!); and while I was LITERALLY grumbling about it w/ my teammates from one of my SparkPeople teams, I hear Hana from her room. "What do I have to do to get this girl to sleep?" I GRUMBLED. And then I listened a little more, & grabbed my camera to record this video.

(You can play the video now...) :-)

For the 1st time, I was hearing my grand-girl sing. In the middle of a stressful, grumbling morning, came the voice of my little grand-angel, trying to sing herself to sleep as God used her to gently remind her Granny of the prayer I prayed this morning, asking forgiveness for the arrogance of my own hypocrisy when I am no better than the Israelites I was shaking my head at.

While focusing on all this other stuff that I was grumbling about, I lost focus of the truly important thing, that precious (albeit sometimes loud) little girl, laying on the crib mattress on the floor of the kids' room in my house - a room I had dedicated to their use. My former pastor used to say, "Keep the main thing the main thing," & this morning, I had forgotten the main thing. Several main things, actually.

That singing little girl is in my house! My house! A house she was once terrified of; with a Granny she was once horrified of. I get to hear her singing. Me! My ears. What a gift that is.

And the God who can part the Red Sea & inspire & convict me in my morning devotionals can provide for my every need, including patience & the ability to get thru a hard morning w/ a heart full of love for a little girl & the God who made her in His image.

Here's my Little Pink Riding Hood on our way to go back to school to go home w/ Daniel & Mommy & Daddy.

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    2949 days ago
    Indeed, God is GOOD! I'm so glad God gave you this gift -- and that He prompted you to share!

    I'll need to remember it this week when the 4 grandkids, all together for the first time since New Years, get to grumbling and fussing with each other -- and I KNOW they will! Eldest (5 1/2) is SUCH a drama queen, and is VERY sure everyone (especially her soon-to-be-4 year old brother) should do EXACTLY what she tells them! Little brother isn't QUITE so sure she's always right ... and Mom & Dad are still trying to find the quickest/best way to stop the bickering. Not sure how the other 2 will fit into this picture. I so look forward to the time, but will need God's patience to always respond to all with love and grace!
    2982 days ago
  • _MAOMAO_
    Yeah, and the Israelites walked for 40 years to make a 2 week trek. Talk about not stopping and asking for directions; rather, talk about not READING the directions. Ouch, I'm not taking that long on my Spark journey to reach my goals, no way!
    I listened to the video as I read. What a neat soundtrack for your blog!

    2984 days ago
    awww...what a great God moment...He makes us understand the simple things...
    2984 days ago
    When Maddie was crying I would hold her and sing blessing & Hymns in her ear,, her crying would turn into the same sound I just heard from your granddaughter, The cry/sing or humming.. It's our job to continue to keep singing Gods praises into your little ones..

    What blessings we do have..
    Thank you for sharing

    2985 days ago
    Love Missy singing, BEAUTIFUL!
    2985 days ago
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