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The good the bad and the blahs....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lately I have been really feeling blah. Yes, blah. I can't seem to get into an exercise routine, I don't eat enough, or not enough of the right stuff, so that is making me feel blah.

Ya see, it started with the fact that last week was horrible for me. I've been having problems with my oldest daughter, who is thinks I don't know anything about life in high school. (Like I've never been there before.... *sigh*)
It was not a good time for her to act up, since I was having my "bad week". I haven't shared about my problems to many, and now here are I publishing it on the world wide web, sorta weird. During the last year or so, every month I get worse and worse. (caution ugly details coming) The doc thinks I have endometriosis, which is causing me to have the worst time each month. Let me tell ya, I had two children without the use of pain killers and I am having a hard time just functioning with the pains I have each month. Put that on top of nausea, fever, body aches, depression and toss in an occasional migraine and that's how my life goes for one week each month. I haven't bounced back from this last one. I still can't sleep right and eat right. *sigh* The thing that is keeping me going now is that the doctor thinks she can fix my problems with a "procedure" (since when do that not call them surgeries anymore?), that will take place next month.

In the mean time, I have been sitting here reading blogs and posts several times a day. It keeps my mind in the right place. So keep blogging, keep posting, it really does help to have friends traveling the same road to a healthy living.

Oh, I did mention good in my title, that would be that I have lost 9 pounds so far! (there's always something good to find in every situation.)

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    It must run in the family, I have had the same problems for years now. The Dr. wanted to do some "procedure" on me about 3 1/2 years ago, but added that he would not do it without doing a tubal first because I could not run the risk of getting pregnant again. (basically after the "procedure" your egg can still fertilize, but you can't carry the baby-big health risk for me) Well lets just say back then I was not ready to be in a situation of being told I could not have any more babies, even if at that time I had not planned on having any more babies. And as you know now we have Olivia who is almost 2. (So much for we're not having any more, LOL) After Olivia I had my tubes tied, but still have not been back to look in to having the "procedure" done. I every month go through pain and all that crap. Not to mention the flash floods I have (sorry to be so graphic, but that's where you can change your pad and were talking industrial size, and in 15 minutes your running for the bathroom cause your already soaking through, and forget tampons that's not even an option).
    So honey I feel your pain, I have your pain.
    I think pushing myself when I'm feeling this way to exercise, and eat better actually has helped me get through it better. It takes a lot of effort, and I really have to push myself hard just to do a little. But I always remind myself it is worth it, because I am worth it! And you are worth it too! Keep your head up it will get better.
    Sorry I just wrote you a book to read! :P
    3044 days ago
    Thanks Jenn, I knew you'd be by to add some encouraging comments. Yes that is one of the things the doc is doing while she's "fiddling around" down there. She figures if nothing else, it will help. Of course it's gonna be a whole bunch of tests and stuff since I'm already gonna be asleep. I guess better than if I'm awake to feel it (she tried to to a biopsy while I was awake.... never again!)

    As for it possibly being cysts, the ultrasounds show nothing on the ovaries, she says that the symptoms point the other way. Either which, yes, it will be dealt with and hopefully be better after this. BTW, it's happening on Dec 17th, so I have to be ready for Christmas early... ugh!

    3044 days ago
    Procedure? Surgery? The name doesn't really matter as long as it helps! I have a few friends who have had some "stuff done down there". A couple had ablations. They laser your uterus so that you don't get your period anymore. They have loved it. I guess it's less invasive than hard core surgery. They had cramping for a few days after the "procedure", but have been pain-free ever since. I hope you feel better soon. It is no fun being on a "normal" period, but when it's worse than normal-watch out! Hugs to you, Jenn

    CONGRATULATIONS on the poundage GONE!!!!! emoticon
    3044 days ago
    Hmm... I had a similar problem a few years back (just miserable, really) and I'd suffered through it for a long time (my doc kept telling me I'd been spoiled by the light and easy times that the pill brought) but then one day I went to see someone who diagnosed cysts. I hadn't realized how miserable I was ALL the time until I had the cysts removed... It was unbelievable.

    I don't know if it's cysts with you, but it might be worth looking into.
    3045 days ago
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