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90 Day Program

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am on a 90 day Program Starting date is Nov. 8th
My last day should be Feb 5th. (or Feb 13 if needed for missed days)

Week 1 of 13 weeks Nov. 8-14th Goal [Actual]
first number is minutes workout that day,
the letters are initial of the activity I did,
and the last number is the miles ran or cycled.

Sunday: Cycle
[31min cycle 7.08 miles]

Monday: Chest & Back, Ab Ripper, Cycle, Run
[ 105min ST, C 13.39 miles]

Tuesday: Plyometrics
[60 plyo ]

Wednesday: Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper, Run, Cycle
[91min r,st run miles 2.66]

Thursday: Yoga or Core, Cycle
[82min y cycle miles 18.2]

Friday: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper, Run
[72min st,r run miles1.33]

Saturday: Kempo, Run or Cycle
[ 62min run miles 6.09]

Weekly Total's
Work out minutes 503
Run miles 10.08
Cycle miles 39.67
Total Calorie burn 3044

I had a race on Saturday prior to this week. I need to be cut back from my original plan so my body recovered. I cut out Ab Ribber and a run and a cycle.

I have to cut of swimming. I had it planned in my routine but my daughter has joined basketball (3 nights a week for 2 hours each time) and the days we swim are the days she doesn't practice. She needs mom and dad time well.... we need some time with her =-) SO I cut it out.
Family first =-)

Date 6-Nov-09
Neck 13 1/2
Shoulder 43 3/8
Chest 37 5/8
Waist 27
Abdomen 32
Hips 36 5/8
Thigh 24 3/4
L thigh 24 3/4
R arm 12 1/4
upper bdomen 30 1/2
Arm 12 1/8
Forearm 9 3/4
Wrist 6 3/8
Waist-Hip Ratio 0.737201365
[I just want to say my hubby measured me VERY LOOSE! I didn't even feel the tape.
All right got that off my chest =P]

Age 38.0 yrs
Height 67.5 inch
Weight 141.6 lb
Body Fat % 25.4%
Lean Body Mass 105.6 lb
Fat Body Mass 36.0 lb
Body Surface Area (BSA) 1.7 sq meters
Body Mass Index (BMI) 21.8

Prior to Day 01
Nat Pull-Ups 4 Reps PASS
Vertical Reach 85.2 Inch
Jump with Step 81.6 Inch
Vertical Leap -3.6 Inch FAIL ...what ever =P
Toe Push-Ups 39 Reps PASS
Toe Touch +2 Inch PASS
Wall Squat 78 Seconds PASS
Bicep Curls 9 Reps
20 Weight
180 Total PASS
In & Outs 72 reps PASS

Resting Heart Rate 76 Bpm
Heart Rate Maximizer:
Immediately 170 Bpm
After 1 minute 134 Bpm
After 2 minutes 104 Bpm
After 3 minutes 95 Bpm
After 4 minutes 98 Bpm

Enough information right!
Thanks for going along this journey with me!
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