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One Year - Size 18 to 8

Saturday, November 14, 2009

NOV 15 -1 Year Sparkversary

I remember dieting all my life and within two weeks going OFF the diet. This road has been different. I can’t explain why, except that logging what I eat every day keeps me on track. My main concern when I started this new lifestyle was to be healthy and not become diabetic which runs in my family When I first started with Spark, I logged everything BEFORE I ate it and knew how many calories I had left or was over, and could adjust before the day ended. As I started losing weight it was exciting to see how much each week I could lose and then that kept me going.

As I surfed through the Spark pages I found and joined Sparks Biggest Loser winter challenge (Cranberry Team – love them) and my competitiveness kicked in and I won the 10 week challenge with a weight loss of 20 pounds. I joined the same team for Spring BL losing 16.4 pounds and then Summer BL losing 8 pounds each in a 10 week period.

I took one day at a time. I knew the days seem to fly by so I told myself if I can just make it through TODAY. Some days I went to bed early just so I wouldn’t eat any more but it worked. In three months I wasn’t obese anymore. In 5 month I reached the goal I had set of losing 55 pounds but realized that according to my BMI I was still overweight and needed to lose 8 more pounds. I have now lost 65 pounds and have been in my healthy BMI since July 21st.

Maintenance is not easy! There have been days that I just had cake for supper and days that I still eat a box of cookies at one sitting, but I know that if that happens I just have to say “tomorrow will be a better day” and stick to it. I make sure I always have carrots, celery, cucs, fruit, and any healthy foods to snack on. I also have to remove all sweets because that is my downfall.

I have to say, healthy was my main objective but fitting in a size 8 and looking nice in your clothes is such a great feeling. Before losing weight I never wanted to go anywhere with my friends when I was asked because I didn’t look good in anything I put on. Now I dress up every day, and love it.

I have also realized a lot of things I am able to do now that I have lost weight

• I can cross my legs (this was the main reason I wanted to lose weight)
• I can do 45 min on treadmill 4.0 speed and 15 incline
• I don’t snore (as loud) (as much)
• I can wear pants without elastic in waist
• I love being in pictures
• I will go anywhere when someone asks
• I like looking in the mirror now
• I can grab my foot in back of me doing stretches without the use of a chair or wall
• I like ironing my clothes so they look crisp (I haven’t ironed in years)
• I can give myself a pedicure without my stomach in the way
• I can prepare meals and put them on the table without eating half of it before sitting down.
• I can say “No chips please” when we go to a Mexican restaurant.

The most important thing I realized after losing weight and showing my closest friends and the people that loved me, my before and after photos..... They all said they didn't remember me EVER looking like that. People see the person you are INSIDE not outside. They love you for who you ARE and not the person YOU see in the mirror. I wanted to lose weight to be healthy and feel more confident in clothes that fit me better. With that done, it made ME feel better. I really don't think anybody cared if I lost the weight. I think they are happy ONLY because now I am a happier person…. And I am REALLY happy.

When I first started with Spark I was so inspired by all the people who lost weight and showed their before and after photos never thinking I would be one of those people one day. On Aug, 18, 2009 you all voted to make me a Spark People motivator and that has made me more aware and focused to maintain my healthy weight. I have welcomed hundreds of people since and realize that they need to see it CAN be done if you just want it bad enough.

Thank you SPARKPEOPLE and all my spark friends and supporters!
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