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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sorry it's been so long guys. Lately I've only been logging in to track nutrition and fitness. The month of October wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't a complete loss, and it was very very busy. So here's the quick list of what happened.

I lost Rudy, went out on my own path, and started my 90 Day Transformation Challenge that I got accepted for.
My best friend had her first child, a little girl named Madison Amanda. (Everyone was guessing a boy!!)
I did my first 10k, the Disney Race for the Taste 10K and I ran the entire race! I was so proud of myself and my medal!
I've made alot of new friends here in Orlando!
I even got to spend a (very quick) weekend at home in Indiana!! I saw my niece for only the 3rd time in her life and she's 1 1/2 years old and she didn't shy away from me! And of course my 5 year old nephew loves when I come to visit because he gets tons of attention from me.

I spoke with the gym about getting my money back for my training with Rudy, they agreed to refund me 1 of the 2 months I had paid for. So that means I still have to train with another trainer for a month. I pretty much know all the trainers and knew right away who I wanted, a girl named Gina. She's loud, intense, and passionate, exactly what I need! Unfortunately her schedule didn't work with mine until this month (November). We spent an hour talking about everything and getting to the bottom of my weight loss problem (since I'm still at a plateau!!) Her answer: I'm overtraining! I know, I know, everyone had told me that. I was working out twice a day most days and not taking many off days at all during the month of October. So now she has completely changed up everything on me but I have faith this will work. My cardio is intervals on days 1, 3, 5, and 6 with my HR not going over 170 at all. Then days 2 and 4 are low intensity cardio recovery days with my HR maintaining between 137-147. I find it's hard to keep my HR that low because I want to go so much faster and harder. When the girl on the rowing machine next to me is rowing away, I want to pick up my pace to beat her! Gina says that my body is too adapted to me going so hard that I need to change it up like we're doing so that it keeps my body guessing. And my workouts with her are much different as well. We aren't concentrating on building as much as burning. I really like it. As far as nutrition, she's not putting me on high protein, low carb, or anything other type of diet. I get to eat just a regular balanced diet! It's amazing and I love it! Hopefully my body will realize it's getting everything it needs and will stop holding onto everything now. So with the workouts and the nutrition, I'm hoping for the best! As a side note, Rudy and I still keep in touch and he thinks he may be getting a job as an assistant personal training manager at LA Fitness (which is literally across the street from my apt).

I suppose the last thing to talk about is my date tomorrow night! Yes, I have a date! My first in 2 1/2 years (when I cut all ties in my last relationship, so it's probably more like 3 years). Ok, so I'm a girl and I know you want to know the details. His name is Andrew. He's 24, blondish brown, kinda curly hair. He just moved down here from Virginia, I believe. But he went to college down here. I met him through his mom. I actually work out with her usually once or twice a week, she's very fit and does triathlons. She learned I was single and said you should meet my son. Of course I cringed inside like you do when mothers say that to you. Then he saw my picture online and made the comment to his mom that he needed to come to one of our workouts sometime, which is usually a bunch of girls, haha. When she told me about it I just brushed it off not thinking anything of it and not believing he would actually come. Then a few weeks later when I was debating whether or not to get up and go the workout that morning, I went and there he was next to his mom! Of course I looked like crap because you literally roll out of bed, throw on some clothes, pull the hair up and grab a banana and away you go. Then you're there and working out and sweating and just not the way you want to meet a guy. Anyways, all of us girls were talking about going bowling that night and it ended up being only me, Andrew, his mom, and her boyfriend (who I had already met as well). It turned out to be a good night though. Andrew and I continued to talk on Facebook and he asked me out. We were supposed to go last Friday, but had to postpone it until this Friday and what was supposed to be a chill laid back date with a wager for dinner on 3 games of bowling turned into a date a semi-fancy restaurant and that just puts so much more pressure on it and yes, I'm extremely nervous. This is when I need a good group of close girl friends here in Orlando to come over and help me Friday before the date! So there's your details!

I think that's everything right now, but I will definitely try better to keep you updated!
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    So how did it go? That was ages ago!
    2992 days ago
    Sorry I am so late on responding! You are doing so well, and I completely agree with the new trainer! Hope that is working out for you. What happened with Rudy?

    And are you still chatting with Andrew?
    3030 days ago
    Have a great date!!:)
    3050 days ago
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