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Got my wings back - sorta...

Friday, November 06, 2009

Well the pink cast is off my leg, the xrays looked great (amazing how fast I heal considering I have had arthritis all my life), and I got the okay to "start to slowly weight bear" with the walking boot (they do realize don't they that I don't do slow very well?). I am to continue to use the crutch and scooter if needed. I am allowed to take it off for short periods but am suppose to sleep with it because they don't want me wiggling my foot around. Technically I am suppose to do this for another 6 weeks but I am going back at the end of November and WILL be cut loose from the boot.

Of course the very first thing I did when we got home was to grab Abe to head outside. My husband asked where I was going. "Abe and I are going to see if I can drive!" He just shook his head, knowing better than to try to convince me otherwise. My little Toyota truck is stick shift. I figured hey this is my right foot so I just have to get a feel for the gas peddle! I kinda forgot that I also have to worry about the brake - minor details. Abe was game and he settled sideways into the passenger seat to watch the action. I got out of the driveway and figured we would head up to the little store (6 blocks along the beach we normally walk). I realized the biggest danger we were in was stalling out since I was trying to figure out where the bulky boot was hitting on the peddles. So we sputtered our way to the store traveling ohhh about 15 miles per hour. Neither of us minded since we got to see the beach which we both miss so much. We arrived at the store in one piece so we both went in to say hi to the neighbors we haven't seen for the last couple months. I picked up a bottle of wine (to celebrate with my neighbors when we got home) and Abe got a pepperoni stick. We returned home to find our neighbors waiting outside for me to return home - laughing and applauding that I managed to get out and about (without any injuries to mailboxes)!

So now I am focused on packing which still is not easy to do. I have managed to overdo so now I am packing for an hour or so and then resting to try to keep the swelling down. My kitchen is now 95% packed which I am here to say that between that and my artwork - it pretty much accounts for the bulk of my boxes. Moving truck will be here Sunday and Monday I will be in the new place waiting for the cable and internet folks to come (priorities ya

Side notes - I weighed myself for the first time without the cast and my weight was exactly where I was when I went in for surgery which was a huge relief. I think I have this maintenance thing down which is nice. And Ms Aliegh now has her bottom tooth and finally figured out how to crawl forward! emoticon
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