Know What Else Is Scary?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A. Those giant bags of candy that surface four months before Halloween.

You can't be without sufficient treats on Halloween (although our only trick-or-treaters will have to sit and shake a paw first—I could still be talking about humans) so you always end up with too much delicious candy. The treat bowl on top of the fridge is for both humans and canines (and the dog down the hall knows it), but pets and candy don't really mix.

"Discarded Pet Toy," One of my Favorite State Street Costumes

That's it, I have no solution, but I'll be on my second round of Halloween treats and chances are slim (ha) I'll get any two-legged trick-or-treaters here. I've been pretty successful in giving away leftovers (mostly because I've had a candy blog for three years), but who am I fooling putting out bowls of seasonal candy ahead of time?

State Street is another matter entirely. If you're not from Madison (WI) you may not be familiar with the ritual of youthful drinking and pyromania that was Halloween on State Street (the UW-Madison campus).

You Get a Lot of This Sort of Nonsense

Not to worry, the kids are all roped off now, the trees are no longer being lit on fire, and the renamed "Freakfest" has mostly likely contributed to a decline in arrests and destruction. More pertinently there's a night for the old folks such a myself to wander the area the night before and take photos.

It's the one night a year I'll be able to walk it off in a crowd that should be doing the same. This year I'm wearing my new pedometer and giving away candy.

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