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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To lemon or not to lemon that is the question? I don't know if everyone else has read about lemons in the restaurants but I have and now I have a dilemma. Do I use the lemon or not?

In short what I read was that the not all resurants wash there lemons before they slice them. That by itself does not seem overly bad but the also added that some then just leave the sliced lemons sitting out on the counter unrefrigerated. Depending how fast they use their lemons depends how long they sit out. The last part of the story is the servers that puts them in your glass or on you glass and reaches in the container are bare handed . Are their hands really clean? So I ponder DO I OR DON'T I.

I have friends that will request another glass if a lemon is anywhere near there glass. I have pretty much decided that I like lemon and I need my immunities built up a little more.

Let me know what you do. LEMON OR NO LEMON THAT IS THE QUESTION?
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  • ELLIE381
    I never really pondered the lemon but I think I will not eat out. Maybe the lemon was from someone Else's glass that did not want it. Do they really throw them out if no one uses them? OK this is getting to weird. Still thinking......lol emoticon
    2976 days ago
    I say get the lemon! We are way too germ consious now and some germs are good for us! I know sounds crazy though don't it? It is true though small amounts of germs help our bodies immune system stay strong it give it something to fight! I remember when i was a kid there were not antibacterial anything! We would put everything in our mouths without thought of germs. I am still here and healthy! People are getting more severly sick these days because we are washing away all the germs, antibacterial dish soap, hand soap, wipes etc.... Go for the lemons and trust your body to do the rest!
    3018 days ago
  • NAVYMOM133
    emoticon emoticon emoticon


    You have helped us all want to save money and eat at home! Except for the special treat of going to Cindy's place, where we'll have plenty of money for a HUGE tip!

    Now, where are my seed packets? emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Hehehe, I get lemon or lime in my water all the time, when I'm out, by the way ;)

    3037 days ago
    LMAO. You are just too funny. If you let your self start thinking about stuff like this , you will become an organic grow your own vegetarian. Didnt you ever hear about slaughter houses?
    What goes on at the chicken coop? In factories? you've heard about rat droppings on top of soda cans. It can make ya crazy. I just use common sense. If it makes ya feel better, ask for it on the side, and only squeeze it in. I work in a diner, We the servers do not cut the lemons. All our meat is cut in the way back on butcher blocks with huge meat cleavers. We are supposed to use tongs to pick up the lemons, I say supposed.
    They are kept refrigerated.
    Majority of servers I know must wash our hands constantly, as we dont like it when something gets on them., But if you are going to worry like this, then dont order the salad, or any rolls, Oh and the cooks hands are on everything. lol
    3038 days ago
    I never thought about this. I always ask for lime in my water... I think I will stop doing that! :P
    Especially with H1N1 going around and also hep A or B... it never hurts to be too careful.

    3038 days ago
    If you're not sure, some people ask if they can bring a little plate with lemons on side not in the water/tea and then they dip their napkin in the water and kind of "wash" the rind. Whether this actually does anything or not is debatable (sp?) but if it makes people feel better do it. Personally, I just ask for water with lemon and don't think about it.
    3038 days ago
    If you think about it, you never know 100% for sure how any restaurant food has been handled before it is served (not just lemons LOL). If the lemon dilemma really bothers you, it's probably best to just eat at home. I'm a fan of both lemons and limes, BTW, but can honestly say I never gave this one iota of thought before. Sorry to sound blunt, but I have about a million things I would worry about before lemon status even makes the top ten.
    3038 days ago
  • AWOLF24
    Everyone is kind of creeping me out. I get lemon in my water all the time, just had some at Chili's last night. Hmmm...maybe best to switch to limes.
    3038 days ago
    I am almost upset at reading all of this, because I always "lemon" my water at restaurants. I worked in several restaurants in college, and we either kept the lemons on a plate in the fridge under saran wrap or got them at the bar. I never had to do lemons as "side work" so I don't quite know/can't remember how they were cut, but I am pretty sure it wasn't with steak knives.

    Hopefully, next time I am in a restaurant... I will have forgotten all about this. I am not a germaphobe, it is more the idea of the lemon not being washed that bothers me. Since the whole slice goes into the water, all those pesticides and stuff will still be sitting on the surface of the lemon. ICK!
    3038 days ago
  • MANDAO97
    I have worked in a number of restaurants durung HS and College. At all of them we had a lemon cutting machine (hand operated) - and did not use knives to cut them so the cross contamination problem was eliminated. The lemons were not washed though and the servers do just stick their hand in a bin of lemons and slap it on your glass. I am not a germaphobe either but I skip the lemons in a restaurant. As for sitting out you'd probably be able to tell that they were nasty.
    3038 days ago
    Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

    I'm not a germaphobe. The stomach acids can really break down most creepy crawlies (e. coli is another story if you've got weakened immunities). They problem would come from handling the lemon yourself then transferring the buggies to your noise or eyes from your hands (which would be odd to do if they had the acidic lemon juice on them).

    My thing with lemon in restaurants is when they ice them and they freeze at the bottom of their little bin, they change texture and get all slimy. I've had a couple nasty lemon-in-my-tea experiences because of that.

    Lately since moving to Tennessee (the South, blessed home of sweet tea) the lemons seem to be treated with respect and/or are used up quickly. When I have gotten lemon they look nice. I ask for lemon when I order fish, so I get dishes of slices or wedges; plenty to assess.
    3038 days ago
    Oh, you have NO idea!

    I have to tell you something that may both shock and educate you. It's really irrelevant about all the things you've listed above (not that it doesn't matter) only because of the severity of the more pressing issue - THE KNIFE that's used to cut the lemon.

    You see, a little "investigative report" was done a little while back about the lemon in restaurants and guess what: THEY ALL CONTAINED FECAL MATTER! Yes...poop. Any idea why? The prevailing theory was cross-contamination due to the same knives being used to cut the lemons that they used to cut the steaks in the back. Thus, transference. Of course, there is also the possibility of the occasional unclean finger. Want proof?


    What I do, to try and curtail this, is order a soda water (LOVE soda water) with lime. The limes are generally kept at the bar, unlike the lemons, and are cut when the customer requests it, so they're fresher. Some bars pre-cut and store in a plastic bin but, either way, 99% of the places I've been, cut AT the bar with a knife that's used only for cutting the fruits – no steaks.

    I would NOT lemon. I would lime.

    Hope this helps.
    3038 days ago
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