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proverbs,sayings are they true or just illusion?or are they lifelines?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

been doing a lot of thinking theese last weeks trying to keep my mind of fsomethings,trying not to let some thoughts from forming and trying to block them out when i couldn´t stop them.set sayings kept popping into my mind like.god wouldn´t send us something he knew we didn´t have the strenght to cope with.this is my big one weather true or not it time of worry or troubles this one is always my lifeline and do i cling on to it like life itself it is the main thing that has kept me going theese last days with my two sons in hospital it is still keeping me going but i sometimes ask my self how long it will last ?how long i will believe it?theese are the thoughts i try to stop myself from forming but can´t always succeed.like the one,what if ayman doesn´t pull through this time,what if this is the last time i have to go through theese situations with him.what would i do?how could i carry on?again thoughts i have to strop thinking.thoughts i had and still have occasionally with zakariya but now i am having them with ayman.when does it ever end,this worry,theese thoughts?do they ever go a way?are they with us for ever?another saying.there is always someone worse of than you.something my nana used to always say.to help us feel better.remember however bad your life is at the moment there is always someone out there worse than you.she is right but in certain moments it doesn´t help.maybe i am beginningto loose my hopefulness,maybe it is like the last straw on the camels back,the water slowly eroding away the stone over the years.all sayings but it is true you do get worn down slowly,eventually.must look for more saying to build me back up again.sorry if this is a bit heavy but that is how i am feeling at this moment.i wont be around much over the next few days as ayman is taking up a lot of my time and energy.if any one reads this who is on any of my challanges can they post on the threads with my apoligies for suddenly dropping out of the challanges without saying anything as i have not the time to go to all the individual threads.hope you are all doing well.thanks for reading my blog and thanks for being there forme.love karen.
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    Hey Karen,
    I just read your blog post and I thought of another saying... "Everything happens for a reason" ... and everything that happens is within the will of Allah.. so, with that said.. in my opinion or perspective.. instead of beating ourselves up about "what is" in the present.. we can choose to ask the question, "what am I supposed to take from this?", or "what am I supposed to learn from this situation?" - is this a test of faith? is this a test of love? is this a test at all? - who knows.. no one knows.. but by maintaining your faith and believing that Allah only wants what is best for us, and truly believing that Allah is the most merciful, the most compassionate, the beneficent , the provider, and so many more.. then when we realize that everything is up to Allah, it gives us greater hope and greater strength that whatever the outcome, there is a higher purpose, and overall in our best interest. But believe me, we are all human, and all of these things are not easy to understand, or easy to feel good about especially when we have a family member hurting or in need, or possibly very ill... but the greatest hope is in faith and above all our greatest gift is love. I don't know if this will help at all, but sister, my heart goes out to you, and I will make dua for your children. Insha'Allah everything will be ok soon. Sending you much love and positivity! May Allah bless you and your family! Take care!
    3000 days ago
  • P316LEIA

    I like to believe that when such sayings pop into my head that it is God reminding me that He is with me and I will make it through whatever difficulty I am facing.

    Keep your faith knowing things will work out as He has planned.

    3004 days ago
  • IOWAGAL1957
    karen, i'm sorry your boys are not well. you and your family will be in my thoughts. i don't know how we get the strength to carry on in the hard times, but we always do.
    3005 days ago
    Ah - Karen - I will pray for you and your boys. Stay strong. We care - God cares - Keep faith and hope.
    Love Kris
    3006 days ago
  • JEAN524
    I think that when you are watching someone you love suffering and particularly if it's your child then you are bound to have doubts - you're only human. You need something to hang on to more than ever in times like these. Just keep on praying and doing the best you can and you will take comfort from that. I'll be praying for you. emoticon emoticon Love, Jean
    3006 days ago
  • 1THING
    II Corithians 12 cites Jesus as saying "...My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness." (verse 9)

    Yes, I believe all Biblical proverbs are true. I pray for your faith in God that his will is the greatest, his grace is sufficient. He knows the whole picture where we only see pieces. Our faith allows his grace to flow freely in the lives of you and your loved ones. Keep your faith when the doubts arise, keep your faith when the shadows fall, keep the faith thay no matter what occurs .... God's grace is sufficient for thee.

    Be Blessed!!!!!
    3006 days ago
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