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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Well I think it's time to put some thoughts down here...been putting this off hoping for more inspiration, more SPARK...but for whatever reason this hasn't happened.

Trying to put my finger on the "blahs" which have been hanging on lately. Haven't been feeling rested, haven't been feeling like working out (although I have, but without any real oomph) and while visiting relatives in MI picked up 4# due to over-indulging in relatively healthy food, just too much. Back in the saddle since returning on Monday. Those long 12 hour car trips really take so much out of a person! I just don't understand why sitting in a car for 12 hours should be so tiring! It's not like our bodies are being taxed in any significant way...

Medically I've been gearing up for attempt #2 at a colonoscopy...am chugging away a gallon of Nulytely after a day of clear liquids, including Miralax, Dulcolax and a quart of prune juice. Yesterday I ate only non-starchy veggies and 3 apples. I'm doing all that I can to make this routine colonoscopy screening happen successfully. Silly of me to do this, but I chose to schedule the colonoscopy for tomorrow...my 53rd birthday! Woo...hoo...? I put it off so I could get out to MI, but then wanted to do it ASAP.

Another nagging thing has been inner ear pressure on my right ear which is NOT an infection, per my primary care doc...however it has dampened my hearing which has had an odd psychological effect of creating a sort of buffer between me and the world...feeling more cut off from people and activity, missing small sounds which whiz by unnoticed... Next week I finally catch up with the ENT to find out what the heck is going on.

I'm just not used to all these medical hiccups and am pretty impatient and irritable over such things...which I realize are so minor compared to the serious health woes of others!

I DO have a Spark Rally to look forward to on Sunday as our local Binghamton Area Losers are going to join our local CHOW Hunger Walk in raising money for the needy. While I'm certainly looking forward to this, it hasn't yet given me the kind of boost anticipating these kind of gatherings usually do.

So it's like my Spark is there, but just sorta dampened lately...and I don't like it!

Will keep on keeping on...doing the work of striking stone on stone until I can get SPARKING the way I WANT to!

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  • KELLI9001
    Hey Don. Everyone goes through this at some time. I think more now with the change of weather. Those long drives are killers...Just got off one myself for a quick trip to Indiana.

    Stay positive and I'm hoping your Dr's have some good news for you. You are of of the most positive and inspiring people I know. I'm sure you will be back at it with even more UUmph than before.

    Take care and keep us updated on how things go this week.

    Happy Birthday!!
    Shannon emoticon
    3053 days ago
    Have a happy birthday tommorrow. Enjoy the parts you can..
    I have arthritis in my right ear- that means when it's cold and damp, I get a weird 'hum' from it, and don't hear as well. Ucky. Hope that is not your problem, cause there is nothing much to be done for it. Tea tree oil seems to help.
    Prepping before the prep... you should be all clear, but it is probably 'taking something out' of your system all around. Just another thought as to why you are moving slower. You have less reserves.

    3053 days ago
    Happy Birthday there youngster! Good luck on the health issues, time they get looked at. Liked the idea on the Hunger walk, great way to "spread the Spark" and do a very good deed.
    Our weather is not cooperating with our harvest, so far about 3 weeks behind and still on hold. Have not combined anything yet, will run out of fall weather soon I'm afraid. Oh well, life goes on, trying to keep my "dauber" UP!
    Good luck on the test.
    Skeeter emoticon
    3054 days ago
    Don, I guess you're going to pot by your birthday, huh. emoticon

    Seriously, happy birthday. Just sorry how you're spending it. I've had a few of those colonoscopies. Nothing to it, after you get done with the Go-lytly thing anyway.

    Sorry about your slump. I think it's natural to go through these slumps, and probably even more likely as you get closer to goal (lots of issues at that time). You have done so wonderfully, and I know you'll get out of this slump. Keep the chin up, and the sneakers on.

    3054 days ago
    Well I don't know how your Weather has been? But its always harder for me when the days get shorter & colder! I congratulate you on the Colonoscopy & hope all comes out well! A little humor there- lol. Seriously I've had 2 in the last 5 yrs. I'm prone to Polyps & IBS, so never can be too careful.
    3054 days ago
    Hey Don, first off, I absolutely LOVE your fall colors and SparkPage theme. I might have to think of shifting my own.... I love this Don as much as the upbeat, positive one. I'm in a "slump," too. It's part and parcel, yes? We're here through thick and thin (literally and figuratively, lol), and help one another accept all of us with equanimity. SparkDon would be incomplete without sparkDon, in the way that day would not be day, without night.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon An early Happy Birthday to you, young 'un!

    Didn't your ear problem start with getting it wet way back when? If so, and your ENT doesn't have any satisfying answers or easy solutions, SparkMail me. I might be able to offer homeopathic direction. If so, maybe that can be my emoticon to you.
    emoticon Sue
    3054 days ago
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