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He's suspended, why is he in my class????

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I have one of those students every teacher dreads, the one who has been in trouble with the law, who doesn't care about achieving, who only wants to disrupt class or fight or skip school. I'm sure there are problems at home, I'm sure he comes from a difficult environment. But that doesn't make it okay to bash someone over the head with a rock (he was involved in that big fight last year), it doesn't make it okay for him to be rude to me, it doesn't make it okay for him to yell and sing and dance around the class while everyone - I mean EVERYONE - else is working.

He started a fight yesterday morning. The principal told me he was suspended.

So why - WHY OH WHY - was he in my class yesterday??????? I checked this morning, yes, he was suspended, he's out until a parent comes in. He's supposed to go to the alternative program at another school. He needs more help than we can give him.

WHY - if he was suspended - WHY didn't he just go home? Why does he cut my class when he's supposed to be here, and then come to class when he's supposed to be home?????

I don't want him to like my class! I don't want him to like me as a teacher! Of course, then I feel guilty for feeling this way about a kid - but really, he's so disruptive and rude, the only redeeming factor is that he's strong and willing to move heavy heavy boxes of tile for me. Maybe I should make him my official tile mover.

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    He wants attention. He hates authority. So you tell him to be somewhere that is not where he will be. You tell him NOT to be somewhere and there he will be. That strength is going to get him in trouble when he gets older. You are correct that he needs more help than you all can give. If he does end up back at your school for a while, since we know who well these transfers work, for now I think the tile mover sounds reasonable. If you want it broken tell him not to drop it under any circumstance and see what happens (either he will oops or he will be super careful, and then you can see what you are dealing with.) At home he will be bored. Or if he shows up and you cannot get rid of him and you are worried, have him do that moving. Even if it does not need doing. Or cleaning the sink out, moving the clay. Something. His job is to be the tech.

    Many of the harder ones do gravitate to art, shop, and other places. You cannot help that he likes you or thinks your class is easier to disrupt, but you can do your best to protect your classes. Peace and tranquility.
    3052 days ago
    I don't envy teachers. Always caught between parents, rules, good kids wanting to learn, and disruptive kids. Hope it is resolved soon.
    3053 days ago
  • SAPNA.
    I agree with all the points made. You cant be expected to handle a child as violent and unpredictable as this. he needs specialist help.
    3054 days ago
  • CRITTER123
    It sounds to me like you have a kid who is screaming for help and nobody is listening. He is not in your class with you for no reason. I believe that you could be the hope he needs. You seem to care about this kid or you wouldn't be so concerned with him. So, he's as strong as an ox? Could be his saving grace! I also wouldn't be surprised at the crap in his environment that could be helping to fuel his behavior problems. By this, I mean that his behavior problems could possibly be a result of environmental and well as familiar toxins. His social interactions aren't healthy, he probably doesn't eat right or exercise properly (sometimes PE doesn't suffice). I encourage you to educate yourself about toxins in the environment and our food supply. Get Jillian Michaels' book called Master Your Metabolism and read it cover to cover. The information will startle you but, it may give you the knowledge you need to possible break the grip of problems this kid has. Sounds like weight lifting may be an excellent outlet for him as well. I encourage you to talk to your school's weight lifting coach or, if you don't have one, maybe your school has a YMCA After School program that offers weight lifting he could plug into. He could vent his anger and frustration in appropriate ways through the iron and, a little counseling and motivation wouldn't hurt either. You never know, you may be the one person who begins this kid on a path of happiness and success!

    Be Strong! Be Fit! emoticon
    3054 days ago
    No, now that I know that he's definitely suspended, I'll call the principal or assistant principal if he shows up.

    I just didn't know for sure that he was suspended yesterday.

    And yeah, you'd think his parent(s) would be held accountable!
    3054 days ago
    I agree with Lady, talk to the principal. Its not fair to the kids that are there to learn. Keep fighting for their right to learn.
    3054 days ago
    Tile mover sounds appropriate.

    Have another talk with the principal. If he's barred from campus, he's breaking the law being there (and possibly his parents are as well for not monitoring him).
    3054 days ago
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