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"Miracle" Vinegar Fights Viruses and Bacteria?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Made a delicious recipe today using apple cider vinegar at the suggestion of a friend of mine who seems to never be affected by sickness or ill health. She is another older Trinidadian (spelling) nanny in the neighborhood who knows all the tricks of the trade as far as natural remedies go.

You know me, (and if you dont) I am a total nutrition fanatic always soaking in new information. So I borrowed some apple cider vinegar from her, because she insisted it would help with my sore throat and unbearable stomach pain amongst other things. It contains no added calories carbs or what is the harm in trying right?

Went home and researched and sure enough. This stuff is well praised everywhere. check out this article:


Put it into a delicious smoothie filled with some great fruit servings for the day and some probiotic packed yogurt (yes it belongs to the kids, so shoot me)which is good around this time in case of the need for antibiotics**. Although hopefully the vinegar will be enough of preventative you can skip out on the antibiotics this year! For me it is too late! I modified this from another website and think it tastes absolutely delicious!


1/2 cup diced strawberries
1/4 banana
1 small apple, cored, peeled and diced
2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar
1-4oz Stoneyfield Yo Baby Yogurt-apple variety

Blend thoroughly, no ice or anything neccesary. Tastes, sweet with a little bit of spice. Would make a great healthy holiday treat! ;op

** Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria in your body,(obviously how they get rid of bacterial infections) and they do not discriminate, killing both the bad bacteria needed and the good bacterias that actually work in keeping you healthy. Pro-biotics are an ingredient in many yogurts, stick to the more organic brands and look for a strange grouping of bacterias, words such as Bifidobacterium bifidum/Lactobacillus bifidus , Lactobacillus bulgaricus (or L. bulgaricus) etc etc. The more the better! Check out this article on more information about probiotics!

Stay Healthy During This Time of Illness! Or Get Well Soon!!! emoticon

emoticonLori Anne
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    This product sounds like it makes similar claims to Kombucha and Kefir, both products that rely on combinations of yeasts and good bacteria to modify and ferment foodstuffs. Some of us have been fermenting these for many years and we swear by them!

    If you want to learn more about the benefits of making your own, visit us on the Kombucha Kurious team. And Kombucha doesn't have to be just sprinkled or added, you can drink it!
    Cut and paste this link into your browser, or search for us.

    Apologies if this seems like a hijack, but we're a relatively young and specialised team and we're easily missed!!


    3030 days ago
    I have a book called 1001 practical uses for Vinegar! Its great for cleaning in the home,as a bath soak for sore muscles,wasp stings,cramps, you name it. Oh and great on our British Fish and Chips but the less said about that the better! lol!
    3030 days ago
    This was one of the things I used to help me get over a month long bout with stomach pains and digestive problems. The Dr at urgent care put me on prescription antacids (one pill at night) and told me I could take Maalox during the day if I needed. This did nothing for me but make my stomach hurt more at night. I think it was because my body wasn't acidic enough and was therefore not breaking down what I was eating. I started taking a bit of apple cider vinegar before I ate my meals. I also took some digestive enzymes and probiotics in pill form. The amount in Yogurt is not usually enough I was told. After I started to feel better, I started a 2-3 week course of Ultimate Cleanse (got at health food store).

    I got better, gained the weight back that I lost and then joined SparkPeople because I didn't want to gain any more weight. I wanted to change.
    3030 days ago
    thats a gr8 info i was not aware of
    3050 days ago
    Just came across your page - now I'm sipping acv and so is my husband who's fighting off an infection.
    3050 days ago
    Hmm, I'll have to keep this in mind. I treat the kids ear aches with homemade ear drops, and do a lot of hydotherapy as well. Oh, and if you ever have a bacterial infection Garlic is a natural antibiotic!

    glad to hear you are feeling better!
    emoticon Anna
    3053 days ago
    I'm sure there is truth to that; I eat salads every day drowned in balsamic vinegar and spiced up with tabasco and never have any kind of respiratory illnesses; coughs, colds, flus.................

    Sounds like a great smoothie.........if I can just remember where I put the blender....... emoticon
    3053 days ago
    Thanks for sharing, will try your smoothie. :)
    3053 days ago
    Cool..I'm going to try that.

    3053 days ago
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