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A night out to dinner

Saturday, October 10, 2009

So I knew as I sat at work on Friday that we were going out to dinner for my in-laws birthdays. I decided to play it smart and go online and look up good old Texas Roadhouse to see what I could eat and stay within my budget. Well, I found it rather easily, a 6oz sirloin and a baked sweet potato, I even allotted extra points for a roll, butter on my potato and a couple of glasses of wine! I was dipping into my weekly flex points, but that was o.k., it was a night out to enjoy myself and I was pretty syked to have a plan! Well, as we all know, plans don't always go, well, as planned! We arrived at Texas Roadhouse at 6:50, we were informed that it would be about an hour wait. At 8:30 when we still had not been seated, we complained to the management and we were informed that there was a party of 8 that they were waiting on to leave and until they did, they wouldn't be able to seat us?? What, are you serious? I have a 6 year old with me who had done a wonderful job at being patient thus far, but she was at her wits end! Forget it, we're leaving, everyone says! We go across the street to Chili's! Hmmm, I say, this should be interesting, I have never eaten at Chili's while being on weight watchers, I have NEVER looked at any of the nutritional info for them even though I have eaten there several times while not following weight watchers! It'll be o.k. I tell myself, I am a professional dieter! I have been dieting my entire life! I know a good choice from a bad choice!

We sat down and being the budget minded family, immediately looked at the two for $20 deal they had going on. You get an appetizer, 2 main courses and a dessert to split. Well, I said, how about you two get the two for $20 I say to my son and husband, so that I can look for a better choice. No, my son says, I want the trio dippers that I always get! So I say, O.K., let me look and see if there is anything on the two for $20 that looks reasonable. Oh, o.k., chicken fajita quesadilla, that sounds like a decent choice, I'll get that. We ordered the texas fries as an appetizer. I knew the fries were not a good choice, but with this deal, it is only a half order and we would be splitting it between the four of us and maybe even sharing it with others at the table. I had a few of the fries. My meal came and I only ate half of my quesadilla and 1/2 of the rice and beans that came with it. When dessert came, I let the kids split it! I had a few drinks, which I had planned on with the other meal I had set out for myself and then we came home watched a movie and went to bed! Didn't pick in my leftovers like I usually do, overall, I thought that I had done fairly well!

Well, much to my dismay, I thought wrong!! I pulled up Chili's nutritional info first thing this morning and there is where I was hit with a ton of bricks! This fajita quesadilla I ate was one of the worst choices on the menu!! as was the texas fries, although that one was not surprising to me! 1/2, yes 1/2 of this quesadilla I ate was 18 points!!!!! 1/2 of it! I could have order the bacon cheeseburger that my brother in law ordered for less total calories than this quesadilla! Are you kidding me??? What the hell are they doing to this quesadilla? OMG!!! For my 1/4 share of the 1/2 order of Texas fries that I ate was 9 additional points! Yes I said 1/4 of a 1/2 serving = 9 points! Holy Crap! My half serving of beans and rice came out to be a modest 3 points! 30 points is what my dinner cost me! 30 points! what's worse is that I ate something before I left the house to take the edge off my hunger, so there were some more points, not to mention my breakfast and lunch! Then don't forget to put the drinks on there!!!

Well obviously I am well over my 35 weekly point allotment! But what can I do? I can only strive to make the rest of my week a good one and tell myself, lesson learned! It just goes to show, even someone who has a lot of knowledge in nutritional information can still be blown away by astronomical restaurant amounts! I hope this helps me the next time think to just order a plain chicken breast with maybe a baked potato on the side when I am in uncharted territory! I may have saved a few dollars getting the two for $20 deal, but I paid for it!!

Lesson learned: Always look at a restaurants nutritional info before ordering from it
If you haven't had a chance to look at the menu, think simple
Maybe check out some surrounding restaurants before heading out!
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    It's amazing when you think you're doing SO good picking out stuff on your own, and realize how wrong you are! I saw an article on SP about the 10 worst salads... All of them were over 1000 calories. FOR A SALAD!

    My husband and I are going to dinner with some friends at Wing Shack tomorrow, and I've already looked up what I'm getting. I know they all want wings and beer, but I'll be getting the grilled tilapia and a side salad! Lol.
    3087 days ago
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