I'd like to whine for a minute please!

Friday, October 09, 2009

We are having Octoberfest in our little town tomorrow. There will be craft booths, food booths, sidewalk sales, garage sales, a quilt show, beer garden, and a chili cook-off . About 3 weeks ago, my friend called and said that for the first time in several years she would be off work this weekend and she wanted us to go to all the things together. She just kept saying, "Now don't make any other plans cuz I want us to spend the day together! " We've talked to each other several times in the 3 weeks and she always makes that same comment. Then I told my youngest daughter about it and she said she was going to come over too. I've been really excited because I don't go out and do things with people very often, other than going to the grandsons ballgames. So I'm all pumped up just waiting for tomorrow to get here. Well...first my girlfriend calls and says her grandkids want to come and stay with her this weekend, so she's not going to Octoberfest because she doesn't want to have to take all 4 of them with us. They live 30 miles away and can come and stay anytime. Why couldn't she tell them she had plans and have them come next weekend? Especially since it was her idea to start with? Or wait and have them come tomorrow evening instead of tonight? I am disappointed, but knew that my daughter and I would still have a lot of fun , so no big deal. Well....then I was chatting on the computer with my daughter a little while ago, and she said she's not coming either!! She said it is supposed to be 36 degrees tomorrow and that's too cold to be out going to that stuff!! Now I know I sound like a whiney little kid, but what the heck!! I know that I can go to all the things by myself and that I will see tons of people that I know, but you all know how much more fun it is to go to things like that with someone else!! I was totally looking forward to a day out with the girls. I am super disappointed, but I'm just gonna put on my big girl panties and go by myself and have fun anyway!! Thanks for letting me whine!
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    I wish I lived near you, I would go with my favorite Granny:}:}:}
    3083 days ago
    I would have gone with you! I'm sorry they disappointed you, I agree with you, your friend could have asked the grandkids to come at night or next weekend. I'm glad you decided to go by yourself - hope you had lots of fun!
    3083 days ago
    Whining caught my eye on your blog. I too would have been disappointed - like you I don't get out with friends much either. Maybe we should figure out a way to see if other Spark people could go with us to local events.
    3083 days ago
    Ah, I've had friends do that to me as well; sorry for your disappointment. I hope you ended up having fun as it sounds like a blast. 30 degree weather sounds fabulous to me right now. It's still in the 90's in Florida...way too hot.

    I certainly miss the seasons from living down here but it sure makes visiting the northern states nicer. I miss the cool weather during festivals.
    3084 days ago
    I think you should go anyway and then tell both of then what a great time you had. You have every right to be disappointed, but do not let them ruin your weekend. Go and enjoy yourself!!
    3084 days ago

    You can whine as much as you want, Jannie ! I know it will
    make you feel a lot better, too ! You have every right to be've been counting on this outing for a few
    weeks now; of course you would feel let down. I wish I were
    closer...I would join you without even thinking about it ! If
    I were you, I would go anyway....and have the best time that I
    could ! There's no reason why your day should be spoiled just
    because they aren't going !! So go and have a great time !!!
    3084 days ago
    You have every right to feel the way you do. I know that I would feel the same. I would sure like to go with you. I hope you go anyway and have a great day.
    Maybe it is time to find a true friend. I am sure if you go you will run into some people you know and have some good visits with them.
    So chin up and get those walking shoes and a coat for sure on and get out there tomorrow.
    Have your self a wonderful day. emoticon Sandy
    3084 days ago
  • 49DEBBET
    It's so disappointing when that happens!!! Hope you still go and have a great time!! wish I could go!!! emoticon
    3084 days ago
    Sorry you had to be disappointed. emoticon I hope the venting helped you feel a little better. emoticon
    3084 days ago
    I would go with you Jannie if you lived closer. ;-) I know what you mean. I hate it when I have plans made with people & they cancel. One of our friends is good at making plans & canceling so we don't plan on anything with her until we see her coming. Hope you are able to have a good time in spite of your friend & daughter.
    3084 days ago

    You are so within your rights to whine! I hate when people do that. emoticon Have fun anyway!
    3085 days ago
    I just hate it when I have made plans with someone and they cancel for another reason other than sickness or something of that sort. I think that when you give your word you should keep it if it is at all possible. I know that you will have fun, so go and enjoy your self. It sounds like fun.
    3085 days ago
    You enjoy your day! If I had waited for friends and family to join me on some outings, I would have missed a lot of special events.
    3085 days ago
    Yes! you should go, take pictures so you can show them what they missed! Or do you have someone else you can invite?
    try to have fun, you deserve it.

    3085 days ago
    You go and have a wonderful time. When you get back be sure to let your friend and daughter know how great it was. (even if it isn't) although I am sure it will be. Who knows you may hook up with some other people you know and have a better time then you would have in the first place. I know how you feel everyone wants to make plans then break them and wonder why you are upset. But if you did it they would have a fit. So go and enjoy yourself to the mas. and buy yourself something nice that you really want.
    3085 days ago
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