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Good night Moon

Friday, October 09, 2009

We flew from St. Thomas to Philadelphia last night - changing planes in San Juan, Puerto Rico. DH slept, I watched the "Star Trek" movie (which had a confusing plot, but since I grew up on Star Trek it was fun) - but that left me an hour or so with just my iPod and a dark plane.

We were above the clouds, it was dark, the cabin was unlit, most people were sleeping as I lip synced to my faves - and I glanced out the window. There it was, riding above the clouds, a gibbous moon (I love that word "gibbous") - three-quarters of a white glowing ethereal disk, just floating in the sky, almost lit from within. Gorgeous. Lovely. One of those rare moments with a different view of a normal object, when one really sees the object in a new and different way.

I almost woke DH to show him and share this moment, but he's such a deep sleeper, not to mention a terrible flyer - so I kept the moon to myself, as the glow lit up my side of the plane.

Phebe - my name - is Greek for light, as in Phoebe Artemis, goddess of the moon. She was there last night.
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