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Why is it that sometimes people are mean and negative over weight loss?

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Okay I have to vent, sometimes you just want to shove an apple in someones mouth to prevent them from keep talking negative about YOUR weight loss. I have this "friend" she saw me at the grocery store after not seeing me for a while and said Wow you have lost a lot of weight. I said yes I have ( she never met my former thinner self) and then asks me if I used a good diet pill or just dont eat,, and you need more meat on your bones, ( I have pure solid muscles give me a break) I said no just excersize and lifestyle changes. She says OH your a fanatic now then,, okay walk away from her,,towards the apple aisle and put a cork in it,, I said I have to go pick up my daughter,,see you later,,and with that she says you need to come to our bake sale,and eat some goodies,,smile walk faster faster,, uggh can you just say its nice to see you, you like great and be happy. Why are some people so damn negative when someone works hard at losing weight?? Why do they automatically assume their is a freaking magic pill involved. I just imagined shoving an apple in her mouth and took a deep breath,, but really people are so silly sometimes,,,
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    I agree with the others - jealousy. And perhaps some guilt b/c this lady knows that she needs to do something to improve her own health but isn't willing to put in the hard work that it takes. I guarantee you that if you had said it was due to a pill, she would have given anything to get her hands on that pill! Funny how people tend to look for the quick fix, huh?

    Congrats on your hard work and the results you've achieved. As part of that progress, replace those negative "friends" with people who will inspire and aplaud your good work, and who will spur you on when you're a little down!

    2992 days ago
    Most of the time, I seriously think it's pure jealousy. Maybe next time if this happens offer to walk with them, or ask them if they would like to hear about sparks people :o)
    3087 days ago
    I have learned to smile sweetly and keep going.

    I like to believe that people don't mean to be hurtful but sadly this isn't always true.

    I agree with the others, jealousy is powerful and negative.

    Try to smile sweetly and keep going.
    3087 days ago
    Just keep doing what you are doing and stay positive. Some people are so miserable with their own lives that attacking others is their own way of giving themself worth....sad isn't it. Pray for her and hand her an apple. You did good and are doing great!
    3088 days ago
  • RASTUS55
    Some people are jealous of others who take control of their life and do something positive. Not all people can lose weight the "HARD" way. My friend couldn't and had the surgery and now she is plagued with yards of loose skin like a blood hound! I think your friend is just plain jealous that you have enough will power to get it done! I AM PROUD OF YOU!!! You handled it right and for your friend...she is just another miserable individual living in her own little miserable world. Next time tell her no bake sales for me....YOU CAN EAT MY SHARE FOR ME! and smile!
    Ruth emoticon
    3088 days ago
    I think that your 'friend' feels threatened by your weight loss. But you handled the situation perfectly! Good for you.
    3088 days ago
    Good for you!!

    Glad you blogged on that one!!

    Boy - that losing weight and getting in shape attitude of ...doing it only for yourself is difficult for me to hang on to. Soo easy to blame others for distracting me - if I'm depending on them as the motivation!!

    But the ones that "come out of the woodwork" and hit you on the blind side - like in your blog - still almost always throw me in a tailspin! Good for you at keeping on! - including NOT stuffing the apple! LOL!:-)

    3088 days ago
    Isn't that amazing..I get that all the time and it's
    usually from people who are overweight...definiitely the green eyed monster loves to reared it's ugly ..good for you and smiled and walked away
    3088 days ago
    Jealousy, the inability to form a decent compliment, thier own insecurities.....You name it....that is why the ONLY reason to lose weight is for can't even lose weight for your family...thank you for sharing your story!!

    3088 days ago
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