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Bouncing Back From a *Bleh* Day...

Monday, October 05, 2009

I don't often post when things go wrong, so at least let's put something out there when things go wrong...and then RIGHT! :-)

A combination of things just had me out of sorts yesterday...allergies acting up, despite taking allergy meds (happens now & then)....sneezing, runny nose. Right inner ear continuing to have a lot of pressure, just shy of an ache. Grumpy mood and worst of all...it felt like somebody pulled the plug out of me...energy was nil all day long! It was the first day in a long, long time that I just couldn't pull myself together for any cardio.

And of course that only made me feel worse...!

So today started with oversleeping...body is trying to tell me something...! I *truly* need 8 hours sleep and so rarely get it. Although I don't SEVERELY shortchange myself, a week of 6-7 hours sleep usually has me dragging by the weekend.

But the extra sleep helped and my energy is back today for a round of treadmill time and ST w/ dumb bells, resistance bands and push ups. Now THAT was more like it!

So with that said, we're past 10:30 pm and I'm already short-changing myself...night all! :-)

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    I'm there for you in all your moods. I love all types of weather; the world would be quite boring without it.

    Glad your self-care paid off.
    emoticon Sue
    2934 days ago
    Don, I'm with you on tending to shy away from highlighting those not-so-great days because my thinking is, it's not really going to change anything. I need to pick myself up and dust myself off. To an extent, that's true, but I think talking about them serves as not only an example that even though our spark is strong, we still have off days and also because it gives others a chance to be a support system for us. I know in every day life, I tend not to share the not-so-great things until after I've resolved them. I think I don't want to be whiney or needy, but there's a huge space between that and not letting anyone know what I'm going through. I just haven't found what that is. I don't know if you saw my message yesterday on NBS about how my day wasn't going so well, but that was my little step into changing my tight-lipped habit on not-so-great days. Way to go on making that step yourself!
    2934 days ago
    Beautiful, blazing fall...and then there are the miserable allergies! Sounds like you got a triple whammy's worth of dreary symptoms, too. Sleep is my medicine at such times, and without even trying, I sacked out for a 1 1/2-hr. nap this afternoon, in fact. I'm so glad your sleep was restorative enough to allow for a good workout. We've been hitting the microwave quite a bit for tea tonight, sinus-wise... I hope daybreak has you feeling much, much better! - Susan
    2935 days ago
    Hmmm- Mama Mary says- get your 8 hours! Really- it's cold and flu season, pay attention to that need!
    Argh- drama all around my house last night, I think I got about 5 hours of sleep. I'm going to go sleep on the boat tonight so that I can really sink into it. Darn neighbors dog is in heat. Whine, whine, whine... me & the dog! Tee hee.
    2935 days ago
    LOL. From your description of your symptoms, I was about to suggest that it might be getting close to That Time of the Month. Then I remembered you're not likely to have those issues...

    Glad you figured it out!

    I actually stayed home from work today and took it easy. 6 hrs of WW kayaking this weekend really took it out of me. I felt OLD this morning.

    Eventually had to get up because the stupid CO detector decided to start beeping and I couldn't get it to shut up by resetting it, unplugging & replugging, opening windows, moving it, vacuuming it, etc. so eventually had to call the fire dept to have them bring their mobile detector and verify that it was malfunctioning.

    All this meant I actually had to get UP and get DRESSED, and actually move around....

    At least they didn't come with the sirens blaring. I don't think I could have handled that much drama (I told dispatch to tell them not to, if possible).
    2935 days ago
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