The Biggest Loser???

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Okay, am I the only one that thinks "The Biggest Loser" is crazy and dangerous?

I watched a taped episode at a family members house today and found it to be very alarming. I was speechless when I found out they only eat 1200 calories a day and burn 6000!!! Does anyone else that find unreasonable???

You have to create a calorie defecit everyday, I know that. You can create a defecit (which is good) even when you don't workout depending on how much/what you eat. Example: My body burns around 2,300 calories on its own, each day, with no workout. On Thursday I didn't work out, took the day off b/c my back was hurting, but still had a defecit of -442 calories b/c I only ate around 1800 calories. I worked out only 3 days this week before weighing in and lost 1.2 pounds. That is a big win to me!

My problem with 'The Biggest Loser' is burning 6000 calories a day and eating only 1200 calories; seems and is VERY unsafe. 1st: I would starve; as I'm sure most people have and do. I've tried 1200 calorie diets and they didn't work for me. I'm finally being realistic with my weight loss and goals and eating 1200 just wouldn't work for me. I like to eat. But now I watch what I eat. I measure and weigh everything so I know I'm getting all the right stuff.

And 6000 calories to burn, that's unreasonable. I would never want to burn 6000 calories in a day. I wouldn't be able to walk the next day or do anything. I would feel too worn out to workout the next day and it's just stupid and dangerous. I have a lot to lose too, around 80 more, at least. I know they have hundreds to lose in a short amount of time whereas I have all the time I need to lose my weight, but I just don't see how those trainers and doctors can support that calorie burn.

From what I've been reading, what's going to be effective (affective?) is to lose 1-2 pounds a week. You have the best chance of keeping it off, which I think to most people is more important; it is to me anyways. Being a "yo-yo" dieter is very unsafe for you and can be even more unsafe than carrying that extra weight around.

But everybody and every body is different. I know I just wouldn't want to be a part of something like that.

Spark people is what works for me! I tell anyone and everyone about my experience from it and it's all positive!!! It's the most effective tool I've found on my weight loss journey. I tried more times than I can count on one hand (maybe both) at "dieting" and weight loss and have failed b/c I'm not a calorie counter, I need someone to do it for me. Spark people takes care of that. I want to know my defecit for the day too. Am I working out too much, too little? What about eating, am I doing the right things? It's taken care of. I don't know enough about how my body works and what I need. That's why I've been so successful with my weight loss b/c I don't have to think about it. I plug it into spark people and it does the rest.

I'm so thankful for this amazing tool!

But really, am I the only one that thinks The Biggest Loser is nuts?
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    I agree with every word. I know these people are desperate...and even though I know these people are CLOSELY monitored by health professionals...I just can't think it's safe OR healthy.

    Honestly, it makes me sad to watch it. People going to extremes like that always do. Sparkpeople has been easy compared to what they go through. :)

    3096 days ago
  • ERIN1022
    I watch the show, but I know it's only a show and that it's not reality. I used to listen to Jillian Michaels when she had a podcast, and she said the reason they keep the contestants at 1200 calories while they're burning so many calories is because they are so overweight and their bodies have so much fat stored that they have plenty of fat to prevent them from going into starvation mode. I couldn't do that, though. I watch the show because I am inspired by these people who are making changes to their lives. Last season contestants ran half-marathons and full marathons, and that was so encouraging to me as I was beginning to run myself!

    You definitely aren't alone in your dislike of the show; I have read several articles by nutritionists or trainers who take issue with the way the show approaches weight loss, and the long term success of contestants is definitely a mixed bag, as some have gained back almost all of the weight they lost while others are maintaining slightly above their end of show weight. So it definitely has its problems, but I still like it anyway. :)
    3096 days ago
  • THEDCG83
    It's reality TV. I'm not a big fan of reality TV, so I've never seen an episode of BL. I definitely agree that this seems unhealthy.
    3096 days ago
    This is the first season I've ever watched. I caught glimpses of it a few season ago and had the same issues with it. Not only is it extreme, but their trainers are ridiculous. I can guarantee that if someone yelled at me the way they yell at those contestants, I'd be out of that gym in seconds.

    I agree with the calorie thing... I mean, even if those people who weigh over 400 lbs burn 3000 calories on their own, burning an extra 3000 calories every single day seems unhealthy. I would also worry about the leftover skin from such an extreme loss.

    But I do think there are some good points to the show, which are the only reasons I'm watching it this season. Their experts share some really good tips about nutrition and fitness. I think the contestants do a great job of supporting each other. And I think it's kind of inspiring to see people changing their lives, even if it's done too extremely.
    3098 days ago
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