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When You Want Change-Things Go Crazy

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's been a long couple weeks. To say the least.... i came to the point in my life where things have just got to change. I wanted to start living again...start just being.... so... i get back in church...and...i get allergies are at such an all time high at this point, i can barely even work...i wanted to start dating again...first few dates...yea...and why did i want to date again?? lol.... i wanted a cleaner home...more organized...ok...if allergies weren't stopping me... then just life in general i wanted to get back to losing weight....again...allergies... and darn if there isn't food everywhere and no time to work it off...right?? who's with me thus wanted to get my finances in order....and... what could go bills....medicine.... gas to get to doctors and drug store... everything...just costing more than i have.... why is it when you want to make change in your life, that is the area in your life that goes absolutely crazy??? ok... so in this soap opera "As This Kitty's World Turns" i'm getting ready for work...i'm running ahead of schedule...who, from having coffee with me on Monday, remembers this beginning... well... this morning....i wasn't letting anything stop me or get in my way...i was moving...and grooving...i was getting it all done...and in record time.... my dd2 is about ready to leave also (and yep, early at that) and it happens...i just poured my coffee to go and put it on the counter to put the lid on the travel cup...except...i didn't really put it on the falls straight to the floor... and i do mean straight flies up into my hair, face, all over my clothes....all over the floor...even the ceiling got it... at this point...i laugh...i cry... i laugh some more....dd2 is still trying to get out of me what happened...and then she see's me...all covered in coffee...and laughing....and crying... at this point, i really could just crawl under the it a it a week...and be done with it...but really...does that sound like i go get some cold water to cool down my face and chest..and arms...and then go change...thank God for dd2...she just jumps in and cleans the floor...the ceiling...well...just don't look oh...and if things weren't crazy enough...i have no hot water... it's been off since yesterday...cold showers are you's that way...

i got this in an email today...again...i laugh...

"Life is short, break the rules, forgive sooner, love with true love, laugh without control and always keep smiling.

Maybe life is not the party that we were expecting, but in the mean time, we're here and we can still dance....." Growing old is not for whimps.....Jock Smith & Bette Davis
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Caffiene works so much better in the body than on it... It's completely ineffective on the ceiling.

    If you get allergies from cleaning. It's not the products you are using is it? Amonia, soap, lemon juice, orange oil, in various combination will clean anything and aren't so irritating.

    Get well, and slooooow down. Coffee disasters are symptoms of people who are over-super-unimaginable-multi-plus-

    3104 days ago
    I laughed and cried just reading this. We've all been there. For all your thread postings and team leading I never would have guessed your life is less than perfect....

    but a perfect life is imperfection in itself. Time heals all wounds & vice versa. Dating again? Now that's something I'm not even willing to try! So kudos for bravery, kudos for even going to work.

    Hugs hugs hugs and the belief that in a few short months, for whatever reason, you will not believe how far you've come from this low feeling!

    3105 days ago
  • DEB2448
    I hope things got better for you.
    3105 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    I agree with MissBear - you got to take the bad to appreciate the good. I swear you could write a book, "Kitty's Foibles" LOL! Luv your quote "Growing old is not for whimps" - sooo, sooooo true!!! Yup you might as well dance!!! Have a great day!
    3105 days ago
    I can totally relate to what you are saying. I have always found that too then as soon as I get focused and ready to improve my health or whatever, something always happens to sabotage it. I even thought at one point that I was doing it sub-consciously. But, it makes me feel a little better to hear others having the same issues. And together with support and a strong focus we can push passed the obstacles. You can do it! Just keep BELIEVING it will happen.
    3106 days ago
    At least your coffee mess story made me laugh!!! You poor thing!! If I could reach thru the internet, I would so reach thru and give you a big hug and then join you in laughing at the day/week/month/.....!! (I figure laughing is better for the soul than crying!!)

    3106 days ago
  • JAYCEE77
    Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself and roll with the punchs. Sounds like a crappy day to me but there is always a silver lining if you look hard enough. I really hope that things get better for you.
    3106 days ago
    whoa!!! This happened to me a couple of times when I lef the travel tea mug on top of my car!! (some of us never learn after one mishap, do we?) Thank god for your sense of humor, kitty!!! Keep on smiling and laughing...god bless! emoticon
    3106 days ago
    Sorry to hear about the coffee. Hope your day got better!

    3106 days ago
    If you didn't have bad days you wouldn't appreciate the good ones so much. It can only get better from here ... lets hope! lol Just keep smiling and moving along the path ... keep breathing. Hugs.
    3106 days ago
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