I want to kill my scale...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Okay, so as some of you may know, my wife & I have a set schedule every night. We put the kids to bed, step on the scale to see where we are at (tonight I was 200 pounds, shouldn't have had the onion rings at dinner...but I couldn't resist), then we head out for our nightly walk (thank God for my mother-in-law to watch the girls).

We walk for 75 minutes, depending on how we feel, sometimes we do 90 minutes. Here lately, since we've gone out & bought nice new "athletic" shoes, we have started to do little jogs on our walk. We pick markers, say from this mail box to the street light, and jog that distance. It works out to walking 50-60 minutes and jogging 15-30 minutes each night.

I am doing the same thing I have been doing, but I'm getting no results. Tonight I stepped on the scale before bed (I didn't eat anything after our walk, just cooled down, watched TV and drank four glasses of water) and I was 201 pounds!

WTF?!?!?!?! I am SO aggravated right now! I hope my number in the morning is 196 pounds (or below) because I am getting so FRUSTRATED! I haven't lost anything in over week. I went up to 198 pounds, then yesterday I lost that extra pound and was 197 pounds again. Now who knows? I need to change something up quick...

Any ideas???
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    Update: I got up this morning & weighed myself. I was 196.8 pounds today. I am going to try & crash my body back into allowing me to lose weight. I am only going to drink water and watch everything that goes into my mouth and see what happens. So, thus, I am beginning "Hell Week".
    3104 days ago

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  • JESS0930
    I occassionally want to kill the scale as well. But I also have a habit of weighing everyday which kills my motivation if it doesn't say what I want it to. But from a standpoint of a dietitian (my career of choice) I find that weighing everyday probably isn't a good thing because our bodies flucuate so much from day to day, once a week is a better choice, but I can't say that it keeps me from doing it as well. Probably those 4 glasses of water caused you to go up a pound. Just keep on keeping on and you will see results, your cardio routine is awesome. Like you I have the company and support of my spouse and we are doing this together as well. Have a great day!
    3104 days ago
  • SWAL0701
    Well, I think we all want to smash the scale on occasion. I personally never weigh in the evening because it is always at least a couple pounds more and upsetting to me. Also, think about your sodium intake. The onion rings may have helped you hold some water weight. I have had weeks that I have worked really hard, decrease my calories/carbs only to lose a pound so hang in there. That scale will go in the right direction but usually not at the speed we would like. Have a blessed day. emoticon
    3104 days ago
    Unfortunately losing weight takes time and patience.
    You said yourself that you had drunk water since the previous weigh in - could the extra weight have come from that?
    But really its far better to only weigh once a week, and remember the scales don't tell the full story - are you feeling better, are your clothes sizes dropping, have you more energy, more stamina????
    You WILL get there, just give things time to work!!
    emoticon Hi from Australia
    3104 days ago
    Water weighs alot. I only weigh in the morning, that will give you a truer picture. Also consuming alot of sodium leads to water retention. It has to be a lifestyle change one right decision at a time. Most of the time I end up exercising for by myself because someone has to stay with father-in-law. You are blessed to have grandma available to watch the kidos and that your wife is willing to walk with you.
    3104 days ago
    Patience is the key.

    Also you should only weigh a maximum of once a week, first thing in the morning on the same set of scales.

    We all weigh heavier in the evening than in the morning due to the weight of the food we have eaten and the water we have drunk.

    3104 days ago
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