Frustration and learning to let things go.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This month has been a month of frustration. Frustration with things I could control and frustration with things I can't. The biggest has been the pains I've been having and getting my test results back. It's been 3 weeks since yesterday since I've had my ultra sounds done. The tech told me it would take about 4 days to get the results in. So I waited till the 5th day and called. That woman told me, no they take a week to read, but she took my name and phone # and said we'll call you when they are in. So I wait. Next week comes around. I call and tell them it's been 2 weeks I would like my results. Again they take my name and # and say they'll call me. Now it's this week. Still no phone call. Now I am going to call them again, but I am wondering.. will they call me back? In my own mind I can assume that because they didn't call me, that nothing is wrong and the test came back fine. However that might not be the case. I doubt anything is seriously wrong, but I would still like a phone call. However I am letting it go. If something is wrong, then I will deal with it when I get there and why worry about it if they'll just tell me everything was fine. Another frustration was yesterday. I had ordered new glasses and sun glasses the other week. They came in yesterday so I picked them up. Well the eye place forgot to mention that they no longer do policarb lenses in my prescription when I ordered them in the first place. So when I took a look at my sun glasses they were like 2 inches thick. Even though my eyes only changed about 2 points they can't do it.. yet they did it before in my current sun glasses. So the only thing I could do was pick out new frames. So there I was at the eye place about to cry trying to find something that would work. To top that off, I asked them to NOT polish and ROLL the edges of my actual glasses. What did they do.. the exact opposite. They POLISHED and DIDN'T roll the edges. So now I have to go back and give back my glasses for them to correct. I also have to find out how much the price is different from the old sun glass frames to the ones I picked out. My grandmother generously bought the glasses and sun glasses for me, so I don't want her having to pay more for something else. But I am letting it go. Even though I did get upset by this, I don't need to be. It can always be corrected. I only wish the eye place was open later then 6pm and I didn't have to wait until Thursday to get them over there. 3rd frustration.. this one can't be blamed on a mix up in the lab or people not calling me back. I have to take it all myself. My pants are too tight. My jeans to be more exact. Even after they were washed and dried on warm they still slid on fairly easily. Not any more. They are tight and not in the good 'every young woman should have a pair of cute tight jeans' tight either. I haven't been working out. I do some pliates here and some weight lifting there, but nothing consistent and we've ben buying not the greatest stuff at home either. I let myself get sucked into buy ice cream or cookies or any other type treat and then I eat it. Even though I don't eat it like I used to, you can't eat the junk if you don't do something to get rid of the junk. The whole reason I lost weight in the first place was that I stopped eating the junk and exercised at least twice a week. I'm not going to let this go though. The boy has decided that I should work out 3 days a week. Mostly because of how tired and sore I was from working the Greek Fest. If I had been working out the whole time; I'm sure I would still be tired, but maybe I wouldn't have been as sore. So I agree with him. I need to work out. I may not want to, but I need to. I am feeling jiggly and flabby and I don't want to anymore. I just need that extra push to do this. This I don't want to let go.
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    I just had an ultrasound done on my back. The doctor read it the next day and I had the results the following day to take to my primary doctor. In a case like yours, I wouldn't hesitate to call my primary doctor and tell him/her what was going on, and make sure the doc knows you are upset and frustrated.

    Those people work for you, and even though it might be insurance driven, depending on the size of the town you live in you might be able to go to a different facility to have similar work done in the future.

    I'd also complain to my insurance company, and since I am a STRONG believer in customer service, I'd be tempted to call the State Medical Review Board. But then, when my toes have been stepped on (figuratively), I tend to step back, harder.

    As far as your weight problems are concerned, consistency is the rule. My downfall is ice cream, any kind that doesn't have nuts in it. I've modified my cravings to where I buy NSA or FF fudge ice cream bars (35 calories). If I just HAVE to have real ice cream, we buy it in the pint cups. I've learned that I can make a pint last 5 days now.

    Working with either cardio or resistance exercises doesn't have to be a chore. I do my resistance training in the evening watching the evening news. If they show something that gives me TMI, I just work harder on my reps.

    Cardio? I have knee and back problems and I can't work for more than 30 minutes before I have to set down and put heat on my back and ice on my knee. So I do 30 minutes.

    Later in the day, I usually do another 30 minutes.

    My granddaughter just found out about consistency in training.
    At 12 she has played competitive softball for two years. This year she decided to pick it up a notch and in addition to the Spring and Summer leagues, she decided to play in a Fall league. The Summer league ended about five weeks ago, and Saturday she had her first practice for the fall league. She got up for church Sunday morning and was surprised she was a little stiff and sore.

    Last night she called grampa because she was even stiffer and more sore. After laughing at her and telling her I told you so, I told her how she could alleviate the stiffness and pain with a hot bath, and if necessary a heating pad.

    This morning I had an email that said simply, "It worked!"

    After two weeks, your body starts to de-condition. You can help eliminate that de-conditioning affect by doing light rounds of exercise 6-7 days a week. It's just like breathing. If you quit breathing you are going to be in trouble.

    Think life-style changes with bite-sized increments of change and you will be forever successful!

    Thumbs up!

    Bob (Grampa)
    2987 days ago
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