Oh, man!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

So I bought this doll on eBay because (1) I am such an introvert that a doll actually counts as companionship in my solitary apartment, and (2) he's adorable.

I march home from the post office yesterday with my Express Mail package from China, only to find that the poor guy's leg is broken off. (The package had never been opened, so it's not the seller's fault; it's just plain old bad luck.) The guy takes returns, but then there's the postage back and forth again ...

But! The seller said he'd just send me a replacement doll body, rather than worrying about an exchange. So in a few days the little fellow can just have a complete body swap-out, just like the Tin Woodman.

Then I will post pics because he is just the cutest thing ever*.

* Except Lulius of course
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