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The Roller Coaster ride called Weight Loss...

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ok, I know I just posted a blog about how happy I was to fit into a size 6... and don't get me wrong, I still am... but, boy, the mood swings that losing weight (or attempting to) brings with it. So, here's my story:

Not 24 hours after I posted my oh-so-happy blog, I bump into an old friend of mine from Pennsylvania who was vacationing in Vermont this weekend (I haven't seen her in a year at which time we were both 143 pounds). We started our weight loss journey together... she could have easily been 20lbs heavier than me at the start of our journey... now she's 20 pounds skinnier than me and in a size 0!!! I'm so proud of her, but I feel (from what she's told me), I've worked 10x harder & I'm not seeing the same results... On top of it, she told me that she can't STOP losing weight!!! How does that happen?!? Could I be so lucky to have that problem? Anyway, enough about that rant... onto rant #2:

I hate the weekends... I love having the time off, but I feel throughout the week I take one step forward and then the weekend comes and I take two steps backward. I was 135lbs on Saturday morning... I wasn't TERRIBLE this weekend as far as food wise, but with the holiday, I wasn't able to get to the gym all weekend, either. Now I got on the scale this morning at 138!!! So, of course today I feel much less confident than I did only 4 days ago. :-\ I really want to keep my promise to myself to lose 5 pounds this month, but every time I think I'm making progress, a weekend sneaks up on me and kicks me in the rear. I guess I just really need to make a commitment to myself not to use the weekends as a vacation from the gym if I want to get to that finish line.

Anyway, isn't it interesting how one moment we can be so proud of ourselves and the next we forget how far we've come and only think, "it's not enough!!!" emoticon
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    DragonWolf, you are very much so correct... it must have all been water weight because I went to the gym last night for body flow (yoga/pilates, etc) and body step & got on the scale this morning at 135.6... I guess I just had to sweat all of that excess water and sodium out of my system from the weekend. I am much happier today about it all than I was yesterday (because believe me I could feel the tightness in my clothes).

    As for my friend, I'm not sure how healthy she's going about it all. I think my husband would have taken the scale away from me by now... but he knows what's good for him. ;-) I don't see the results from the measuring tape like I think I should (which leads me to believe I move it everytime to where I think I was measuring before... haha. So, that is not motivational enough for me.

    I may see the scale go up a bit again tomorrow since I have body pump tonight (which is all strength training). Sometimes when I work with weights, there is an increase in a pound or so, but I'm sure it will be back off on Thursday when I go back to step class (our instructor says if you do the most advanced options, you can burn up to 600+ calories in a class)!!! :-) AND IT'S FUN!!! :-)

    Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone... If I can stay away from 138 and keep doing what I did last night, all I have to do is lose 2 or so more pounds by the end of the month to meet my 5 pound goal. I have three weeks to make it happen!!! emoticon
    3085 days ago
    I don't know about you but I can fluctuate weight 5lbs of "water weight" daily. That is frustrating. As for the she can't stop losing what is she doing or eating; is she healthy? It is time to stop the worry about the weight and worry about how are you eating, feeling? Are you fit? Sometimes we focus on the wrong thing.
    But saying all that I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes when I work my butt off and feel like I am doing everything right, that darn scale will go up or my clothes are too tight. I think we have reprogram our minds.
    3086 days ago
  • TOOTZ480
    Wow! know what your going thru.... Change isn't easy and I agree the mood swings are wicked! We're not alone we can do this just keep sparkin! emoticon
    3086 days ago
  • CATEYZ09
    OMG! i feel your pain. weekends are not my friend either but i am working on that!
    3086 days ago
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