Got into pants that wouldn't go over thighs!!!!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Well I decided to try to get into these pants again. This is the second pair that wouldnt fit that I'm in now. These were the worse of the two. These pants would barely pull up over my knees!!! It really looked hopeless. I saved them becasuse I had fit into them when I had lost weight before from my highest weight witnessed of 296 Lbs.. So I am happy that today they fit, and they are comfortable enough to wear out in public! Yeah! Thanks spark! This is great. PTL, of course!

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me... We can do this! At one point I thought it was useless to save these. I actually started to give some of the clothes I got out of storage away!!! Well Looks like I will get into them again -and hopefully need to buy even smaller ones!

Lets get healthy!!!!
Mrs. K
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