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Ever Wonder if You Could Kill What You Eat?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

This article caught my eye because I have asked myself this question and I know my answer: "No way!"

However that doesn't mean I can't recognize and feel some twinges regarding the hypocracy of eating meat but not being able to kill animals to support my habit. Which always has me thinking about making a vegetarian switch at some point.

This is a VERY interesting article which will get you thinking about your approach to the food you consume.

Ever Wonder if You Could Kill What You Eat? We Did the Other Night


"Were we traumatized? Did we feel sorry for the chicken? Are we dreading this weekend, where we'll have to kill 150 more? Here's why not."
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    When I was a little kid, maybe around 6, I remember my mom making my lunch. She was at the stove, her back to me, while I dug into my lunch. When I reached the hamburger patty, something made me hesitate. It's a voice I later learned to recognize as my higher power, so to speak, or God. I asked her what it was made from, and I could tell she was avoiding answering me. So, I asked outright if it was made from an animal. That was the beginning of the end of any form of meat for me, given my innate resonance with animals. Now, I gave my own daughter the freedom to eat what she wants, and she eats meat. She told me once, though, that if she had to be the one to kill, she wouldn't. My husband also eats meat, although even when I met him, he never cooked it at home. I appreciate that you posted this.
    3081 days ago
    I don't want to kill what I eat, but it doesn't bother me that someone else does it.
    3092 days ago
    I don't know. I'd like to say that I COULD kill what I eat. I've certainly shot my fair share of various handguns and rifles. I think that killing for eating is more noble than simply for sport. I've gone fishing as a child and didn't have any problem with catching the fish that would be killed.

    Even if I couldn't do it, I wouldn't feel guilty for eating animals that others have killed for me (grocery store packaged foods). I also wouldn't be able to be a miner for the metals and minerals that are used to build the circuitry and make up the components on my laptop. I don't feel guilty using it. :)

    And killing an animal is the same as killing a plant in my book. As a child I read "The Secret Life of Plants". I believe that both animals and plants have emotions. At the very least they share the essence of life. How is farming either of them very different? Just because it's more difficult to communicate with a plant doesn't mean that it's life is less valuable.

    So eat your meat in good health!
    emoticon Cheers!

    3092 days ago
    Having been raised in the country and on farms - yes I can. But, that said, when we hunt or raise an animal to butcher we know how, why and when. It is truly and enlightening experience and makes you far less wasteful of things. Good question!!
    3093 days ago
    I've often thought about this very discussion. Much to my dismay....it makes me realize I'm a hypocrite. I could never, ever kill an animal -- I'm even starting to have trouble killing insects and stuff. But here's the thing... I've tried giving up meat and I just can't do it. /sighs.
    3093 days ago
    Back in the day, the 70's, when starving in the mountains [never mind how we got there] I was the one of 5 of us who drew a bead on the deer and downed him. About 300 yards and my first rifle shot. A natural, I guess. I also helped hang him, and I was the one who gutted him. I did not butcher him, that was another person's project, but we ate that buck for over a month. And that is all we had to eat. So I have to say, been there, done that. And under the same circumstances I would do it again in a minute. At grocery stores, I only buy non-hormonal yadda yadda good stuff, and eat meat rarely. But hells bells, in a pinch, that's what the animals are there for. I think even the Bible says so.... I cannot apologize more than that. My dau is 41 and a vegetarian since just about after the deer :)
    3093 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/30/2009 1:16:03 AM
    I have wondered it, but ever since getting my hunting license about 10 years ago when I moved to NY, I know the answer.

    And before I actually pulled the trigger on that first button buck, I really wasn't sure if I would do it, 'cuz I was raised in the SF Bay Area which is urban and liberal.

    In the end I decided that if I *didn't* have it in me to kill and dress and butcher my own meat then I didn't have any business paying other people to do it for me, and I should become vegetarian.

    I'm still an omnivore.
    3093 days ago
    Of course, we cut vegetables off the stems or pick the fruit-frequently killing the plant!

    Oh, when will the insanity stop!
    3093 days ago
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